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12 Countries With The Highest Nurse Salaries In The World In 2022

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Countries With The Highest Nurse Salaries In The World

Nurses play an essential role in the healthcare industry and they have been doing so for many years now. It is a fact that nurses help people get better as well as keeping them alive. Nurses work long hours to ensure patients’ safety and deliver quality care. This profession requires patience, compassion, dedication, commitment, accountability, responsibility, empathy, honesty, diligence, integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness, teamwork, creativity, flexibility, etc. All of these factors contribute towards making this career one of the best options out there.

Here we will discuss 12 countries with the highest nurse salaries in the world. So read on!

1. United States

United States Nurse Salary
United States Nurse Salary

United States, The average annual pay of registered nurses in the US stands at $73,980 per year according to’s data.

In terms of education requirements, you need either a diploma or bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you want to specialize in certain areas like pediatrics, gerontology, psychology, or even some specific medical procedure then you can earn more by pursuing further studies. You may also choose to become an advanced practice nurse if your area of interest includes case management, health promotion, public health, clinical research, teaching & academic fields.

You should be certified through the Registered Nursing Professionals Organization (RNPO). Besides being a registered nurse you must hold proper insurance coverage such as workers compensation, liability, life insurance, disability benefits, and others.

2. Australia

Australia Nurse Salary
Australia Nurse Salary

Australia, According to BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook 2019, the median hourly earnings of registered nurses was around AU$25/hour which equates to about AUS$34,000 annually.

A Bachelor Degree or Diploma along with three years experience qualifies someone to enter into this field. Those who wish to pursue specialization in a particular area can enroll for higher qualifications leading to registration as a professional nurse.

Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates among all OECD nations. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the rate of employment stood at 75% in May 2018. On top of it, over half of the employed population earned their income from wages only.

3. Canada

Canada Nurse Salary
Canada Nurse Salary

Canada, As per, the national average annual wage of a nurse ranges between CAD$63-104K depending upon region and specialty. However, those working in critical care services can easily make up to CAD$110K. To qualify for these high wages, individuals must possess a certificate issued from CEN or CRNE accreditation program.

Most entry level positions require a minimum of two years of training after completion of secondary school. There are various specializations available based on preference and experience but they all lead to Canadian certification.

Canada ranks first when considering cost of living index followed closely by Switzerland and Germany. Furthermore, its job market remains stable due to low unemployment levels and flexible policies.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand Nurse Salary
New Zealand Nurse Salary

New Zealand offers good opportunities to aspiring nurses. They can start practicing immediately without having any formal schooling required. Entry-level jobs do not involve much technicality although experienced ones demand skills related to pharmacotherapy, physiology, anatomy & pathology, mental health, and other disciplines.

An individual needs just four months of education before becoming eligible for getting hired. As per Annual Survey of Education 2016 conducted by Ministry of Education, Labour and Housing, the total number of nurses across different age groups were estimated at 2,000.

Being located right next to Antarctica, New Zealand enjoys warm weather conditions throughout the year. Its economy relies heavily on tourism and agriculture sectors. And since both these sectors rank amongst the most profitable industries, the country earns lots of money every year.

5. England

England Nurse Salary
England Nurse Salary

England, English nurses enjoy great perks and advantages. For starters, the government provides free accommodation for students along with meals during their study period. Moreover, the National Health Service pays for tuition fees and books too.

On an average, English nurses earn approximately £27k ($40) per annum. Students can complete their course within 5 1/2 years.

They don’t usually take part in night shifts unless dealing with emergencies. Although they work longer than regular day shift nurses, they receive slightly lower wages.

6. Ireland

Ireland Nurse Salary
Ireland Nurse Salary

Ireland has always been considered a hospitable place for foreigners thanks to its affordable costs and comfortable lifestyle choices. Irish nurses enjoy similar privileges and facilities albeit less competitive wages compared to UK nurses.

Their monthly salary starts from €2100 ($29), however, overtime payments add another €200 onto their base amount. Employers offer room and board along with free lectures, sports activities, social functions, and travel discounts.

This country boasts fantastic beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Many tourists visit here each year to explore its beautiful islands like Mayo, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Clare, Kerry, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Kildare, Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Belfast, etc.

