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Arna Kimiai Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Nationality

arna kimiai

Arna Kimiai, 25, is the daughter of Farshad Kimiai, an imprisoned sex offender who was arrested on March 18th, 2021 for Uber bullying of driver Subhakar Khadka in San Francisco. She has been charged with several felonies including assault, robbery attempt, and misdemeanor battery.

On March 18, 2021, at 12:45 p.m., a Sunday, Uber driver Subhakar Khadka, aged 32, was attacked by Arna Kimiai and two other friends. The victim said that after a few minutes into the trip he noticed one of the passengers didn’t wear a mask, so he asked her to put it on. Instead of doing as she was told, Arna Kimiai answered “fuck you” and spit on him.

The woman in the back began chastising the Uber driver, seizing his phone and ripping off his facemask. The driver urged the women to leave the vehicle later, but these females started swearing at him and coughing repeatedly at him.

He informed the passengers that everything had been recorded after a few minutes, and the ladies finally descended from the vehicle, one of them reaching out near the driving window and spraying something at him, which was claimed to be pepper spray.

“They were mocking and abusing me, saying that I was an immigrant South Asian man and said ‘I never spoke badly to them; I never cursed; I was not raised that way,’” says Subhakar Khadka. “I don’t hit people; I’m not raised that way.

Arna Kimiai, on the other hand, has been released on bail at $75,000. She was discovered smoking cannabis while driving after she was freed and that video she shared March 15th, 2021 on Instagram and captioned it “Who’s in jail right now?”

Arna Kimiai Biography / Wiki


Arna Kimiai Biography
Real Name:Arna Kimiai
Net Worth:$300 Thausands USD
Birthday:1 January 1997
Age:25 years old
Height:5 feet 3 inches
Heavy / Weight:52 pounds
Father:Farshad Kimiai

Arna Kimiai is 25 years old in 2022 and has a long list of run-ins with law enforcement. Her exact birth date has not been determined, but she thanked her followers on Instagram on 29 January for all the birthday wishes they had sent her way. She would be an Aquarius, who are known to be unpredictable, excessive, and rebellious.

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According to the above comparison, it appears that this young influencer has inherited her father’s ability to break the law and is making a larger negative impact than positive influence. This will certainly have an impact on which businesses are willing to associate with her and her capacity to profit from social media.

Arna kimiai has already deleted her Instagram account, knowing that she will be charged and sent to jail if found guilty.

Arna Kimiai kept her physique in excellent form throughout her career, standing 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 52 pounds.

Arna Kimiai Net Worth Growth

Arna Kimiai Net Worth
Net Worth in 2022:$300,000 USD
Net Worth in 2021:$300,000 USD
Net Worth in 2020:$100,000 USD
Net Worth in 2019:$150,000 USD

The most important thing to consider is, “How much is Arna Kimiai worth?” Her Net Worth as of 2021 is $300,000 USD, she earns money from Instagram Influencing, Sponsored Posts, and a variety of other platforms.

With a net worth of $300,000 in 2021, one would expect this well-known influencer to be more concerned with her public image. On the other hand, Arna Kimiai generates controversies wherever she goes and is losing popularity among those who are able to judge her values rather than her appearance.

Who is Arna Kimiai?

Who is Arna Kimiai

Arna Kimiai, the daughter of a imprisoned sexual offender, was charged with assault, robbery, and misdemeanor battery after an altercation with Uber Driver Subhakar Khadka. We don’t know anything about her job or education background.

In July 2015, she was arrested for battery on a person in Los Angeles. She was sued in Civil Lawsuit in February 2019 for striking another woman’s automobile and received arrest by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on burglary charges that month. On July 16, 2020, she got arrested again by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on vehicle theft allegations.

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She posted a video of the event on March 9th, 2021, writing “He was literally attempting to drop us off in the middle of nowhere!! That is not okay at all!! He yelled at us severely just before I started recording then after I began recording he attempted to joke around about how he was going home and that we could come with him.

On March 9th, 2021, one of the Instagram users responded to the event, saying, “You broads have a lot of nerve.” He has the right to refuse his services to anyone! In an sane mind, no one would just drop you off without a reason! For not wearing masks at first, you were impolite.

Arna Kimiai Relationship Status & More

Arna Kimiai is presently enjoying her bachelor life and searching for a perfect life partner. She previously had a poor relationship, but she’s attempting to discover fresh love in her life.

Arna Kimiai is somewhat reclusive when it comes to her personal life, but each celebrity has a love affair! Arna Kimiai has been linked to NA for a long time, and the future will tell whether or not the two will continue their relationship.

Her Instagram profile confirms her affinity for exploring new and exciting places.

What Happens to Arna Kimiai When She is With Her Uber Driver?

After her Uber assault went viral on the internet, Arnak Kimiai is taking it to the web. Her father or guardians has yet to take the spotlight, but he is reported to have encouraged her to cease such behavior.

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later revealed to be Subkahar Khadka, Kikaiai was seen tearing the veil and attacking her uber driver, later identified as Subkahar Khadka, in a boisterous assault. The episode took place on March 7, 2021, when Khadka selected three ladies as his Uber passengers.

Arna Kimiai was put on a veil just minutes after the pickup, and Arna Kimiai was mentioned to put on a veil by Khadka. She immediately rejected and began misbehaving with him. Arna Kimiai has not introduced her father or family to the internet yet. People, on the other hand, are

There isn’t much information on Arna’s people on the internet. They may be furious with their daughter’s behavior. Subhakhar said he was not taught to despise or harm others by his family, and that he tries to assist them in Nepal after the event.

After the scandal, Arn Kimiai has made her Instagram profile private. She will sue Uber before she vanishes, despite the fact that she posted a video on her Instagram account.

Arna said that Subhakar tossed them out of the vehicle on the expressway, which was extremely dangerous. She continued: “Subhakar wouldn’t wait for another Uber to arrive.”

On the video, Arna declared that the driver was fortunate not to have been beaten since a large number of people she knows would.

Following the Uber assault in San Francisco, Subhakar Khadka was confirmed as the victim. The two of the three ladies are known as Malaysia King (in the red dress) and Arna Kimiai (who hacked on the driver).

The Malaysian ruler has been arrested by the Las Vegas authorities and charged with intimidation. According to Arna’s lawyers, she would also face a comparable charge if she went herself to confront a similar allegation.

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