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7 Countries With the Highest Salary for Diesel Mechanics In 2022

Countries With the Highest Salary for Diesel Mechanics

The job of a diesel mechanic is one that requires great skill and knowledge when it comes to working with engines and other mechanical devices. This also means that there are many opportunities in this field. And if you have what it takes to be successful in your career as a diesel mechanic, then here’s how much money you can make doing so.

Let us now look at the top 10 countries where people get paid well as diesel mechanics.

1. United States

Diesel Mechanics in the US earn an average annual income of $61,960 per year. These individuals work on cars or trucks powered by diesel fuel. The majority of them belong to transportation equipment service industries.

They may also perform maintenance and repair tasks which include inspecting the engine oil systems, filters, etc., checking exhaust emissions from diesel-powered vehicles, testing the brakes and steering mechanisms, diagnosing electrical problems, cleaning out air intake system, replacing spark plugs, and fixing any leaks. They also provide advice regarding fuel efficiency and safety while driving during road tests.

  • Average Annual Income: $61,960
  • Highest Paying Cities: San Diego (CA), Boston (MA)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Hartford (CT), Mobile (AL), Detroit (MI)
  • Salary Negotiation Skills Needed: Good communication skills
  • Education Level Required: Some education level required
  • Certifications & Licenses Required: Certified through NATEF
  • Skills Needed: Mechanical aptitude along with technical skills
  • Work Environment: Works under pressure and stress with long hours. Must possess good problem solving ability.

2. Canada

People who want to become diesel mechanics in Canada should start looking into jobs in areas such as automotive repair shops, truck shops, heavy machinery repair centers, and machine shops.

Canada has two types of diesel mechanics – those that focus on light duty trucks and buses and heavy duty trucks and buses. Most work in automobile repair shops and auto parts stores. A small number of workers specialize in maintaining locomotives and ships’ engines.

With regards to pay, they enjoy a relatively higher median hourly wage than their American counterparts due to lower costs of living. But even within each category, wages vary greatly depending upon location. For example, mechanics located near big cities tend to do better than their peers in rural locations.

  • Canadian Diesel Mechanic Salaries Average Annually: CAD$36K
  • Highest Paying Cities: Calgary (AB), Vancouver (BC), Montreal (QC)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Halifax (Nova Scotia), Edmonton (Alberta), Winnipeg (Manitoba)
  • Salary Negotiation Skills needed: Strong negotiation skills are important.
  • Education Level Required: High school certificate.
  • Certificates & Licenses Required: None specific but strong math and science background would help.
  • Job Requirements: Knowledgeable about different kinds of vehicle engines.
  • Working Conditions: Long hours and hard work. Constant deadlines must be met.
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3. New Zealand

In the world, the country of New Zealand holds second place among countries where people get paid best for being a diesel mechanic. Their incomes amount to approximately NZ$47K annually. Many of these mechanics work in transport hubs like airports, seaports, railways stations, bus depots, and freight yards.

There are three main categories of diesel mechanics in New Zealand. There are first line supervisors, drivers, and technicians. First line supervisors supervise mechanics and conduct training sessions. Drivers run daily operations, including fueling and servicing vehicles. Technicians inspect and maintain various components of diesel-powered vehicles.

New Zealand diesel mechanics need to know things such as troubleshooting faults associated with internal combustion engines, setting up emergency shut off valves, repairing carburetors, checking battery cables, changing brake pads, installing windshield wipers, adjusting tire pressures, lubricating gearsets, using jacks, tuning timing belts, removing radiator hoses, and performing valve adjustments.

  • Average Annual Incomes: NZ$ 47k
  • Highest Paying City: Wellington (NZ), Christchurch (NZ)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Auckland (NZ), Hawkes Bay (NZ), Whangarei (NZ)
  • Salary Negotiation Skills needed: Not necessary since minimum requirements already exist
  • Educational Requirement: No college degree needed
  • Licenses/ Certifications Required: Basic certification from National Training Fund (NTf). Other certifications will depend on company needs
  • Typical Duties: Inspection and maintenance of diesel-powered vehicles

4. Australia

A person interested in becoming a diesel mechanic in Australia can find employment in either commercial sectors or private services. Commercial sector employers hire mechanics to work on trains, trucks, and boats. Private sector employers employ mechanics to provide support services to large companies.

