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Top 10 Countries With The Highest Chemical Engineer Salaries In 2022

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Countries With The Highest Chemical Engineer Salaries

If you’re a chemical engineer, you know that it’s not easy to find the best job in your field. You need skills and experience but also luck because there is no guarantee of success when applying for positions.

Chemical engineer is quite a popular job and is in great demand even in 2022, what if we told you about countries with some of the highest average chemical engineer wages? This list contains ten such countries where you can get good paychecks working as an Chemical Engineer. Let’s take a look at them below.

1. United States

The US is one of the richest countries on Earth and offers its citizens great opportunities for employment. In fact, according to CNBC, the country has seen a 15% increase in high-tech manufacturing since 2010 alone! There is a lot going on here and more than enough work for any experienced or newbie chemical engineer.

  • Average Annual Salary – $110k
  • Highest Paying Cities – San Diego ($152K), New York City (145K)
  • Lowest Paying Cities – Amarillo (-$20K), El Paso (-$17K)
  • States With Highest Average Wage – Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia & Nevada
  • Most Promising Jobs For 2022 – Software Developer/Engineer, Information Technology Professional, Project Manager

According to Glassdoor, the top paying cities in the U.S. for those who want to be chemists include Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Denver, Minneapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Portland, Nashville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Las Vegas.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland Chemical Engineer Salaries

Switzerland is a landlocked country located between France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Austria. It belongs to the European Union and hosts five million people from all over the world.

In terms of economy, it is the second largest in Europe after Germany, being home to numerous international corporations like Nestle, Novartis, Roche, ABB, etc.

On the other hand, due to Swiss strict government regulations regarding immigration, finding the right candidate for certain roles may require some extra effort. However, despite these challenges, many companies still choose to employ qualified chemical engineers from Switzerland every year.

This is a big advantage considering how much money they earn compared to their peers. According to LinkedIn data, the average annual income of a chemist in Switzerland is around $87k while in the United Kingdom it’s just $60k. So, why don’t we move to Geneva then?!

As mentioned before, the most lucrative city for chemistry experts in Switzerland is Zurich. Per Hourly Rate “PayScale” shows that even though Zurich residents have lower incomes than others, the hourly rate is higher than most parts of America.

For example, while the national average hourly wage in the US is $22 per hour, Zurich pays up to $30 per hour depending on the company. What’s interesting is that a similar trend can be observed in Geneva too.

So, next time someone tells you that Switzerland doesn’t offer anything better than boring stuff, show him this article and tell him otherwise.

3. Finland

Finland is a Nordic country situated above Russia, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Its capital Helsinki is known for having beautiful architecture, rich cultural heritage and amazing natural landscapes.

However, although Finnish society may seem very reserved, this does not mean that they aren’t willing to help newcomers learn about local traditions. On the contrary, they welcome foreign students with open arms to study in public schools thanks to generous funding by the state.

Furthermore, they encourage foreigners to settle down in their country permanently through their generous social programs. These initiatives make living in Finland very attractive for anyone interested in pursuing a fulfilling career as a chemical engineer.

Also, unlike several other developed nations, Finnish scientists enjoy significant autonomy when it comes to choosing research projects and deciding which technologies deserve further development. As a result, they often develop cutting edge solutions for problems that affect their entire nation rather than only themselves.

With regards to compensation, the average salary earned by chemical engineers in Finland is approximately €72k annually, making it one of the best deals out there.

Interestingly, the three biggest employers in this field are Nokia, Metsä Group Oy and Valmet Oy—two heavy industrial firms, one paper producer, and one electrical equipment manufacturer respectively.

4. Japan

Japan is another Asian country that’s been experiencing rapid economic growth during recent years. Although the market is saturated nowadays, there are still plenty of openings available for skilled workers.

Chemical engineers play a crucial role in ensuring quality control in factories across different industries including food production, automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, electronics, packaging, textiles, cosmetics, paints, printing, rubber products, cleaning supplies, detergents, personal care items, plastics, ceramics, fertilizers, explosives, building insulation, fire fighting foam, oil refining, among others.

They usually possess excellent analytical abilities and problem solving capabilities along with strong communication skills. Therefore, these traits allow them to excel both in sales and marketing as well as management positions within various organizations.

Moreover, they can easily transfer their knowledge into technical manuals and documentation. This makes Japanese businesses highly competitive against their rivals worldwide.

Although the demand for chemical engineers is growing rapidly, competition is stiff especially in fields requiring specialization. To overcome this challenge, candidates should focus on acquiring additional training in order to improve their chances of landing coveted gigs.

One way to do so is by getting certified as a professional engineer. Such credentials will prove vital once you decide to pursue a graduate degree in chemical engineering. They’ll also give you access to prestigious internships and summer jobs.

