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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Industrial Engineers

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Industrial Engineers

Being an industrial engineer requires a lot more than just having technical skill and expertise in your field. There is also need to be able to work well with people, have leadership skills or be good at developing new ideas.

If you want to make it big as an industrial engineer then there’s no better place to do so than USA, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, etc., which all offer high salaries to those who can prove their worth in this field. Let’s take a look at top ten countries that offer highest salary estimates to industrial engineers.

9. Norway

Industrial Engineers Salary In Norway

Norway has been ranked among most developed nations worldwide by Forbes magazine due its social programs such as universal health insurance coverage, generous public sector pensions and other benefits. The country offers great job opportunities for both experienced and fresh graduates alike. An average industrial engineer earns over $100k per year here, while starting out pays about $60-70K annually.

According to PayScale, the entry level pay estimate for an IC/PHD degree holder is around $62K, while senior professionals get close to $82k per annum on an hourly basis. Salaries start from $73K for a bachelor’s degree graduate, whereas earning up to $116K for Master’s Program students working full time.

The cost of living in Oslo is comparatively lower when compared to other major cities in the world like New York City, London, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

8. Germany

Industrial Engineers Salary In Germany

Germany is known for being one of the best places to live in the world according to several surveys conducted by reputable organizations like Mercer Consulting and CNBC. This European nation prides itself for offering excellent career prospects along with affordable housing costs.

The annual income for an industrial engineer comes in between $92-107K depending upon experience and location within the country. A fresher would expect to earn approximately $80K, while intermediate employees may fetch anywhere between $90-120K per annum. On the contrary, seniors could easily command salaries upwards of $110-140K annually.

Housing prices in Berlin are higher than any other city across the globe, but still not comparable to say San Francisco or Manhattan. However, if we were talking about Hamburg or Munich, they’d rank much closer to these two locations.

7. Qatar

Qatar is a small peninsula located near Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. It became independent in 1971 after gaining independence from Britain through a series of agreements called “the Qatari Declaration.” In 2015, Doha was named the richest city in the Middle East.

An industrial engineer earning roughly $89K per annum in Doha will require six years of professional experience before he finally gets his first promotion. According to Glassdoor, however, starting wages come down to $53K for newly graduated professionals.

However, the cost of living is relatively low, making it easier for individuals to save money without feeling burdened by debt. Moreover, the unemployment rate in Qatar stands at 3 percent only.

6. Sweden

Sweden is considered to be one of the safest destinations in the entire world today. Its capital Stockholm ranks amongst some of the most expensive cities in the world. Despite this fact, Swedish companies continue to attract thousands of foreign workers every year.

They prefer hiring locals rather than foreigners because of the language barrier. Thus, it becomes essential for aspiring candidates to learn either English or Swedish languages efficiently.

On an average, an industrial engineer in Sweden makes approximately $87K per annum during his tenure, provided he possesses five years’ experience. As far as hourly earnings go, a fresher should anticipate getting paid somewhere between $72-$85K annually.

For someone looking forward to climbing the corporate ladder faster, increasing responsibilities often translate into larger bonuses. For instance, senior managers usually receive upward of $125K per annum in terms of compensation.

5. Australia

Australia is one of the largest economies in the world and boasts of various industries including mining, manufacturing, banking, retail trade, transportation, etc. Being part of Asia Pacific region, the country continues to enjoy immense popularity among international recruiters.

In recent times, the Australian government has increased immigration policies for skilled immigrants. Consequently, many young techies find themselves attracted towards jobs in IT & engineering sectors.

With an estimated total population of 25 million, Australia is home to nearly 5% of global workforce. Furthermore, almost 70% of its citizens speak English fluently. So, speaking English is mandatory if you’re planning to grab a position in the aforementioned fields.

Average annual wage for an industrial engineer in Australia varies significantly based on geographical location. At present, a candidate must possess four to seven years of relevant experience. Depending upon experience, salaried professionals may land anywhere between $84K -$131K.

However, hourly rates vary considerably too. Newly recruited engineers may begin receiving $58K per annum, while others might end up pocketing around $97K annually.

4. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Dubai International Airport, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, etc., are some of the biggest names associated with UAE. These regions boast of some of the finest educational institutions globally.

Since 2017, the state of affairs regarding recruitment practices in UAE has changed dramatically. Many employers now favor employing local talent instead of recruiting them overseas.

Many multinational corporations choose UAE as their offshore hub. Hence, job seekers intending to seek employment in UAE must consider relocating to this destination.

Starting annual salary for an industrial engineer in UAE varies significantly depending upon education background and employer type. Generally, mid-level employees earn anything between $75K – $95K per annum. Senior executives may even get close to $130K per annum.

As mentioned earlier, the average wage increases substantially once you move to managerial roles. You’ll notice huge raises in case you become a CPO or Director.

3. United Kingdom

UK is another popular destination for finding lucrative positions abroad. Amongst the top 20 biggest economies on earth, UK remains the fourth largest economy.

Although UK doesn’t feature prominently on the list of top 10 countries with highest salary for industrial engineers, but it does provide decent earnings potential for those willing to relocate.

According to the latest report published by Payscale, the base salary for an industrial engineer ranges from £50K to £77K per annum. Higher-ups tend to earn more since they have greater responsibility attached to their name.

It’s important to note that the abovementioned figures include taxes, pension contributions, bonuses, allowances, stock options, and other perks.

2. Denmark

Denmark is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe. It occupies territory equivalent to 8% of the whole area of Scandinavia. Copenhagen serves as the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark.

A typical industrial engineer in Denmark makes roughly $94K per annum, provided he holds a Bachelor’s degree. But if you’ve already earned a master’s degree, your yearly salary jumps to $122K. Meanwhile, a PhD degree holder can easily earn $126K annually.

When it comes to hourly wages, a person employed with less than three years of experience will receive $76K per annum, while others may earn up to $102K annually.

If you want to know how to increase your chances of landing a dream job in Denmark, read our article detailing tips for applying online interviews.

1. Switzerland

Industrial Engineers Salary In Switzerland

Located right below France in Central Europe, Switzerland enjoys tremendous reputation as one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Its official language is Germanic. Even though Swiss speaks French, Romansh, Italian, and Ladin dialect among others, the main business language spoken here is German.

According to the statistics released by the US Department of Labor, the median annual income for an industrial engineer in Switzerland is slightly lesser than that of his counterparts residing in Germany ($96K vs $103K). Nonetheless, the figure is quite competitive considering the overall size of the country.

Hourly wages for a newcomer starts at $78K, while graduating from college translates into $83K per annum. However, senior professionals can get close to $120K per annum. Housing expenses remain modest in comparison to other major urban hubs.

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