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According to research conducted by industry experts, Australian diesel mechanics receive an average annual income of AU$35K. However, most of them fall below that mark. It is estimated that only around 1% of all Australian diesel mechanics receive more than AU$40K annually.

Most of these high earners work at trucking companies that operate throughout Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania. Others work for mining firms, construction companies, and agricultural businesses.

What makes Australians earning decent amounts? According to expert sources, its not just about having technical knowledge and experience. Rather it involves possessing excellent analytical abilities, attention to detail, and problem-solving capabilities.

Common Job Responsibilities: Troubleshooting faults related to internal combustion engines, conducting repairs, and inspections

  • Average Annual Salary: AUD$34K
  • Highest Paying Cities: Perth (WA), Sydney (NSW)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Brisbane (QLD), Melbourne (VIC)
  • Salary Negotiation Skills needed: Not essential
  • Required Education Levels: Diploma, Certificate III
  • Certified Courses: Yes
  • Skills Required: Analytical skills along with practical knowledge
  • Working Hours: Full time positions require 8 hour days while part-time employees get 6 hour shifts. Overtime is often available

5. Germany

Germany pays people who engage in manual labor well. As diesel mechanics in Germany earn roughly EUR33K every year according to estimates provided by the German Federal Statistics Office.

These employees usually work in factories, warehouses, ports, shipyards, mines, power plants, gas works, and chemical production facilities. While some prefer to stay back home, others opt to travel abroad to seek greener pastures.

On average, the highest paying regions in Germany are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne.

As mentioned earlier, the reason why Germans earn more than other Europeans is because their cost of living is comparatively low. But apart from that, certain factors such as availability of skilled personnel, advanced technology, and competitive market conditions play a major role too.

  • German Mechancis Get Paid Well: EUR32K Per Year
  • Highest Paying Regions: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart & Cologne
  • Lowest Paying Regions: Saxony, Brandenburg, Thuringia
  • Salary Negotiation Skills needed: Necessary to negotiate benefits packages offered by employers
  • Level Of Education Required: Bachelor Degree
  • Courses Recommended: Technical courses relevant to the type of vehicle used by the employer
  • Typical Working Hours: Regular shift timings ranging between 7 am till 5 pm
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6. UK

British people who wish to pursue careers as diesel mechanics can consider starting their own business or joining larger organizations. Depending on the size of the organization, a worker might end up receiving anything between £21K-$27K annually.

  • UK Mechanics Make About GBP22K Per Year
  • Highest Paying Locations: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham
  • Lowest Paying Locations: Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Salary Negotiation Skills needed: Essential for getting desirable package deals from employers
  • Education Level Required: Certification from NVQ 4th Edition Automotive Technician course or equivalent qualification
  • Certifications & Licenses Required: NVQ Level 3 Automobile technician Course
  • Jobs Required: General purpose maintenance and inspection of car engines
  • Working Conditions: Relatively tough and physically demanding job

7. Ireland

Ireland offers its citizens to join the thriving field of diesel mechanics. On average, Irish diesel mechanics earn about €23K per year based on statistics published by the Central Bank of Ireland.

While it seems like a decent amount of money, it actually falls short of basic expenses incurred by the employee. Apart from that, interest rates are very high compared to earnings received by mechanics. Also, tax deductions aren’t allowed.

  • Ireland’s Best Places To Become A Diesel Mechanic:€20K Per Year
  • Highest Paying Location: Dublin
  • Lowest Paying Locations: Cork, Galway
  • Salary Negotiation Skills needed: Not required except for negotiating overtime payments
  • Required Education Levels: Graduation or Equivalent Qualification
  • Certifications & Licenses Required: None Specific but it helps if someone has worked extensively in a position similar to the one he wants to take up
  • Employment Types: Mostly full time positions
  • Working Conditions: Workplace is generally safe although sometimes stressful

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