When it comes to salary, the average annual earnings of Japanese chemical engineers is estimated at nearly ¥3m ($23k). If you live near Tokyo it could go up to ¥5m ($44k).

5. Ireland

Ireland is a small island off the west coast of the UK, just south of Northern Ireland. It belongs to the EU and boasts of a stable political system and relatively low crime rates.

While the unemployment rate is relatively high compared to other developed countries (about 13%), this shouldn’t discourage you from looking for a chemical engineer job in Ireland. The reason is that salaries in Ireland are among the highest in Europe. The average annual income for chemical engineers residing in Dublin is €80k ($98k), making it one of the best places to work in Europe as well.

If you’re willing to relocate to an even more attractive location where salaries are even higher and tax rates are lower than Ireland’s (for people who live outside the country), we have good news for you: there are a number of opportunities available for chemical engineers in Switzerland (average annual gross salary: €100k – over $130K), Portugal (€92k – over $110K), Italy (€90k – over $100K) and Sweden (€79k – over $100K).

6. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the world where a significant percentage of the population lives below the poverty line. In addition to this issue, there are several drawbacks that make it hard for foreign workers to gain employment and stay there for long due to social issues such as religious restrictions, gender inequality and safety concerns.

Despite these issues, there are still many opportunities for foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, especially if they have experience working with oil and gas and want to move there for better pay and conditions.

To become a chemical engineer in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering which usually takes four years to complete. However, some companies might require that you have six years of work experience before they would consider hiring you. If you already have experience working on oil rigs, you will be able to bypass this requirement.

7. Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state consisting of 63 islands in South East Asia. It has been dubbed as one of the world’s most expensive cities due to its high cost of living and property prices. However, if you’re looking for a job as a chemical engineer in Singapore, most employers will be willing to offer you generous compensation packages and relocation assistance because they believe you won’t leave them too soon.

There are two major sectors that have the lion share of chemical engineer jobs in Singapore. One of them is the petrochemical industry where the industry is heavily dependent upon petroleum resources. Since the industry is so important to the overall economy of Singapore, companies hire a large number of chemical engineers. Some of these well paid positions include process engineers, project managers, and operations supervisors.

Another sector where chemical engineers can make decent money is the health and beauty industry which employs roughly 2% of the total workforce. Due to the shortage of physicians, nurses, dieticians and pharmacists, these positions are in high demand.

8. Australia

Australia hemical Engineer Salaries

Australia is a country located on the eastern side of the Indian Ocean. It enjoys a temperate climate and is separated from the rest of the Pacific Islands by Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The main industries that employ chemical engineers are oil and gas production, manufacturing and mining industries. For instance, approximately 70% of all jobs created in Australia between 2001 and 2011 were in construction and mining industries. This means that job opportunities for chemical engineers are relatively plentiful in this country.

For those who want to work in an office setting rather than on an industrial site, there are several opportunities available as well. For instance, many large organizations have their corporate offices located in large cities such as Sydney or Melbourne where there are plenty of positions available for people with master’s degrees. These positions include project managers, chemical engineers, and operations managers.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located between Australia and South America. It consists of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island – which are joined by the Cook Strait.

Although New Zealand does not have a large population compared to many other countries in the world, it has one of the highest standards of living in the world because it has vast natural resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, gold and silver.

It has become one of the leading exporters of dairy products and wool around the world due to its fertile soil that can support large dairy farms. It also has a lucrative tourism industry which attracts thousands of visitors every year from Australia and South East Asia because of its beautiful climate and breathtaking scenery.

Due to its strong economy, New Zealand has a large number of jobs available for chemical engineers. There are many well-paid opportunities available for people with master’s degrees as well as for those with bachelor’s degrees who have experience working in manufacturing or process industries. Some examples of jobs that can be found here include mining engineer, process engineer, production engineer or chemical engineer.

10. Canada

Canada is a vast country located on the northern half of North America. It is bordered by the United States to the south, the Arctic Ocean to the west, Greenland to the north west and Alaska to the north east. Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world with low unemployment rates and high standards of living.

Due to Canada’s strong economy, there are plenty of jobs available for people with master’s degrees as well as for those who have bachelor’s degrees. Some examples of jobs that can be found here include chemical engineer, process engineer or operations manager at large manufacturing companies like aluminum smelters or mining companies.


Although many people in their 20s think that they can work for a few years and then retire early in their 30s, this is not necessarily true if they want to live a comfortable life once they retire. That is why it is important to take advantage of the job opportunities available for people with master’s degrees even during their younger years in order to ensure that they will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement in their 40s or 50s.

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