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9 Countries With the Highest Salary for Marine Engineers

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Marine Engineers

Marine engineering is a specialized field of science and technology that deals with water related activities such as shipbuilding, fishing industry, oil rigs etc.

The demand for marine engineers has been increasing day by day because it plays an essential role in maintaining our daily life. Therefore, if you want to earn high income from your career then opt-in this field now!

In this article we will discuss about countries which have very good job prospects for those who select this stream. Let’s get started…

1. Australia

Marine Engineers Salary In Australia

With $120k average annual payouts, Australian has become one of the most preferred places to work on after graduating from college or university.

If you think that working abroad would make more money than staying at home then try living here.

It offers many opportunities to learn new things while earning higher salaries and also help you explore other cultures. Besides, there are plenty of jobs available in this region which include offshore engineer, project manager, technical support specialist, IT expert, systems analyst, software developer, and so forth.

Average Annual Payouts – A$ 120K+


  • You can easily find a job without any hassle.
  • There are numerous training courses offered every year.
  • Plenty of international projects that provide excellent chances to practice what you’ve learned.
  • Relatively low cost of living compared to US & European cities (depending upon where you choose).


  • It takes longer time to travel to different parts of the world due to its size.
  • The weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities like sailing and surfing.

2. Austria

Marine Engineers Salary In Austria

If you’re looking forward to enjoy nature along with big paycheck then head over to Austria. This small but beautiful nation located between Switzerland and Hungary provides lots of employment options for people pursuing their degree/degree level education.

Apart from studying at universities, students can do internships in various industries including maritime transport, energy production, medical services, environmental protection etc.

Moreover, they offer attractive package programs for foreign workers. For example, they provide free accommodation up to 3 years, comprehensive social benefits, health insurance coverage, pension plans, bonuses, holiday trips, professional coaching sessions, monthly payments, and much more.

Average Annual Payouts – € 85K+


  • Many companies prefer hiring local employees rather than outsourcing them.
  • Free of charge public transportation system makes traveling easy.
  • High standard of living.
  • Excellent conditions for sports enthusiasts.


  • Austria doesn’t have a lot of attractions and natural beauty spots.

3. Belgium

Marine Engineers Salary In Belgium

Belgium is another great place to work and study. Although it’s not too far away from Germany, however, it still feels independent since both languages are spoken here.

In addition to offering competitive wages, Belgian government believes in providing equal opportunity to all its citizens.

They take care of everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or personal background. As a result, the unemployment rate remains lower than other developed nations.

Average Annual Payouts – € 80K+


  • Good quality of living standards.
  • Well organized educational system.
  • No language barrier problem.
  • Greater security when traveling around Europe.
  • Accessible healthcare facilities.


  • Flexibility in terms of hours worked per week varies across different organizations.
  • Traveling within the EU may be expensive depending upon how long you stay.

4. Canada

Marine Engineers Salary In Canada

Canada is well known for its multicultural society and friendly locals. There are thousands of jobs waiting for skilled candidates who wish to move out to this part of the world.

Canadian employers love hiring people who speak English fluently. Besides, there are multiple ways through which these people can acquire knowledge about business practices in different fields.

You can either attend short term training classes provided by some schools or enroll into bachelor’s program. On top of that you could even pursue master’s degree in various subjects. However, before applying for a job check whether the company you wish to join accepts international applicants. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to settle down in this country.

Average Annual Payouts – CA$ 90K+


  • Higher pay scale than American counterparts.
  • Better workplace environment than U.S.A.
  • Vast amount of resources and infrastructure.
  • International exposure helps you develop better communication skills.


  • Healthcare costs and taxes are relatively higher than America and UK.
  • Most Canadians don’t use credit cards. Instead, they rely heavily on debit card.

5. USA

Marine Engineers Salary In USA

U.S.A is considered as the best country in the whole world to live in. Many foreigners come here in search of greener pastures only to realize that everything is just perfect for them.

