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7 Countries With the Highest Salary for Makeup Artist

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Makeup Artist

Makeup artists can be found in all sorts of occupations and industries from fashion design to acting, but one occupation that has seen a tremendous growth is their presence as professionals within the entertainment industry.

A career in this field allows them to work on TV shows, movies, music videos, stage productions, etc., where they need not only to look good themselves but also help others do so. While there may not be any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to determining an average pay for a makeup artist, we have compiled data based on experience working with different clients to give you some idea about how much money these people earn annually.

1. USA

The United States is home to many top makeups who are paid handsomely for the services rendered. The annual income earned by a makeup artist here averages around $61K per year. This figure includes wages, bonus payments and commission fees.

Most professional makeup artists get hired through referrals or word of mouth and then begin to build up their portfolio of paying jobs. As such, most of them start off at lower levels before moving into higher positions later on.

It’s important to note that the above mentioned figure does not include other incomes like royalties, sponsorship deals, endorsements, etc. which could add another few thousand dollars to their overall earnings.

According to 2022 reports, the largest concentration of makeup artists can be found in Los Angeles, California (16%), followed closely by San Francisco, California (15%). Other major cities include Miami, Florida (11%) and Houston, Texas (10%). These figures represent the number of makeup artists employed rather than individuals earning more than $60k/year.

2. Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium is known for its high standard of living, excellent education system and well developed infrastructure. In fact, many Belgian citizens choose to spend their winters skiing instead of traveling abroad.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Belgium ranks first among countries with the highest mean wage for makeup artists. An individual taking care of someone else’s face will usually receive more than $62K each year. However, since Belgium doesn’t boast too many big names in the world of makeup artistry, the actual amount received varies greatly depending upon who your client happens to be.

For instance, if you’re applying the same skills to a celebrity like Rihanna, you’ll likely end up receiving a higher wage. On the other hand, if you apply those same talents to a model, the rate offered will probably be less than what you’d expect.

3. Switzerland

Makeup Artist Salary In Switzerland

Another country that consistently tops the list when discussing the best places to live and work in is Switzerland.

Its economy is driven largely by banking, trading, manufacturing, retailing, food processing, transportation, information technology, finance & insurance, pharmaceuticals, publishing, service sector, construction, real estate development & management, public administration & security, legal profession, accounting & auditing, healthcare & social assistance, hospitality & tourism, wholesale trade, transport equipment maintenance & repair, automotive repairs & auto parts sales, sports & fitness personal training, event catering & services, gambling & gaming, financial advisory & brokerage firms, travel agencies, research analysts, software engineers, computer hardware manufacturers, graphic designers, digital media production companies, advertising agencies, web developers, telecommunications providers, law enforcement, government officials, diplomats, journalists, marketing managers, senior executives, CEOs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, academics, professors, researchers, teachers, accountants, doctors, dentists, architects, consultants, engineers, scientists, chemists, veterinarians, photographers, writers, actors, models, singers, musicians, filmmakers, students, housewives, farmers, fishermen, soldiers and police officers.

4. Canada

A landlocked country located between two oceans, Canada offers plenty of opportunities for talented makeup artists looking to move northwards. Although its population isn’t concentrated in specific areas, Canadian residents tend to enjoy a relatively low crime rate compared to other nations.

One thing worth mentioning though is that due to the harsh winter climate, Canadians often hire foreign workers during the summer months. According to recent estimates, the total gross domestic product generated by the beauty & wellness market in Canada amounted to approximately CAD$14 billion in 2022.

Of this sum, CAD$12B were attributed to direct purchases while the remaining was spent on indirect expenses incurred by consumers.

On average, Canadian makeup artists earn roughly CAD$75K per year. If you happen to reside in Montreal, Quebec, you can potentially increase your hourly base salary by 25% just by switching employers. Salaries across provinces vary significantly however. For example, British Columbia residents can typically expect to see their weekly paycheck rise by 6%.

5. Austria

Makeup Artist Salary In Austria

Austrian natives place great importance on maintaining healthy lifestyles both inside and outside of their homes. Consequently, the health and wellness industry is quite popular amongst Austrians.

Interestingly enough, a large portion of Austrian women prefer wearing cosmetics rather than undergoing plastic surgery.

Cosmetic procedures comprise almost 40 percent of the entire cosmetic treatment market in Austria. Additionally, there are numerous beauty schools available throughout the nation offering degrees in cosmetology, esthetics, nail tech, skin therapy, hair styling, etc. The average yearly income for a makeup artist residing in Austria falls somewhere between EUR67K – EUR73K.

6. Germany

As far back as 2000, Germany began seeing significant increases in demand for employees specializing in the fields of engineering, science, mathematics, IT, medicine, communications, multimedia, chemistry, biotechnology, energy, environment, agriculture, economics, sociology, political sciences, psychology, anthropology, journalism, law, architecture, nursing, teaching, hotel & resort management, hospitality, culinary arts, creative writing, film making, photography, animation, filmmaking, video editing, motion graphics, website design, radio broadcasting, television programming, news reporting, movie distribution & theatrical exhibition, mobile app development, content creation, marketing communications, brand strategy, interior design, human resource consulting, project management, corporate communication, customer support, HRM, branding, SEO, copywriting, translation services, advertising agency, investment banks, stock brokerages, advertising agencies, packaging companies, consumer goods manufacturers, international organizations, retailers, grocery stores, fast food joints, department stores, supermarkets, car makers, motorcycle brands, automakers, online game publishers, cloud computing provider, global corporations, and even small businesses.

7. Australia

With over half the Earth covered in water, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Australia boasts rich marine life and beautiful beaches. The majority of Australians enjoy spending time outdoors either surfing, swimming, fishing, boating, camping, picnicking, hiking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, cruise ship excursions, and even theme park rides!

You name it, there’s probably something fun going on in Australia right now! Needless to say, the natural landscape provides plenty of inspiration for aspiring Australian makeup artists.

While the aforementioned ten countries offer some insight into the current state of the job market, keep in mind that the best way to find out whether or not you qualify for employment is to simply contact local recruiters directly.

Many reputable recruitment firms provide free consultations wherein they evaluate your skill set and determine the appropriate compensation package to attract qualified candidates.

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