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AuronPlay Net Worth in 2022 as The Most Popular Twitch Streamer

AuronPlay Net Worth

As game lovers, indeed, you are familiar with AuronPlay. Of course, his fame was inevitable after he managed to captivate a large audience in every live stream he held on Twitch.

Besides all your curiosity about every game he plays, we are sure you are also undoubtedly interested in AuronPlay net worth in 2022, right?

Well, it seems his wealth is no longer a secret, and even his annual income is quite fantastic. Likewise, he got all those earnings from his hard work as a content creator and writer.

Furthermore, here are the details of AuronPlay’s wealth, when and where he was born, and how his career has skyrocketed like today.

AuronPlay Biographical Details


AuronPlay Biographical Details

AuronPlay, whose real name is Raul Alvarez “AuronPlay” Genes, is one of the rising Spanish content creators of Twitch. 

Then, Raul has become famous lately among many gamers because of his gaming content. Besides, he is even ranked at the top of several charts on Twitch. 

For instance, he is the number one most watched on Minecraft Channel, Spanish Minecraft Channel, and the Spanish Channel.

Undoubtedly, it happens because he quickly gets hundreds of thousands of viewers on every live stream he hosts. 

Unmitigated, the live streams he usually holds last from three to six hours. However, it does not bore the audience at all. 

On the contrary, it makes them love AuronPlay even more.

Additionally, as the most favorable Minecraft channel creator, Raul now has around 10 million followers on Twitch and 28.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Besides being involved in gaming on the Twitch platform, Raul is also a YouTube creator and an autobiographical author. 

Moreover, there are several books have been published under his name.

Regarding his personal life, it is known that Auron has been in a relationship with Sara Moledo since 2013. Below is a table of AuronPlay personal data:

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Real NameRaul Alvarez Genes
Date of BirthNovember 5, 1988
Height5 Feet 8 Inches
AddressBarcelona, Spain
Marital StatusIn a relationship with Sara Moledo 
Net Worth$4 million
Sources of WealthTwitch and YouTube Creator, Author, Sponsorships

AuronPlay Net Worth

As mentioned in the previous section, AuronPlay is primarily an online content creator in the gaming field. Do not forget his profession as an autobiography writer too. 

Because of all that work, no doubt Raul has a relatively high net worth. Thus, the following is his estimated total net worth.

His Total Net Worth

All of the income might come from each of his live streams on the Twitch platform, gaming video uploads on YouTube, book revenues, and sponsorship deals.

Hence, Raul’s net worth is estimated to be a total of $4 to $5 million.

AuronPlay Total Earnings per Year

Talking about AuronPlay’s earnings, he can earn as little as $3 to $3.44 million per year. 

Also, all that income he gets the most from his two YouTube channels and donations from his fans that he made for himself on the Twitch platform.

Platforms that Raise AuronPlay

The leading platforms that raise AuronPlay’s name are Twitch and YouTube. Therefore, it was from these two sites that he finally got this much net worth.

However, Raul usually only does live streams on Twitch. Further, he even became an official Twitch partner and became the top content creator on the platform.

Even so, he is still active on one of his YouTube channels, Twitter and Instagram.

AuronPlay Career Journey

AuronPlay Career Journey

As a gaming content creator, AuronPlay certainly has a memorable career journey. 

Furthermore, here are the steps he walked on various online platforms to become a well-known Spanish content creator like today.

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AuronPlay’s Youtube Career

AuronPlay’s career on YouTube can be said to be a success. Likewise, it is evidenced by the number of subscribers he gets on the two channels he has.

The first YouTube channel was created on February 28, 2006, with the account name “AuronPlay.” 

Moreover, he is known to have more than 28 million subscribers on this channel. Even so, he last uploaded a video there around November 9, 2020.

Meanwhile, Raul has a second Youtube channel under the name “Auron” with 12 million subscribers. He created this channel around December 12, 2013. 

Unlike his first account, he uploads videos more often, in fact, almost every day on this channel.

AuronPlay’s Twitch Career

Raul began to develop his career as a gaming content creator on Twitch some years after creating his YouTube channel. 

Then, he made his account on this platform around September 3, 2019. So far, this channel has more than 10 million followers.

In addition, he often holds live streams on Twitch and plays many games, including Minecraft, Among Us, Grand Theft Auto V, Rust, and Fall Guys. 

Apart from that, he also streams under the Just Chatting category and reacts to some other people’s content.

Once doing live streams, he often gets more than a hundred thousand viewers in each stream.

Hence, AuronPlay becomes the number one channel with the most views on Twitch, both as Spanish Streamer, Minecraft Streamer, and Spanish Minecraft Streamer.

Meanwhile, he ranks second on the entire site as the most-watched streamer.

His Other Enterprises

Raul used to work for a bookbinding company before becoming the full-time streamer he is today. Before, he would take the time to record videos after work. 

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Finally, he decided to resign from the company nine years later and focus on becoming a content streamer.

Moreover, in 2016 Auron also showed his talent in the field of writing. After that, he published his first autobiography at the Madrid Book Fair. 

Since then, he has started creating and releasing several other autobiographies under his name.

AuronPlay Income Details on Each Platform

AuronPlay Income

Auron earns excellent monthly income from all his professions as a streamer and author. Here are the details.

Earnings as Twitch Streamer

Thanks to his fame as a Twitch streamer, he earns around $59 thousand to $66 thousand every month. Further, it can reach $708 thousand up to $792 thousand per year.

Apart from streaming income, those earnings include the donations from the viewers he made for himself on Twitch.

Earnings as Youtuber

As a YouTube content creator, Auron can earn nearly $38k to $46k monthly and $456k to $552k in a year on his main channel.

While on his second YouTube channel, he can earn $156 thousand to $177 thousand per month and $1.8 million to $2.1 million per year.

Earnings from Other Enterprises

There is insufficient data regarding Auron’s income from book revenue and his previous work at a bookbinding company.

Sponsorship Deals

AuronPlay also gets sponsorship from LG and Pokemon, but it is unknown how much the total revenue is from these deals.

AuronPlay Expenses

AuronPlay Expenses

There is no exact information regarding his significant expenses, even about AuronPlay house or other properties. 

However, looking at the streaming and gaming setups in the background, he has high-end items. Furthermore, everything he owns is included as collectible items and merchandise.

Final Thoughts

AuronPlay is a Spanish gaming content creator that has been loved by many gamers lately. 

Besides being famous as a Twitch streamer and YouTube creator, he is also an autobiographical author who has published several books.According to his monthly and yearly earnings, AuronPlay net worth is currently calculated at $4 million – $5 million.

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