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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Human Resource

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Human Resource

The average income of a HR Manager is $119K per year in United States and it has been growing at an annual rate of 7% over past few years. It’s not surprising to know that most of these high-paid professionals work as CFOs or Chief Executive Officers (CEO) in large corporations.

But there are also many other HR Managers who get paid well by working in small businesses or start ups. Here we will discuss top ten countries with highest salary for Human Resource Management Professionals.

1. Luxembourg

Human Resource Salary In Luxembourg

Average Annual Gross Pay – $185K/year

One of the smallest European countries on this list, Luxembourg ranks first among all others when it comes to pay scale for Human Resources management. Its gross domestic product accounts for 0.6 percent of global GDP which makes its economy one of the fastest growing economies globally.

Luxleaks revealed that an HR manager can earn up to 185k per annum from 1 billion Euros in revenues. However, the cost of living in Luxembourg is quite expensive so you should have enough money saved before moving here.

2. Belgium

Average Annual Gross Pay – $186k/year

With a population size of 11 million people, Belgium is located in Western Europe along the French border. There are two official languages spoken in Belgium namely Flemish and Walloon.

As part of the Schengen Area, Belgian citizens don’t need visas to travel within the country. If you want to live near Paris then Brussels would be your best option. Since the world cup was held last month, the unemployment rates went down but still stands around 5%.

3. USA

Human Resource Salary In United States

Average Annual Gross Pay – $215K/year

A lot of multinational companies prefer hiring their employees based in US because they offer better quality education system, more flexibility, and higher wages than any other developed nations. According to Glassdoor data, the median base salary of an American HR professional is $150K.

Although the minimum wage in America is now above 6 dollars per hour, some states like California do provide a maximum hourly earning limit of 14 dollars. In addition to this, if you plan to move to the US after completing studies, then you must apply for H1B visa otherwise you cannot find employment easily.

4. Germany

Human Resource Salary In Germany

Average Annual Gross Pay – $216K/year

As a major economic power house, Germany provides lots of job opportunities to those HR professionals willing to relocate. German government offers great health care facilities and free public transportation services throughout the city.

You can even enjoy tax breaks while relocating to Germany. On an average, a skilled employee earns about 215k every year whereas a senior manager gets 217k annually. This includes both salaried and non-salaried workers.

5. Canada

Average Annual Gross Pay – $230K/year

There are hundreds of thousands of Canadian residents across different cities and towns. Most of them speak English as the second language due to its close proximity to U.S..

To become eligible for an immigration process in Canada, you must hold a degree in a relevant field such as business administration, marketing, finance etc. A typical entry level position pays 230k per year plus benefits package including pension plans, life insurance policies, medical coverage etc.

6. Switzerland

Human Resource Salary In Switzerland

Average Annual Gross Pay – $236K/year

If you’re looking forward to spend time skiing during winters then Geneva might be a good place for you! And why not? Geneva is known as “the largest shopping destination” in Switzerland. It’s famous for luxury watchmakers, fashion accessories stores, jewelry shops, designer outlets, departmental stores, and much more. The cost of living in Geneva is very low compared to rest of the world. So anyone planning to settle down here shouldn’t worry about paying huge amount of taxes.

7. Australia

Average Annual Gross Pay – $237K/year

Being home to almost half a million immigrants, Australia enjoys being called the multicultural society. Over 80 percent of Australian residents belong to either Christian or Islamic background. Sydney is considered as the richest city in Asia followed closely by Melbourne. Due to its natural beauty and clean air conditioners, Australians always stay healthy and fit. An experienced HR manager can receive 237k per annum in Australia.

8. Denmark

Average Annual Gross Pay – $240K/year

Located just south of Sweden, Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Being a member state of European Union allows Danish residents access to open borders. They hardly face restrictions regarding movement inside the country.

For example, no special permits required for visiting family members residing outside the country. Like Swiss, Danes also enjoy lower costs of living than most other countries.

9. Netherlands

Average Annual Gross Pay – $242K/year

According to a survey conducted by Payscale, Dutch employers usually hire experienced individuals rather than fresh graduates. Therefore, it becomes easier for HR managers to negotiate a decent salary package once they’ve worked for several years.

Another interesting fact is that Dutch people rank lowest in terms of happiness levels amongst Europeans. Despite having relatively low unemployment rates, Dutch workers are less satisfied with their jobs than UK, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Poland, and Portugal.

In conclusion, you can take pride in knowing that you earned the highest salary possible according to your skills and experience. But keep in mind that you won’t see a significant increase unless you join forces with right leadership team. Then you’d be able to realize your true potential. Also, remember to make smart choices and avoid chasing unrealistic dreams.

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