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6 Countries With the Highest Salary for Cyber Security

Countries With the Highest Salary for Cyber Security

Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated with each passing year and so has our need to protect ourselves against them. As a result of this change in trend, there is an ever-increasing demand for cyber security professionals across all industries.

The salaries offered by these companies depend on many factors like your field of expertise, skillset etc., but their growth rate over time also depends upon how quickly new threats emerge.

So if you’re looking forward to making money while protecting people from malicious activities online then here’s a list of top countries that offer highest salaries for cybersecurity jobs.

1. Luxembourg

Cyber Security Salary In Luxembourg

The country’s GDP per capita stands at $94,000 which makes it one of the wealthiest places in Europe. This high standard of living attracts most businesses towards setting up shop here.

According to ECA International, Luxembourg ranks first in terms of IT exports in the EU. It’s no wonder why most big organizations prefer hiring employees based out of Luxembourg as they get access to best talent available within its borders.

Salary: EUR80K – EUR110K/year (based on experience)

Skills & Requirements: CISSP Certification or equivalent. Experience working in Information Technology industry preferred. Knowledge of networking protocols and network infrastructure setup along with strong knowledge about server administration, virtualization technologies, cloud computing concepts, cryptography etc. would be beneficial.

Job Profile: An experienced information system security professional who will work as part of team responsible for planning, designing and implementing robust computer systems. They must possess excellent communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

2. United States

Cyber Security Salary In United States

If we talk about the popularity of US economy among foreign investors then we can say that it tops other economies too when it comes to attracting global business leaders. In 2017 alone, around 2 million foreigners moved to US to either start a company or expand existing ones. And almost 50% of those chose to do it via immigration route.

According to PayScale data analysis, the average annual income earned by a software engineer in US is USD$109k. However, it varies depending on where he works and his job profile. For instance, entry level developers earn only USD74k whereas senior engineers may receive up to USD161k annually.

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But let us not forget that the cost of living index in US is much higher than European countries. So it doesn’t come as surprise that the largest number of cybersecurity analysts choose to live in this nation. Here are some reasons that make America attractive destination for cyber security experts.

Salary: Depending upon several factors including location, skill set, education and years of experience

Skills & Requirements: Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Systems Analysis, Networking, Programming, Information Assurance or similar fields. Should have hands-on experience in developing secure applications using various programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Perl, SQL Server etc.

Job Profile: A seasoned cybersecurity expert who should possess good understanding of Linux, Unix, Windows operating systems along with well-developed problem solving skills. He/she must know the basics of Internet Protocol suite i.e. Transport Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, etc.

3. Germany

Cyber Security Salary In Germany

Germany is known as the world leader in cutting edge technology research and development. Its booming digital market coupled with lucrative compensation packages attract thousands of skilled young minds every year. Another reason why Germans love coming to India is because the former offers better opportunities for employment compared to the latter.

German government spends 7 percent of its total GDP on Research and Development Activities. Hence, German firms hire lots of scientists and researchers every year. Consequently, there is a huge demand for graduates having specialization in science related disciplines.

A bachelor’s degree holder in Computer Science, Software engineering, Web design, Data analytics, Industrial automation etc. gets paid up to €97K (USD100K). Besides this, employers usually provide additional benefits like free accommodation, health insurance coverage, pension plan, bonuses etc.

Salary: Between €75K-$107K (USD86K – $135K)

Skills & Requirements: Bachelor Degree in any relevant discipline along with 3+ years of coding experience. Expertise in Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Mobile Application Development, Social Media Marketing, DevOps, Machine Learning, Blockchain, NodeJS, Angular JS, Ruby On Rails, MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Objective c, Android App development are essential requirements.

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Job Profile: Responsible for creating effective solutions to problems faced by client through different types of web application development services. Also required to manage projects as assigned by clients.

