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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Dental Hygienists

Countries With the Highest Salary for Dental Hygienists

Dental hygiene is a career field that has been evolving since its inception in 1892 by William J. Mayo and his team members who wanted to take care of patients’ oral health at home. Today it’s one of the most sought after careers as there are an estimated 456000 practicing dentists across the world with only about 20% being women.

There are many reasons why this career path is becoming more popular among people from all around the globe. It takes less time than going to see your regular doctor or specialist and offers personalized treatment plans which help you maintain good oral health.

Dentistry also allows you to work part-time if you want while still maintaining a full-time job. This is great news for those looking for flexible employment options. You can easily get into this profession without having any prior experience or formal education. But what exactly attracts people towards this line of work? Well, here are some facts worth knowing before taking up this exciting career option.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual income for dental hygienists was $59,210 in 2022. In comparison to other occupations like registered nurses ($44,980) and medical assistants ($38,910). However, these numbers don’t reflect the real picture because they do not consider location specific cost of living differences between cities within each country.

For example, let us assume that the same occupation pays $50k per year in New York City whereas it would pay just $15k in Los Angeles. So how does location affect salaries? Here we have compiled data on top 10 countries with highest paying jobs for dental hygienists where you will find out the answer.

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1. Switzerland

This Alpine nation located in central Europe ranks first when it comes to earning potential for dental hygienists. As mentioned earlier, cost of living varies greatly depending upon city so the actual amount payable may vary slightly based on the place you live in.

Zurich tops the list and provides an excellent starting point for anyone seeking higher wages. According to BLS report, the average yearly wage for this occupation in 2022 is $72,270.

2. Norway

A Scandinavian country known for its beautiful nature and friendly people, Norway is another destination worth considering when searching for high salary.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and it is considered to be the happiest city in the entire Europe according to World Happiness Report 2022. Although, the actual figure isn’t published but the average salary paid to dental hygienists working in Oslo is $69,730.

Other attractive locations include Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Tromsø, Kristiansand, Drammen, Bodoe, Sandnes, Molde and Hamar.

3. Sweden

The Nordic country situated in Northern Europe is well-known for their generosity towards employees. They offer generous tax benefits along with free healthcare services. Moreover, Swedish citizens enjoy low crime rate and safe environment.

Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden and the second biggest financial center in the European Union. Since 2011, Sweden has become one of wealthiest nations in terms of GDP. Salaries range between £45,900 and £73,430.

4. Germany

Being the third largest economy in the EU, Germany has always attracted foreign talent. Even though this is a highly technical field, German employers provide ample opportunities to grow professionally.

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Frankfurt is regarded as the business hub of Germany and it hosts various international companies including Lufthansa Group. Average salary ranges between €61,700 and €82,800.

5. Japan

Known as Land of Samurai due to ancient culture of warriors, Japanese society today is very modernized. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and is nicknamed “City Of Bright Lights”.

Due to fast growing economy and increasing number of foreigners visiting this wonderful Asian country every year, demand for skilled professionals such as dental hygienists is steadily rising.

One must possess strong communication skills to manage patient flow efficiently. Hence, dental hygienists should posses impeccable interpersonal skills to address different cultural needs of patients. On average, dental hygienists earn approximately ¥77,500 per month.

6. Canada

Vancouver ranked # 1 in North American region for best places to live in US. This cosmopolitan city is famous for natural beauty and vibrant nightlife.

Vancouverites enjoy fantastic public transportation system coupled with affordable housing prices. Besides, Canadian government offers a wide variety of social programs such as child benefit plan, maternity leave etc. An average salary for dental hygienists in BC is C$78,480 annually.

7. Spain

Located near Mediterranean Sea, Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Like UK, Spain is a member state of the EU and enjoys favorable weather conditions throughout the year.

If you’re planning to settle down outside big cities then Barcelona might interest you. It is rated as 3rd safest large city in the whole Europe. Apartments start at EUR100/month. Annual salary ranges between €53,400 and €80,200.

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8. Denmark

Famous for Viking history and gorgeous beaches, Copenhagen is often referred to as ‘Paris of Scandinavia’. Being the 2nd smallest island in the Baltic sea, Zealand boasts several attractions such as medieval churches, museums and castles.

Copenhageners are proud to say that they never close their eyes during the day even in heavy rain. Having said that, Danish national health service covers almost everyone through comprehensive health insurance scheme. On average dental hygienists earns €62,530 in 2022.

9. United States of America

Last but definitely not least! We were lucky enough to visit San Francisco last summer and fell in love with amazing scenery and hospitality. From sunsets over Golden Gate Bridge to delicious food markets and colorful Chinatown neighborhoods… San Fran is truly something special.

Salaries offered to dental hygienists are quite competitive compared to other regions. A typical salary package starts from $60-$120K per year depending on area, level of expertise and years of experience.

10. Australia

Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia and it is surrounded by Great Australian Bight Ocean. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and it is called ‘Garden State’ due to lush green landscapes and abundance of flowers.

Canberra is the seat of Parliament and is named as ‘Capital Region’, hence making it one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. Sydney is Australia’s busiest port and it is often called as ‘World Class City’ for its outstanding infrastructure and lifestyle.

As per above information, we hope that our readers now understand better what drives them towards this rewarding career choice. Feel free to share your thoughts via comments below!

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