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17 Countries With the Highest Salary for Plumbers In 2022

Countries With the Highest Salary for Plumbers

Plumbing is not an easy job. It involves a lot of hard work and long hours spent on your feet working in all types of weather conditions. You may also be required to deal with difficult people who think that they can get away without paying you what’s rightfully yours!

This article will cover some of the best countries where plumbers earn more than average. A good pay can help offset any expenses incurred while going back to school or training after years of experience.

1. United States Of America

In 2022, an experienced plumber could expect to make $50-60 per hour in his own home country (USA). The highest wages were earned by those employed full time as well as in commercial plumbing services.

If you’re planning to start your career as a professional plumber in this country, it would probably take 3-4 years before being able to earn enough money to quit your current occupation and live off solely from your new profession.

However, if you have already completed certification courses such as NACE exams, then you should consider yourself lucky because most other countries don’t even offer these opportunities. In addition to a higher salary, Americans enjoy better benefits and vacation days.

2. Australia

The average wage for someone employed as an electrician in Australia was around A$41 per hour in 2022. For general laborers, the hourly rate was close to A$29. Electricians tend to receive much lower salaries when compared to their counterparts in other parts of the world. On the other hand, there are many Australians earning six figure incomes every year due to their skills.

3. Switzerland

Swiss citizens usually go for mechanical engineering careers which provide them with high annual income levels.

According to Swiss Statistics Bureau, the average yearly earnings of one person employed in the field reached CHF70,000 ($75,000) in 2022. As far as we know, no other country provides similar statistics regarding top earners.

4. Denmark

Denmark has been ranked # 1 among European nations for its number of engineers each year since 2008.

One reason why so many Danish citizens choose to become licensed professionals is that they can easily find jobs related to construction projects once they graduate.

They often receive decent salaries ranging between EUR45 – 60 per hour depending on their level of education.

5. Luxembourg

Luxembourg ranks second only behind Singapore in terms of having the largest number of certified technicians annually.

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Although the average hourly earnings of a plumber in Luxembourg are slightly below that of a technician in Denmark, it still exceeds the global average.

An engineer hired at a local hospital will earn approximately A$48 per hour while a technician working at a private company gets paid about A$39 per hour.

6. Iceland

Icelandic plumbers’ salaries fluctuate greatly based upon location, type of employment, and the size of the city/town they serve.

The lowest hourly rates appear in rural areas whereas urban centers attract higher salaries. Technicians working in hospitals typically receive the lowest wages followed closely by those working in large cities.

Many Icelandic companies prefer hiring American, Canadian, and Scandinavian workers over residents because of their superior English proficiency and cultural understanding.

While the national average wage for an ordinary worker is roughly A$38 per hour, a plumber can command upwards of A$100-$150 per day depending on his expertise and geographical area served.

7. Norway

Norway is famous for its vast oil reserves. Since petroleum products demand increased dramatically during World War II, Norwegian municipalities needed qualified personnel capable of maintaining production facilities efficiently.

Therefore, plumbers became essential members of the workforce. Today, Norwegians earn relatively low wages despite the fact that they produce the third biggest amount of electricity worldwide.

Their annual salary averages out to NOK27,800 ($3500), but specialists in the industry do considerably better.

There are two main reasons why Norwegians tend to be underpaid: firstly, most employers believe that plumbers require little formal education, thus they hire unlicensed individuals to handle critical tasks instead of experienced professionals; secondly, the lack of public awareness regarding the importance of proper maintenance procedures.

8. Germany

German plumbers can charge anywhere from EUR28-30 ($36) per hour if they possess extensive knowledge and skills. Average German citizens earn EUR17,200 ($2100) per month or EUR24,600 ($3150) annually.

Unfortunately, Germans aren’t too keen on spending money on their health care systems. Only 2% of the population owns dental insurance plans and 6% are covered by medical insurance programs. Health issues like diabetes pose serious threats to their overall wellbeing.

9. Netherlands

According to Dutch labor experts, the minimum hourly wage for unskilled labors ranges between €25-€33 ($32-$44). That said, skilled tradesmen earn substantially less than this. At present, there are 13,400 licensed plumbers operating within the Netherlands.

Most of them belong to trade unions and form collective bargaining agreements with management teams.

These associations ensure that employees receive fair compensation, adequate vacation periods, pension contributions, etc. Due to their high standards, Hollanders are considered one of the safest places in Europe to work. Foreign nationals can obtain licenses through special trainings lasting several months.

