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10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Mechanical Engineering

Countries With the Highest Salary for Mechanical Engineering

If you have a passion to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions in mechanical engineering, then it is time to consider your career path with more attention. The world has changed over the past decades, and so should we as professionals.

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed though, it’s that money talks! And if you’re passionate about what you do, but also want monetary compensation for all of your hard work, here are some countries where you can earn top dollar for your Mechanical Engineering skills.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks first on our list because not only does this country pay well for its engineers, they also offer great benefits such as low taxes, high standard of living, good healthcare, etc. In fact, according to PayScale, Swiss Engineers make $144K per year, which is higher than most other European countries’ average annual income for an Engineer ($119k).

Another perk is their generous retirement plan. For example, at age 55, workers get 100% company match up to 3 times their contribution amount (for a total of 6x), plus free health insurance coverage. This means that when you retire from your job, you’ll receive almost double the value of your contributions back into your pocket. Not bad considering how much you’ve put into your 401(k) already!

2. Australia

Australia offers many opportunities for international students who wish to study or intern abroad. One of these programs includes studying at Australian universities such as La Trobe University or Swinburne Universities. According to a 2014 report by QS World Rankings, graduates from theses two universities could expect to earn around A$135k annually. However, unlike Switzerland, Australia doesn’t provide any kind of matching contribution towards retirement plans.

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3. United States

The US pays very well for its engineers, especially those who specialize in fields like aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, machinery, energy, etc. The median annual earnings of American mechanical engineers was estimated to be A$121k per year in 2022.

It may seem lower compared to other countries, however, remember that America compensates its workers fairly regardless of location. Also, since the cost of living in America is generally cheaper than elsewhere, this allows them to enjoy better quality of life without sacrificing their paycheck.

4. Japan

Japanese companies continue to hire and promote talented individuals within their organization based on experience and skill. As mentioned earlier, according to PayScale, Japanese engineers earned an average annual salary of A$131k in 2022. Their retirement plan isn’t really comparable to other countries’ either.

They just give employees “lifetime employment” status, meaning that once you graduate from school, you stay employed until you officially retire, even if you leave the industry altogether. But overall, this country provides decent wages for anyone seeking a challenging position in mechanical engineering.

5. Canada

According to Statistics Canada, Canadian engineers made an average annual salary of C$134k in 2022. That said, Canadians don’t actually need visas to enter most foreign countries. You can travel to different cities across the nation without worrying about getting placed in another country. So why not explore new places while working?

Most employers will gladly sponsor your immigration process upon meeting certain requirements. Once you become permanent residents of Canada, you can apply for citizenship through Naturalization Affairs.

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6. South Korea

South Koreans usually choose careers in areas related to science and technology, including manufacturing, medicine, engineering, and banking. Recently, South Korea became known for producing exceptional semiconductor chips used in smartphones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices.

Moreover, several big corporations in South Korea employ thousands of skilled technical experts to help keep their production lines running smoothly. These include Samsung Group, LG Group, Hyundai Motor Company, Daewoo Logistics, Posco, Lotte Chemical Corporation, POSCO E&C, and others. On average, South Korean engineers earned approximately C$139k annually.

7. Norway

Norway boasts excellent public transportation systems, and thus attracts people interested in developing sustainable technologies. Its state-of-the art research centers allow Norwegian scientists to develop cutting edge renewable energy technologies.

Additionally, Norwegians tend to prefer roles related to construction, oil & gas extraction, pharmaceuticals, IT services, telecommunications providers, etc. Recent reports show that Norwegian engineers typically make an annual salary of NOK 125k, making it one of the highest amounts paid out to a profession worldwide.

8. Germany

Germany’s unemployment rate hovers between 4.0 percent – 5.9 percent depending on seasonality. Yet despite these statistics, German businesses continue to expand their workforce due to continuous demand for products and services.

According to Statista, German engineers earned an average annual salary of EUR 112k in 2022. Compared to other developed nations, Germans spend significantly less on food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, leisure activities, education, and health care.

What’s more, they have among the lowest tax rates in Europe. Overall, this makes Germany attractive to investors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers looking to start new ventures.

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9. Singapore

Singaporeans often say that everything is bigger in Asia. Well, this statement certainly applies to their salaries too. According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, Singaporean mechanical engineers earned an average annual salary of S$142k in 2022.

Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore tops the chart earning the second highest annual wage amongst all professions.

On the downside, Singapore’s government doesn’t encourage citizens to take advantage of their talents. Instead, it pushes them to pursue degrees in traditional subjects. Nevertheless, Singapore continues to attract young talent from around the globe every day.

10. Belgium

Belgian engineers earn an average monthly salary of €1220 (US$1395) according to Of course, this figure fluctuates greatly depending on individual positions and locations. Although less competitive compared to other countries, Belgian companies still strive to recruit qualified candidates.

Some examples of major firms hiring Belgian engineers include ABB Ltd., Kuka Automation BV, Delphi, and Schneider Electric SE. Employees at these organizations enjoy competitive salaries, flexible hours, training programs, bonuses, medical insurance, pension plans, and other perks.

In conclusion, if you love solving complicated engineering challenges and finding effective ways to improve existing designs, then pursuing a career in mechanical engineering might be right for you. While starting off, try researching jobs online and applying for various openings available in your area.

Don’t forget to network with colleagues and friends to learn more about current trends in your field of interest. Lastly, always ask questions during interviews to understand whether you truly fit into a specific role. After all, your goal shouldn’t only be to acquire knowledge and expertise, but also to advance yourself professionally.

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