From housing market to banking sector, many aspects of lifestyle seem familiar to them. Due to huge number of immigrants settling down in this wonderful land, competition among individuals has increased tremendously.

So, Americans usually look to hire experienced professionals instead of fresh graduates. Nowadays, young adults should consider taking admission in colleges or universities for getting ready for future careers. Besides, there are plenty of entry-level positions available in almost all fields.

Average Annual Payouts – $ 100K+


  • Low crime rates.
  • Lots of entertainment options nearby.
  • Housing prices remain cheap compared to other regions.
  • Banking sector gives you ample choices.


  • Taxes are quite steep.
  • Medical expenses might exceed your budget occasionally.
  • Job hunting process is sometimes frustrating.

6. Germany

Marine Engineers Salary In Germany

Germany is renowned for being one of the wealthiest countries in the entire world. Most of the highly paid specialists prefer moving to Berlin city once they finish their studies.

Along with lucrative salaries, German residents enjoy comfortable lives filled with modern amenities.

Their major contribution towards economy comes from manufacturing sectors namely automotive, machinery, furniture, chemicals, textiles, iron and steel products, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco, paper products etc.

Some famous multinational corporations based in Germany consist of Daimler Chrysler AG, Siemens Industry Group, BASF SE, Henkel KGaA, L’Oreal SA, Mars Incorporated, SAP SE, Volkswagen AG, and BMW.

Average Annual Payouts – € 110K+


  • Very low crime rate.
  • Modernized infrastructure.
  • Cheap hotels and hostels.
  • Large selection of cultural events.
  • Easy access to shopping malls.


  • Language difficulty hinders the growth of local businesses.
  • Food prices tend to increase regularly.

7. Norway

Marine Engineers Salary In Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country situated north of Sweden and Finland. Its capital Oslo is popularly referred to as “the Paris of Scandinavia”.

People often say that it’s hard to imagine how someone could survive winters in this cold climate. But Norwegian people never complain about anything.

They have built strong economic foundation thanks to booming petroleum industry. Today, it ranks second worldwide in total investment assets under management. Hence, Norweigians always strive to improve themselves and their country.

They believe that having strong ties with other countries will give them enough edge against competitors.

Average Annual Payouts – NOK 200K+


  • Stable political situation.
  • Clean air, healthy forests, abundant wildlife, and clean waters.
  • World class hospitals and emergency response times.
  • Regular snowfalls during winter season.


  • Lack of proper road network results in traffic jams.
  • Cost of electricity tends to rise frequently.

8. Netherlands

Marine Engineers Salary In Netherlands

Netherlands is officially known as Kingdom of Netherlands. It consists of several islands named Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Velsen, Noord-Beveland, Schouwen-Duiveland, Noord-Hartland, Oost-Rijk, West-Frisian Islands, Helvoetsluis, Urker Eiland, Middenmeer, Achlumines, Run, IJburg, Betuwerder en Stadion respectively.

These islands create unique appearance to the landscape of Dutch countryside. And, each island has its own history and culture associated with it. Since 1990s, Holland has emerged as one of the richest countries in the world.

The main source of revenue comes from trade and tourism followed by mining and shipping. Not to mention the fact that the Netherlanders pride themselves on their beer consumption.

Average Annual Payouts – EUR 130K+


  • Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists every year.
  • Airports serve as gateways to neighboring European countries.
  • National railway service connects every single location directly to others.
  • Well established financial institutions provide better liquidity to the customers.
  • Safe and affordable property investments attract many buyers.


  • Expenses on utilities go beyond your expectations.

9. New Zealand

Marine Engineers Salary In New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the smallest states in the world. Located south of Australia, it covers little area of 4,023 square kilometers. Despite its tiny stature, it possesses a distinct identity of its own. Once upon a time, British settlers founded Wellington as the capital city. Auckland serves as the largest metropolis of New Zealand.

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