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10. Belgium

Belgian plumbers earn an estimated monthly wage of $1440 ($1880) or $19,080 ($2390) per year. Salaries vary according to specific geographic locations, specialization, and educational background. Some plumbers may end up becoming millionaires thanks to the lucrative contracts they win each year.

11. Austria

With an average yearly wage of $103,000 per year, Austrian citizens enjoy some of the highest payouts within Europe. One reason being that many employers tend to compensate workers fairly well compared to similar professions.

Another big factor contributing towards high wages is the relatively low cost of living which means you’re able to save quite a bit of cash.

Also worth noting is that due to strict regulations, Austrian companies must abide by certain standards when hiring employees including mandatory education requirements prior to employment.

12. Singapore

Average Annual Wages Of $89,500 Per year

Singapore is known as Asia’s financial hub and offers a vibrant environment boasting plenty of opportunities for both skilled tradesmen and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

While there aren’t too many jobs available for pipe fitters specifically, those who do find themselves employed often receive a decent monthly paycheck ranging between S$2000 – S$3000 ($1600- $2100).

Interestingly enough, the average age of a person working fulltime in engineering is 28 which suggests that younger generations are taking over the reins of the workforce causing older workers to retire early.

13. Finland

Averaged Yearly Income Of €72K Pa ($87k)

Finland is a Nordic paradise situated above Russia and Sweden. And while it isn’t exactly famous for having great weather conditions, the overall quality of life is unmatched thanks to excellent healthcare facilities, free university tuition, competitive social security benefits, etc.

Most importantly though, Finns love to spend their hard earned money on premium products and services rather than blowing it away on unnecessary expenses. After all, happiness doesn’t come cheap!

14. Canada

Yearly Average Pay Of C$78K ($71.8k), Employment Rate: 11%

Canada is home to vast natural resources including oil, gold, diamonds and forests. These precious commodities alone account for roughly 30 percent of GDP making it one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

Despite the economy doing pretty well, Canadian businesses still prefer to hire foreign workers since labor costs remain significantly lower than American counterparts.

According to Statistics Canada, the number of Canadians holding Engineering Degrees increased by 41%, while the total employment rate jumped by 9%. Not bad considering how difficult things used to be back in 2000.

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15. Ireland

Wage Amount Is $66K Per Year On Average

Ireland is located in the heart of Western Europe and has become a popular tourist destination over recent decades.

Nowadays, Irish communities are very diverse and multicultural offering endless possibilities for everyone from students to retirees.

The standard of living in Ireland is generally comparable to that of western European countries and unemployment rates are extremely low. For example, only 5% of the population was unemployed during the year 2014 according to the Central Bank of Ireland.

16. France

Average Monthly Wage Of €2850 ($3540), Employment Rate: 23%

France is a landlocked country consisting of multiple islands dispersed throughout the Mediterranean Sea. Home to numerous historical monuments, museums, art galleries, restaurants, beaches, parks, vineyards and nightlife locations, Paris ranks amongst the most visited destinations in the world. Due to the popularity of French wines, food and culture, it attracts millions of tourists annually.

There are several types of careers that fall under the category of “Engineering” and although there aren’t specific positions for pipefitters, they are definitely needed to maintain pipes, water lines, gas lines, heating systems and electrical wiring throughout urban areas.

17. United Kingdom

Yearly Average Income Of £46K ($63k), Employment Rate: 13%

Although the UK is notorious for its austerity measures, British residents certainly don’t want for anything. Their lifestyle depends heavily upon state subsidies and taxes.

Consequently, government policies play a major role in determining the type of work available locally. When it comes to professional fields, construction seems to be thriving especially with the ever increasing demand for housing units.

Engineers specializing in civil/environmental design are highly sought after by developers and architects interested in building new structures.

As mentioned earlier, this is simply a guideline to help point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to check out local newspapers and directories to see if there are any openings in your chosen geographical region. If you need additional assistance finding a company, contact us today to learn more about our recruitment process.

It is safe to say that anyone interested in starting a career as a plumber in any part of the world must prepare themselves thoroughly prior heading into battle.

Take additional classes to improve your abilities and acquire necessary certificates to boost your chances of success. Remember that good things come to those who wait rather than rush into something half baked. Be patient and dedicate yourself fully to achieving your goals. Good luck!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the world of plumbing, please share your thoughts on this post using the comment box below.

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