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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Interior Designers

Countries With the Highest Salary for Interior Designers

With a rapidly growing population and increasing demand for urban space in major cities around the world, interior designers have become one of the most sought after professions today.

The job market is flooded with thousands of qualified interior designers from all over the globe. In order to find out which country offers the highest salaries for an interior designer you should consider their education level as well as experience.

Here’s our list of the top 10 countries that provide the best payouts for those who want to follow this career path.

1. United States

Interior Designers Salary In United States

The US pays its employees fairly according to both experience and education levels. It also provides them with high-quality benefits such as 401K plans and healthcare plans.

This makes it easier for talented individuals to get hired by large corporations or start their own companies if they choose so.

A bachelor degree will set you back about $60k while an associate diploma costs approximately $35k. Experience can increase your hourly rate up to $110 per hour depending on where you live within the state. If you’re looking at working abroad then these rates may be even higher.

2. Switzerland

Interior Designers Salary In Switzerland

This Swiss city has been known worldwide as one of the safest places to invest money and many big companies base themselves there. That being said, the average annual income of an interior designer in Geneva reaches nearly $70k per year.

There are few specializations available but some people move on to work in other fields once they’ve gained enough knowledge and skills. An entry level position does not require any formal training. However, having more than two years of experience increases your earnings significantly.

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3. Luxembourg

Interior Designers Salary In Luxembourg

If you would like to earn above $50k per year then moving to Luxembourg might just do the trick. You’ll end up getting paid roughly $66k annually based solely on the amount of experience you bring to the table.

For instance, someone fresh out of college could expect to make only $40k whereas a seasoned professional could easily reach upwards of $90k. Aside from great wages, you’ll also enjoy free health care coverage as long as you stay employed with the same company.

4. Germany

Interior Designers Salary In Germany

There are plenty of opportunities waiting for German interior designers in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Potsdam. These five cities alone account for almost 40% of the entire nation’s GDP and offer excellent living conditions.

According to the latest data, the average wage for a German interior designer is estimated to be close to $55k per year. While this figure isn’t too impressive when compared to other European countries, we must keep in mind that Germany doesn’t boast the largest number of universities offering degrees in this field.

Even though students don’t receive financial aid during their studies, employers still prefer hiring graduates since they know exactly what to expect from them.

5. Canada

Interior Designers Salary In Canada

Since 1997, Canadian interior designers have enjoyed increased rights under labor laws. Today, they can claim overtime compensation and receive a minimum wage equal to 70 percent of the federal regular scale.

On average, experienced professionals in Toronto make roughly $64k per year. As far as educational requirements go, you’ll need either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in interior design. Although the latter takes longer to complete, it can help boost your earning potential later on.

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6. United Kingdom

Interior Designers Salary In United Kingdom

According to recent statistics, British citizens spend approximately £500 million every month on home improvements. Given this fact, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that UK interior designers pull down an amazing annual median salary of $65k. Like in America, education plays a huge role in determining how much you’ll earn.

Most of them started off as assistants before graduating from school and slowly worked their way up through different positions until they eventually became successful business owners. Some experts say that it takes four to six years of hard work and dedication to finally break into this profession successfully.

7. Norway

Interior Designers Salary In Norway

In 2012, Norway ranks second among European nations when it comes to paying workers fairly. Since interior designers usually hold bachelor’s degrees in arts and science, they’re typically compensated for their services accordingly.

The average annual salary earned by Norwegian interior designers tops out at $63k per year. Keep in mind that the actual amounts vary greatly depending on location and type of employer.

8. China

Interior Designers Salary In China

In terms of economic growth, China has always occupied an extremely prominent spot among Asian countries. Despite the rapid development taking place right now, they still haven’t managed to establish proper employment rules for interior designers. Instead, Chinese interior designers tend to charge clients exorbitant fees based on the size of their homes.

They often lack basic equipment necessary to create beautiful spaces and rely heavily on foreign consultants. Their yearly income averages out at $47k per year. To put things into perspective, Chinese interior designers actually earn less than janitors!

9. Japan

Interior Designers Salary In Japan

Japanese interior designers enjoy relatively low competition and ample opportunity. Because of this reason, the average salary for one of these specialists peaks at $48k per year.

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Besides decent wages, Japanese firms provide their employees with competitive medical insurance, retirement packages and bonuses whenever possible. Unfortunately, finding jobs here requires quite a bit of effort considering that the majority of businesses only recruit new hires internally.

10. Singapore

Interior Designers Salary In Singapore

A decade ago, the tiny island located between Malaysia and Indonesia was considered nothing more than a small trading post. Nowadays, however, it boasts several modern skyscrapers filled with luxury apartments.

Thanks to its booming economy, Singapore has become a prime destination for international migrants seeking better quality of life. Over the past couple of decades, the government invested billions of dollars into improving public transportation systems and infrastructure, making it easy for people to travel throughout the country without using expensive cars.

One of the main reasons why local interior designers are able to command such lucrative prices is because they have no trouble competing against foreigners coming from bigger countries. Nevertheless, locals feel left behind when it comes to obtaining the newest technologies and trends pertaining to interiors.

It seems that everyone wants to secure a cushy office environment nowadays. And although globalization certainly played a significant role in helping us achieve our goals, sometimes we can overlook the importance of personal connections.

When building relationships with others becomes harder than ever, maybe it’s time to look beyond online social media platforms and try something new? After all, chances are good that someone somewhere already knows somebody who needs assistance with decorating his/her apartment.

Why not use that connection to your advantage? Who says that you can’t turn strangers into friends? All you need is honesty and openness. So tell me…Are you ready to take your talents outside of the box?

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