4. Switzerland

Cyber Security Salary In Switzerland

Switzerland ranks fourth in the World Bank’s latest report titled “Doing Business Report 2018”. One major reason behind this phenomenal success story lies in its progressive approach towards globalization. The country actively encourages international startups and entrepreneurs to launch their ventures locally instead of going abroad.

This strategy helps Swiss manufacturers stay competitive and avoid hefty taxes imposed by governments worldwide. To boost this initiative further, the Federal Office of Statistics launched Startup Genossenschaft Schweiz (SGS), a platform designed specifically for local companies to collaborate with potential partners globally.

In addition to this, its financial sector plays host to numerous foreign banks like UBS AG, Credit Suisse Group Ltd, HSBC Holdings PLC etc. All these attractions help Swiss companies lure hundreds of talented individuals everyday.

As per official statistics released by LinkedIn, the median base pay for cybersecurity analysts employed full-time in Switzerland is approximately CHF91K ($92K). But the amount increases significantly once you cross 20-30 years of age. At 35th position Switzerland earns the maximum number of recruits with CISSP certification followed by Germany and Singapore respectively.

Salary: Around CHF90K -CHF130K ($89K – $148K)

Skills & Requirements: Master’s degree / Professional certificate in Computer Sciences, Information Systems, Information Security Management System, Risk management, Logical Access control, Identity Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing or similar subjects. Working experience in the same area preferable.

Job Profile: Work as part of a team responsible for managing and maintaining critical networks and systems used by organization. Must understand basic principles of cybersecurity and how to apply them effectively. Well versed with tools such as Firewalls, VPN Routers, Intrusion Detection Systems, Antivirus, Encryption Devices, Wireless Networks etc.

5. Canada

Cyber Security Salary In Canada

Canada is considered as North American’s haven for immigrants due to its stable economic environment, low crime rates, friendly population and great healthcare facilities. Nowadays, Canadian companies often recruit internationally educated workers since they find it difficult to fill vacant positions with locals. Moreover, their relatively lower wages don’t discourage foreigners from immigrating to Canada.

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According to Indeed Hiring Trends Survey conducted between 2016-2022, the hourly wage of a Senior Consultant in Toronto is CAD$82.15(US$66.53). If we compare this figure with the previous survey done during 2014-2015, the hourly wage increased by 23%. Similarly, the hourly wage of a Junior Analyst in Montreal was CA$71.59(US61.13).

Salary: CAD$72K – CAD$108K (US$60K – US$85K)

Skills & Requirements: First three months training provided by employer. Associate’s degree in Computer Sciences, Information Systems, Information Security Management, Risk Management, Logical Access control, Identity Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing or similar areas. Minimum 1-2 Years’ experience in the same profession.

Job Profile: Provide technical support and guidance to end users regarding usage and maintenance of hardware and software products. Ensure smooth operation and availability of systems to meet deadlines. Regularly monitor performance metrics to identify issues early and solve them before customers notice anything.

6. Norway

Cyber Security Salary In Norway

Norway is ranked 9th overall by CNBC in ‘Best Places To Live’. Alongside being one of the happiest nations in the world, it is also home to the fastest growing tech hubs. Several Norwegian cities have emerged as Silicon Valley alternatives. Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger are just few examples where you’ll find highly developed infrastructural setups. These thriving urban centers draw millions of tourists each year.

With increasing interest from foreign citizens in getting involved in entrepreneurship, the demand for qualified cybersecurity analysts has grown exponentially. According to Statista study, the mean hourly salary of a cyber security analyst in Oslo is NOK208.31 ($26.99) which is slightly higher than the national minimum monthly earnings.

On the contrary, the lowest earning group comprises of Norwegians residing outside Oslo. Their annual earnings range from NOK93,600($11,085) to NOK149,200($17,629) per month.

Salary: NOK208.31 ($26.99)

Skills & Requirements: Post Graduate Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject. Any specializations in Information Security, Database Administration, Project Management or similar areas. Three years of cumulative work experience preferably.

Job Profile: Design, implement and maintain policies and procedures associated with protection of critical assets and information belonging to client.

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