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Countries With the Highest Salary for Heavy Equipment Operators

Countries With the Highest Salary for Heavy Equipment Operators

Are you looking to get a high paying job as an equipment operator? Are you wondering where you can find such jobs in different countries of the world? If yes then this article will be helpful for you because here we have compiled list of top 10 countries with highest pay for heavy equipment operator.

Heavy equipment is any piece of machinery or construction vehicle that has large capacity and weight. It includes bulldozers, excavator, backhoes, cranes, etc. This type of work requires physical strength and stamina. So if you want to earn huge amount of money from your career path then it’s better to choose occupation related to heavy equipment.

Here are some countries which offer the best opportunities to become one among those who make maximum income by working on heavy equipment. Let us know more about these places…

1. USA

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In USA

In terms of heavy equipment operator salaries, USA stands at number 1 position followed by Canada. The average annual salary reported for heavy equipment operators is $63,000 per year.

In 2016, there were 762 people employed as heavy equipment operators. These people worked on various machines like forklift truck driver, crane operator, boom lift truck operator, skid steer loader operator, dump truck drivers, etc.

As many as 545 (70%) employees got their first employment through government recruitment programs. And rest other 207 (30%) individuals made their entry into this field via professional recruiters.

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2. Canada

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Canada

The second country offering great opportunity to heavy equipment operators is Canada. There are 14,000+ people earning good salary every year as heavy equipment operators. Their average yearly salary is $61,000.

3. Germany

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Germany

If you are interested in getting a high-paying job than consider Germany as your next destination. According to PayScale data, German heavy equipment operators earn around $75,000 per year. Moreover, they also receive benefits such as health insurance coverage, pension plans, 401K plan, life insurance policies, paid vacation days, etc. Also, most employers provide training courses along with regular performance assessments.

4. Belgium

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Belgium

Another place where you will get excellent job offers is Belgium. You may start making $66,000 after completing formal education and training course. Besides this, most companies give incentives like company cars, housing allowance, medical insurance, flexible work hours, bonuses, etc., to attract new recruits.

5. Luxembourg

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Luxembourg

When talking about high salaries, Luxembourg should not miss out. Its average yearly earnings for heavy equipment operators is $72,000. Most of them prefer starting their careers in public sector organizations rather than private firms. They tend to stay longer with the current employer compared to others.

6. Switzerland

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Switzerland

There are only 2300 heavy equipment operators working in Switzerland but all of them enjoy very decent income. Average annual salary earned by Swiss citizens is approximately $69,800. Around 60% of the population gets recruited by local authorities while remaining 40% makes use of services offered by recruiting agencies.

7. Australia

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Australia

You can easily grab a high salary when working as heavy equipment operator in Australia. On an average, Australian workers earn $73,500 annually. However, before applying for a particular job keep in mind whether you have proper license/certification or not depending upon what kind of machine do you operate. For example, there is no need for certification if you’re going to drive small trucks.

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8. Ireland

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Ireland

Although the total revenue generated by Irish heavy equipment operators was less than half million dollars ($47.2M), however, its wages stood at almost two billion US Dollar ($1.9B). Thus, Ireland ranks 11th in the world regarding heavy equipment operator salaries. After completing formal education and training program, you’ll get handsomely rewarded with a minimum wage of $60,900.

9. Netherlands

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In Netherlands

Dutch heavy equipment operators usually carry out duties like operating big earthmoving vehicles, loading & unloading cargo, digging ditches, building roads, driving boats, etc. Hence, they get well-paid incomes ranging between $71,400-$84,300 per year. Apart from this, Dutch government provides free meals, transport subsidy, tax deductions, child care subsidies, etc., to encourage employees to join national army.

10. United Kingdom

Heavy Equipment Operators Salary In United Kingdom

UK is another country which offers high-paying jobs to heavy equipment operators. The average annual salary for UK residents is £78,000. A significant portion of the workforce works in agriculture industry.

Other part of the population operates in mining, manufacturing, oil & gas production, distribution centers, food processing plants, automotive workshops, civil engineering projects, etc. To apply for a certain job, you must possess valid certificate issued by relevant authority.

So above information would help you understand how much does a heavy equipment operator earns worldwide. Now let us see what factors affect his salary.

Factors Affecting Salaries of Heavy Equipment Operator

  1. Location – Where you live determines your salary. People living in rural areas generally get lower wages compare to urban dwellers.
  2. Employer size – Bigger organizations hire experienced professionals whereas smaller ones employ freshers. Generally, larger businesses pay higher salaries due to their efficiency.
  3. Industry – Your choice of profession depends largely on the demand of the market. Some industries require specific skills so you might face difficulty finding suitable job.
  4. Experience – Time passes quickly, thus experience matters a lot. Employers value older candidates over younger ones.
  5. Training – Companies expect their staffs to undergo specialized training classes. Training boosts confidence level and helps improve productivity levels.
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