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10 Countries With The Highest HVAC Technician Salaries

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Countries With The Highest HVAC Technician Salaries

A career as an air conditioning technician is a great way to earn some extra income while you’re at it. And if this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, then we have some good news for you!

The demand for these kinds of services has been growing steadily over time, and now there’s no better time than right now to get started on your journey towards becoming one yourself.

So, what exactly does an HVAC technician do? Well, they typically work with heating, cooling, refrigeration, or ventilation systems that help keep buildings cool, warm, clean, safe from weather extremes, etc., all day long. They also provide maintenance and repair services for such equipment.

In addition, many firms hire them to manage their facilities’ environmental control units (ECUs) which include safety-related functions such as fire detection/alarm system monitoring and testing, carbon monoxide detector operation, sprinkler system inspection and calibration, water leak detection, etc.

With so much variety available, how can you choose the right path for yourself? To help guide you through this process, here’s our list of top 10 countries where average annual wages for HVAC techs are highest across the globe. We’ll take a closer look at each country below.

1. USA

HVAC Technician Salaries In USA

Average Annual Wages: $72,460

The US remains the most popular destination for anyone wishing to pursue a career as an HVAC technician. This is mainly because there’s plenty of job opportunities available in various sectors within the industry.

But even more importantly, the pay rate for these jobs is quite decent compared to other parts of the world. It’s worth noting that according to the BLS, the national mean hourly wage for HVAC technicians was roughly around $25.90 back in April 2020.

2. Switzerland

HVAC Technician Salaries In Switzerland

Average Annual Wages: $70,000

In terms of paying well for HVAC technicians, Switzerland tops the chart. According to data published by the BLS, the typical entry level HVAC technician earned approximately $45 per hour in 2020. However, when looking ahead into 2022, the hourly earnings figure jumps up to about $52 per hour.

3. Luxembourg

HVAC Technician Salaries In Luxembourg

Average Annual Wages: $66,980

If you want to make big bucks quickly, consider moving to Luxembourg since its yearly average HVAC technician salary reaches almost $60K.

For reference, just last year, the median hourly earnings were estimated to be $36.50 per hour. Looking forward, however, things change due to several factors including inflation rates.

4. Belgium

HVAC Technician Salaries In Belgium

Average Annual Wages: $64,490

For those who want to become an HVAC technician but don’t mind working abroad, Belgium may be the best option. Compared to the rest of Europe, the pay scale in this part of the continent is relatively high.

On average, HVAC techs in Belgium receive around $53 per hour. But again, this number changes depending upon the region. A recent study conducted by Indeed showed that the lowest payscale for HVAC technicians is found in France ($24.33), followed closely by Spain ($26.16). Meanwhile, the highest payouts are seen in Denmark ($43.73) and Sweden ($40.86).

5. Germany

HVAC Technician Salaries In Germany

Average Annual Wages: $63,360

When it comes to German citizens earning higher incomes, being an HVAC technician definitely ranks among the top professions.

Based on the latest figures released by the BLS in May 2021, the annual average wages for this occupation stands somewhere between $51-$59 thousand dollars annually.

If you live near Berlin, specifically, the hourly earnings range between $37.89 and $41.95 during March 2021 alone.

6. Canada

HVAC Technician Salaries In Canada

Average Annual Wages: $62,910

As far as Canadian residents go, having a career as an HVAC technician might not necessarily be the easiest thing to achieve. That said, it doesn’t hurt to try given the fact that the aforementioned figure represents a fairly sizable chunk of money.

Moreover, it should come as no surprise that Canadians tend to enjoy some pretty nice benefits along with their paycheck.

Amongst others, healthcare coverage, vacation days, paid holidays, 401k plans, pension plans, RRSP contributions, insurance premiums, etc. are just a few perks that people love about living in this particular corner of North America.

7. Austria

HVAC Technician Salaries In Austria

Average Annual Wages: $61,990

Those who find themselves drawn to the Austrian capital city of Vienna probably already know why. Not only is it considered to be one of the safest cities worldwide, but it’s also home to numerous attractions, eateries, museums, theaters, parks, and public transportation options. What’s more, the cost of living in this area is comparable to that of major American metropolitan areas.

8. United Kingdom

HVAC Technician Salaries In United Kingdom

There are numerous advantages associated with choosing Britain as your home base. Some of the key reasons why UK attracts thousands of international talents are safety & security, affordable cost of living, and highly developed transportation systems.

According to recent statistics released by Home Office (UK), nearly 1,000 roles were created for engineers alone last year. Also, almost 60 percent of all graduates choose to stay back and further their studies in England.

Thus, it is evident that there is ample scope for professional growth in the British environment. All you need is to grab hold of the opportunity and show off your potential.

9. Netherlands

HVAC Technician Salaries In Netherlands

Known to be one of the safest places worldwide, Holland features beautiful natural landscapes and clean air. And if you think that it’s hard to establish a firm in such surroundings, we suggest you reconsider.

Dutch entrepreneurs always strive to create innovative products and services that meet changing demands. Furthermore, they encourage talented individuals to develop their skills in different areas. Due to the large number of offshore banking centers situated nearby, it becomes very convenient for employees to open accounts whenever needed.

10. Australia

HVAC Technician Salaries In Australia

Although Australia does not rank particularly high when comparing it to other regions, it remains to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The Australian Government offers generous subsidies for attracting overseas talents.

Even though the competition level is fierce, you can easily secure a position under reputable corporations operating in the country. If you don’t plan to continue schooling altogether, be sure to contact universities in search of scholarships.

These programs usually include tuition fees waivers, books allowance, etc. Apart from helping you save money, they ensure that you gain practical experience right away.

Now you can decide which country is suitable for you to work as a HVAC Technician based on above information. Keep in mind that it requires dedication and perseverance to succeed in life. Always focus on your goal and learn everything you need to improve your chances of achieving success. Good luck!

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