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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Biomedical Engineer In 2022

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers have a wide range of skills and knowledge in the medical field, from research to clinical diagnostics to therapeutic treatments. In fact, they can be found working in almost every area within medicine or healthcare-related fields. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there is a huge demand for them around the world.

In this article we’ll take you through some countries with the highest average biomedical engineering salaries so you can see if your career path could lead you to one of these lucrative positions.

1. United States

United States Biomedical Engineer Salary

The US has consistently been among the top 5 countries with the best paying jobs according to PayScale since 2015. And when looking at just median annual wages, it comes out on top again. This makes sense as most high paying industries tend to cluster together due to similar skill requirements and needs. As such, it makes perfect sense to look into what kind of job titles are commonly associated with each position.

If you’re interested in pursuing a role in biomedicine, here’s how much money an entry level biomedical scientist would make annually based on their experience: $106k – $148k. While those earning a Master’s degree can expect to earn anywhere between $90k-$130k per year depending on where they work, while PhD graduates stand to receive somewhere between $80k-$110k.

However, don’t forget to consider cost of living differences across different states, cities, regions, etc., which will affect overall paychecks significantly. For example, the average rent costs $2,300/month in San Francisco but only $1,800/month in Portland, Oregon. You may need to factor that in before making any decisions regarding location.

On top of all that, remember to also account for other benefits like health insurance coverage (if applicable), 401(K) contributions, paid vacation days, sick leave, parental leave, bonuses, profit sharing plans, stock options, company car leases, etc.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland Biomedical Engineer Salary

Switzerland ranks 2nd place globally after Hong Kong when it comes to having the highest number of registered patent applications per resident over the past decade. And biotech startups are no exception.

A recent study by CBRE shows that Swiss companies are getting bigger than ever, thanks largely to its status as a global financial center. What does that mean? It means that there is a large pool of highly skilled professionals who know about business development, marketing strategies, intellectual property rights protection, corporate finance, fundraising, legal issues, taxation, human resources management, etc. That translates to higher chances of landing an amazing job abroad.

But what exactly do people get paid well for doing sciencey things in Switzerland? According to Glassdoor data, the median base salary for a pharmaceutical professional ranges between $88k-$120k.

But it depends heavily on years of experience—the more senior ones usually rake in better compensation packages. On top of that, perks include free parking spaces, gym membership reimbursement, coffee shops nearby, lunch meetings, conference rooms, employee discounts, flexible hours, etc.

3. Denmark

Denmark Biomedical Engineer Salary

Denmark is known worldwide for being the happiest country in Europe. However, it’s not without good reason. Not only because of the low crime rate, excellent education system, and long life expectancy, but also because of the generous tax rates enjoyed by both individuals and businesses alike.

If you want to start up a new venture or expand your current operation into international markets, then you might find yourself needing help from a Danish partner.

According to Indeed Hiring Trends, the average starting salary for a general manager in Denmark is approximately $74k. Of course, this figure varies slightly depending on the type of firm “you” own.

Higher ups can expect to pull down anywhere between $85k-$140k annually. Plus, employers provide many additional benefits including training programs, competitive maternity leaves, comprehensive medical care, childcare support, transportation subsidies, etc.

4. Netherlands

Netherlands Biomedical Engineer Salary

As far back as 1835, Dutch scientists were pioneering advancements in chemistry, physics, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, botany, zoology, etc. Today, the Netherlands remains a hub for scientific innovation and discovery, contributing to technological breakthroughs all over the globe. Also, given its close proximity to Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, England, etc., foreign nationals coming to live and work in The Hague can easily commute back home via train, plane, ship, bus, bike, etc.

So what kinds of opportunities exist for talented newcomers? According to LinkedIn Job Search Trends, the average annual income for a chemical biologist is roughly $77k. Those specializing in environmental sciences could expect to bring home upwards of $72k annually. Meanwhile, physiologists can reasonably expect to rake in somewhere between $105k-$145k.

And speaking of taxes, keep in mind that the Netherland government offers special incentives for foreign workers willing to relocate to the nation. These include reduced personal income withholding taxes, lower real estate taxes, child labor exemptions, social security payments, unemployment benefits, etc.

5. Australia

Australia Biomedical Engineer Salary

Australia was ranked #1 in 2017 for ease of conducting business internationally in terms of time zone difference and language capability. That said, it still lags behind Canada when it comes to infrastructure and quality of living standards. Nevertheless, even though the latter is true, that doesn’t seem to deter multinational organizations headquartered in Sydney from hiring local talent.