7. Sweden

Sweden Nurse Salary
Sweden Nurse Salary

Sweden, Swedish nurses enjoy decent salary packages ranging from SEK30k – 70k ($4-$11) per month. These figures depend upon location, type of contract, and tenure. Since Swedish nurses aren’t paid very well, they prefer to attend vocational schools rather than universities.

However, they can still find suitable careers in private hospitals. Also, they can apply for jobs in homecare service providers. But to maintain confidentiality, they won’t disclose exact numbers associated with their earnings.

Despite experiencing tough times recently, Sweden continues to remain a favorite destination for foreign travelers. Being home to several famous museums including Museum of Modern Art, Science Fiction Center MFF, Sveriges Television AB, Stockholm City Theatre, and Stadshuset, visitors often consider spending extra days exploring this fascinating city.

8. Norway

Norway Nurse Salary

Norwegian nurses enjoy generous financial packages starting from NOK 20 000 ($2.50) per month. Apart from receiving housing allowance and free transport ticket, they can avail food vouchers worth NOK 500 ($0.67).

Entry-level Norwegian nurses need 12 weeks of training. However, experienced ones require additional six-month courses. Most employers expect candidates to show proficiency in written and oral language.

Although Norwegians don’t support unionization, they tend to increase wages whenever inflation occurs.

9. Finland

Finland Nurse Salary
Finland Nurse Salary

Finland is known for offering excellent nursing programs. Upon graduation, Finnish nurses automatically obtain a license allowing them to practice independently.

Salaries range from EUR22-35 ($28-46) per hour for basic duties. Experience plays an important factor while calculating the final figure.

Finns might seem reserved initially but once you get acquainted with this friendly bunch, they’ll prove to be wonderful hosts. They love hosting guests and showing off their beautiful surroundings.

If you plan to spend time in Helsinki, try checking out its most popular attractions and restaurants. Here are few places you shouldn’t miss visiting: Kaisaniemi Park, Hakametsä National park, Lauttasaari Island, Jorvi square, Töölönlahti Bay, Kiasma museum of contemporary art, Ullanlinna Castle, Kalevalsaaren vankila, Suurhusen Market Hall, Kaurispaikka Ice Cream Parlor, and many more…

10. South Africa

South Africa Nurse Salary
South Africa Nurse Salary

South African nurses enjoy relatively lesser expenses despite enjoying greater comfort. Their salary package depends upon the locality where they live. For instance, nurses residing in Cape Town would likely earn almost twice more than those staying in Durban.

Apart from providing patient care, nurses also assist doctors in conducting tests and procedures. After completing their initial training, they can opt for specialized roles.

Like many other developed countries, South Africa doesn’t provide ample vacation leave to employees. Therefore, nurses need to arrange their own leaves and submit a request form to their superiors.

To know more information regarding South African nursing vacancies, please refer our website below.

11. China

China Nurse Salary
China Nurse Salary

China is an emerging superpower nowadays and it’s gradually replacing the Western economies in terms of economic growth. Chinese nurses enjoy handsome remuneration packages starting from RMB20,000($2.80)per month. This varies greatly depending upon geographic locations.

Chinese nurses have to endure strict examinations prior to entering the workforce. Once they pass the test, they’re awarded licenses allowing them to practice independently.

Since China is currently undergoing rapid development, nurses play major roles in construction projects alongside road maintenance crews, bridge builders, surveyors, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, brick layers, painters, landscapers, gardeners, landscaping contractors, etc., thus earning above mentioned amounts.

12. Thailand

Thailand Nurse Salary
Thailand Nurse Salary

Thailand is an ideal tourist spot featuring stunning natural beauty. Consequently, Thai nurses typically earn huge bonuses from their employers. Hence, they frequently enjoy luxurious accommodations, airfare tickets, and sightseeing excursions wherever they go.

During vacations, they can unwind themselves amidst gorgeous nature sceneries. Some companies allow them to stay back for longer periods whereas others send them away for short trips. Either way, they surely enjoy lavish trip allowances provided by their bosses.

It’s hard to estimate nurses’ salaries accurately because of variations occurring from state to state. Generally speaking, Thais earn somewhere between THB36,000 ($6.60) and THB66,500 ($11.70) per month.

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