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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Police Officers In 2022

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Police Officers

A police officer’s job is to keep citizens safe and maintain order in a community. But what happens when they’re not doing their jobs? What if there were fewer of them on patrol or if they weren’t properly trained? The answer isn’t as simple as “more money” because it depends on so many factors that affect an individual country—the economy, crime rates, political stability, culture, etcetera.

In this article, we’ll look at some countries with high salaries for law enforcement officials across several categories, including general government employees, as well as other key indicators like cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) and overtime pay. It will help you determine which country would be best for your family. So let’s get started!

1. Canada

Police Officers Income In Canada

Canada has one of the highest median annual wages among all occupations ($63,980), according to the 2022 Global Report by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This figure also includes both public sector and private sector workers.

But the Canadian federal government takes home even more than its police force counterparts. According to Statistics Canada data published in 2018, the total compensation earned by federal civil service managers was $104 billion, while the average monthly earnings per employee amounted to $20,066. In comparison, the top five highest-paid provincial/territorial police officers earn only about half of those figures. And the lowest paid provincial/territorial police officer earns just over $15,000 less annually.

  • Average Annual Wage: $63,980
  • Median Annual Income: $51,440

Highest Paying Occupation:

  1. Senior Managerial Level in Public Administration
  2. Lowest Paid Employee
  3. Labourer – Farm Work

2. Switzerland

Police Officers Income In Switzerland

Switzerland ranks second globally for having the most generous social safety net policies, offering free health care services to every citizen. Its workforce has long been considered reliable and hardworking, making it attractive to employers around the world. That said, Swiss police officers make close to three times more than their American counterparts—at least $73,480 annually.

The reason behind this higher income level may lie in the fact that most police work involves security duties. For example, some officers must ride horses to chase criminals through thick forests. As such, these positions can come with greater risks and demands.

  • Highly educated professionals have the highest earning potential worldwide.
  • Median Annual Earnings: Between $72,680-$74,280

Highest Paying Occupation:

  • Graduate Engineer / Computer Programmer

3. United States

Police Officers Income In United States

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2022 report, the national average hourly wage for all employees was $23.70, but for state and local police officers it was lower—around $18.90. Not surprisingly, California leads the nation in terms of police officers’ yearly incomes, with an estimated $84,870 median annual salary compared to $76,170 nationwide.

California’s population is four times larger than the entire US police department combined. While this undoubtedly makes sense from a financial perspective, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the people who live there enjoy better quality of life. A 2018 University of Southern Maine study found that residents in San Francisco suffer more stress as a result of traffic jams compared to other cities.

Average Hourly Wages:

  • All Employees: $24.98
  • State & Local Government Employees: $19.25

4. New Zealand

Police Officers Income In New Zealand

New Zealand’s police officers earn slightly above the rest of the world, coming in third overall based on our research. However, due to the small size of the country, the amount of time spent commuting between assignments means that police officers here actually take longer to complete their shifts, resulting in a much smaller COLA each year.

Despite this, however, New Zealand still offers one of the highest salaries in the world, especially considering how expensive everything is here thanks to its proximity to Asia. On average, these officers earn roughly $69,840 per year.

  • Average Annual Wages: $68,900
  • Median Annual Wages: $53,470

Highest PayingOccupations

  1. General Managers
  2. Senior Executive Administrative Assistants
  3. Lowest PayingEmployees
  4. Firefighter
  5. Private Security Guard

5. Sweden

Police Officers Income In Sweden

With nearly 5 million inhabitants, Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe. Thanks to its strong economy, high taxes, and generous welfare system, Swedish police officers pull down an impressive $92,400 annually on average. Their overtime pay alone adds another $11,600 onto that number.

While the majority of Swedish men don’t wear uniforms anymore, women do continue to serve as police officers in some regions, which contributes to the gender pay gap seen elsewhere. There are currently no female police chiefs in Sweden, though.

  • Average Annual Wages: $92,400
  • Median Annual Wages: $67,780

Highest Paying Occupations:

  1. Chief Inspector
  2. Assistant Chief Inspector
  3. Superintendent
  4. Lieutenant
  5. Sergeant

Lowest Paid Employees:

  1. Bartender
  2. Cleaning Person
  3. Cashier
  4. Driver
  5. Dry Cleaner
  6. Electrician
  7. Ferry Operator
  8. Gardener
  9. Head Chef
  10. Hotel Staff
  11. Kindergarten Teacher
  12. Laundry Worker
  13. Manager
  14. Policeman
  15. Salesperson
  16. Shop Assistant
  17. Tailor
  18. Waitress
  19. Warehouse Keeper
  20. Washing Machine Operator
  21. Woodworker

6. Finland

Police Officers Income In Finland

Finland tops the list once again, followed closely by neighboring Scandinavian nations like Norway and Sweden. Like the latter, Finnish police officers receive large amounts of overtime pay, which accounts for almost 30% of their base salary. Additionally, unlike many other European countries, Finns consistently see regular raises tied to inflation.

However, since Finland is relatively isolated from major economic centers, its economy suffers significantly during downturns. Because of this, the price of living in Finland is often far beyond what others might consider affordable.