For starters, Australians enjoy some of the lowest immigration processing times in the entire world. They typically take less than 3 months for visas to be issued. Secondly, the Australian tech scene is growing exponentially.

There are several universities located throughout the nation offering degrees in computer science, information technology, software programming, robotics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, etc. Lastly, there are plenty of open source projects happening daily involving coders from all levels of expertise.

All in all, it seems safe to say that anyone moving overseas should give thought to relocating to Australia.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand Biomedical Engineer Salary

New Zealand ranks second in the world for fastest internet speeds. So why isn’t everyone jumping on the next flight to Auckland? Well, maybe because the country itself lacks anything resembling a big city… until now.

Thanks to a booming economy fueled by tourism and gaming, Wellington is quickly becoming a hotspot for young entrepreneurs, developers, investors, researchers, marketers, and others seeking employment opportunities.

A quick glance at Glassdoor reveals that the average annual salary for a web developer in New Zealand is roughly $75k. Software engineers can expect to pull down somewhere between $100k-$125k. Similarly, UX designers can expect to hit somewhere around $95k annually.

7. Finland

Finland Biomedical Engineer Salary

Finland is famous for its Nordic lifestyle, consisting of healthy diet, exercise, outdoor activities, and generally happy attitudes. But did you know that the Finnish government invested $30 million USD in funding innovative technologies related to precision medicine, genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolomics, plant biology, agricultural productivity, energy production, food safety, smart agriculture, water treatment, etc.? Suffice to say, the future looks bright for the Finns.

Based on statistics released by Payscale, the typical annual pay for a medical device designer in Finland is $98k. Likewise, project managers can expect their yearly earnings to peak at $113k annually. Engineers can count on pulling in somewhere between $92k-$119k. Finally, salespeople can anticipate taking home somewhere between $103k-$152k annually.

8. Austria

Austria Biomedical Engineer Salary

Austria is a landlocked European country sandwiched between Germany on the west side and Liechtenstein on the east. Despite being small in size, it boasts beautiful natural landscapes and rich biodiversity. Furthermore, it enjoys favorable weather conditions and modern transport systems. All in all, it’s easy to see why residents love going outdoors hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, white water rafting, camping, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, paragliding, etc.

According to Payscale, employees in the IT sector in Austria are likely to earn anywhere between $70k-$160k annually. But for someone wanting to go full-time freelance, they can realistically hope to pull in somewhere between $60k-$150k annually. Moreover, freelancers can benefit from a variety of services and products offered by clients ranging from content writing to graphic design to app development.

9. German

German Biomedical Engineer Salary

Germany is widely regarded as the birthplace of classical music, art, architecture, philosophy, literature, mathematics, science, film production, fashion, automotive manufacturing, fine dining, beer brewing, etc.

Consequently, it shouldn’t come as too surprise that Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Dresden, Bremen, Wiesbaden, Duisburg, Saarbrücken, Münster, Kiel, Frechen, and Rosenheim are popular destinations for foreign talents hoping to pursue careers in science, medicine, consulting, banking, law, academia, media, retail, hospitality, arts, entertainment, etc.

When it comes to specific occupations, the following four sectors rank among the top five most lucrative in Germany: healthcare ($98k), IT ($113k), engineering ($95k), and management ($94k). But did you know that there are also a number of startups that are hiring remote talent from all over the world?

For example: uTest (software testing), Upwork (freelance work), 99Designs (graphic design), Freelancer (freelance work), and People Per Hour (web development).

10. United Kingdom

United Kingdom Biomedical Engineer Salary

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top destinations for foreign talents due to its high quality of life and relatively low cost of living (compared to other developed countries). As a result of its close proximity to mainland Europe and its thriving business community with strong ties to Europe and Asia alike; it’s also an ideal location for entrepreneurs looking to pursue exciting opportunities in the technology sector.

According to Payscale’s salary data for full-time employees in the UK (all industries), engineers earn upwards of $105k annually; IT professionals make around $90k; software developers average $85k; and computer programmers make more than $66k.

However if you’re looking to get hired by a startup or a small business as a full-time employee or freelancer; you may be better off looking in London where you’ll find numerous startups and SMEs on the lookout for talent.

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