  • Average Annual Wages: $86,100
  • Median Annual Wages: $61,560

Highest Paying Occupations:

  1. CEO
  2. Director General
  3. Deputy Director General
  4. Other Senior Management Positions
  5. Deputy Commissioner
  6. Commissioner

Lowest Paid Employees:

  1. Security guard
  2. Social worker
  3. Taxi driver
  4. Workers’ Union Representative

7. Norway

Police Officers Income In Norway

Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, ranking eighth globally for GDP per capita. Despite this, Norwegian police officers tend to rank below average in terms of weekly hours worked (about 44 hours) and overtime payments (30%). Unlike other Nordic countries, Norweigans are not eligible for statutory holidays.

On average, Norwegian police officers earn approximately $78,300 per year. They typically spend upwards of 50 weeks working each year, although the actual number varies depending on location and type of assignment.

  • Average Annual Wages: $78,300
  • Median Annual Wages: $60,800

Highest Paying Occupations:

  1. Executive Directors
  2. Directors
  3. Senior Civil Servant
  4. Civil Servant

Lowest Paid Employees:

  1. Cook
  2. Cleaner
  3. Valet Parking Attendant
  4. Janitor
  5. Machine operator
  6. Construction Laborer
  7. Welder

8. Australia

Police Officers Income In Australia

Australia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, mainly due to resource exports. These exports also include food products like beef, dairy, oranges, and vegetables, along with tourism destinations like Sydney Opera House, Uluru, and Bondi Beach.

Because of this booming economy, Australian police officers enjoy some of the highest standard of living anywhere on Earth. Average annual income hovers around AU$79,700, with an additional 15% bonus applicable to overtime hours worked.

Unlike other Western countries where police forces operate under separate organizations, the Australian National Policing Agency handles all aspects of policing within the same organization.

  • Average Annual Wages: AU$79,700
  • Median Annual Wages: AU$55,460

Highest Paying Occupations:

  1. Administrative Officials
  2. Managers
  3. Executives
  4. Lowest Paid Employees
  5. Drivers
  6. Train Driver
  7. Public Service Workers
  8. Retired Soldiers

9. France

Police Officers Income In France

France’s police force operates independently from the rest of the French government, meaning they aren’t subject to the same strict rules regarding workplace conditions and benefits. Still, despite being one of the oldest democracies in the world, France remains one of the poorest countries in terms of household income.

So why does this matter? Well, while France’s police officers are certainly enjoying decent salaries, they simply cannot compete financially with their counterparts elsewhere.

This lack of affordability affects things like housing costs, transportation, child care expenses, and healthcare costs. Even something as basic as groceries becomes increasingly difficult to afford as prices rise exponentially.

  • Average Annual Wages: Around AU$57,500
  • Median Annual Wages: $35,330

Highest Paying Occupations:

  1. Law Enforcement Agents
  2. Specialists
  3. Investigators
  4. Forensic Scientists
  5. Medical Technicians
  6. Lowest Paid Employees
  7. Farm Hand
  8. Garbage Collector
  9. Meat Cutter
  10. Sewage Disposal Truck Driver

10. United Kingdom

Police Officers Income In United Kingdom

Britain has traditionally enjoyed a reputation for excellence in education and innovation, two traits that have carried over into its police force. Police officers in the United Kingdom enjoy some of the highest average annual wages in Europe; this is largely due to Britain’s thriving service economy and its status as an influential member of the European Union.

Some officers even enjoy a pension plan that guarantees them a certain level of income once they reach retirement age! For example: Police Officers in England and Wales can expect to earn anywhere from $52k-$62k per year (depending on their exact job title).

This is a full 25% higher than the average UK salary, which makes it one of the best paying jobs in the country! However, like many other countries on this list, the UK is slowly becoming less economically prosperous as globalization and technological advancement begins to take a toll on its labor market.

This is especially true for lower-income workers whose jobs are likely to be replaced by computers or robots in the near future. Despite this threat to their livelihoods, British police officers continue to work hard to protect Britain ‘s streets. The UK’s police force has been ranked among the best in Europe for its ability to prevent and solve crime – especially serious crimes like rape and murder – but it also suffers from a high rate of attrition due to low officer morale.

This is largely due to poor working conditions and inadequate compensation (see #1 above). However, in recent years the UK government has announced plans to reform its criminal justice system by reining in government spending and making greater efforts to increase officer morale while continuing to work towards improving public safety.

The country has also developed a new national security strategy that will hopefully improve its ability to protect against terrorism and address public safety concerns. Although Britain’s police force may not be able to compete financially with other European nations, they are still among the best paid in Europe when compared with other positions within the UK service economy. As a result, it is easy to understand why many young British men and women are attracted to a career in law enforcement!

  • Average Annual Wage: $ 52,000 (£38,000) – £57,500 (£44,000)
  • Median Annual Wage: $32,000 (£26,000) – £37,500 (£31,000)
  • Highest PayingEmployment:Police Officer (British Columbia) ($57,200 – $74,500)
  • Lowest PayingEmployment: Security Guards ($24,000 – $33,000)

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