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Dr. Miami Net Worth, Age, Wife, Daughter Surgery Controversy Conflict With Nicki Minaj

Dr. Miami Net Worth, Age, Wife, Daughter Surgery Controversy Conflict With Nicki Minaj
Real Name:Michael Salzhauer
Net Worth: $25 million
Birthday:April 16, 1972
Age:49 years old
Height:5′ 8″ / 176 cm
Wife:Eva Zafira Zion
Daughter:Aleah Salzhauer
Occupation:Profession Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Miami (also known as Michael Salzhauer) is a Jewish American cosmetic surgeon, TV personality, author, and plastic surgeon well-known for Snapchating his plastic surgery procedures while performing them. Dr. Miami’s net worth in 2021 is expected to be about $25 million.

In 2003, he began practicing medicine. In 2008, Dr. Miami produced the children’s book My Beautiful Mommy. He developed an iPhone app in 2009 that allowed users to create their own plastic surgery procedures on themselves.

Dr. Miami is a well-known surgeon on social media, having been shortlisted for a Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year in 2016. He appeared in the WE tv reality television series Dr. Miami in 2017. Dr. Miami and Adam Barta released “Flawless” as a single in 2017.

Dr. Michael has established a solid reputation for himself as one of the finest plastic surgeons in Miami Beach. His considerable expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is responsible for this.

Dr. Miami net worth is growing due to the many individuals who are seeking and paying for his services. Dr. Miami has a web TV platform where he displays botched surgeries. He recently collaborated on a show called Flawless with Adam Barta, which was recorded in collaboration with Dr. John Kellar of Texas Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas.

The Truth About Dr. Miami Surgery and Controversy


The Truth About Dr. Miami Net Worth

Dr. Miami is already a social media and reality television phenomenon, but he’s about to get his own film. On February 11, 2021, Discovery+ will premiere They Call Me Dr. Miami, a documentary about him.

The film will focus on Dr. Miami, whose real name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer, how he became one of the most controversial and sought-after plastic surgeons, according to Deadline. It will also look at how the surgeon maintains his social media presence while also being a devoted husband, father of five, and Orthodox Jew.

Dr. Miami’s rise to fame began after he began performing plastic surgery operations, such as stomach tucks and breast augmentations, in his Florida office on Snapchat.

Dr. Miami’s successful YouTube channel caught the attention of WE tv, which offered Dr. Miami a six-episode series for his own show.

“A surgeon using Snapchat and other social networks to literally bring fans into the operating room represents a daring and new take on old and new media,” Marc Juris, president of A&E TV Networks, told the Sun-Sentinel.

On the other hand, Dr. Miami counters that his success is due to his unique personality and confidence in it: “I was born with a wacky personality that people like, which is why I think I’ll win over more fans.”

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While the program did not last very long, Dr. Miami is continuing to amuse his followers.

He has had plastic surgery himself, as have many of his patients.

Dr. Miami Surgery
Dr. Miami Surgery

Dr. Miami may be used to performing the operation when it comes to cosmetic surgery, but he has also had surgery himself.

“I’ve had plastic surgery myself, so I understand what it’s like not to love a part of your body,” Dr. Miami told Women’s Health in 2017. “I’ve had my nose and chin altered.”

According to Dr. Miami, having a better idea of what it’s like to be in the patient’s position has aided him in ensuring that each patient is prepared for surgery.

“There’s definitely some big, mental stress with the option of surgery. On my first phone conversation with a patient, I try to get to the heart of some concerns.” Dr. Miami explains.

Dr. Miami, on the other hand, understands some of the factors why individuals seek plastic surgery.

“I had self-esteem and confidence issues since I was a kid,” Dr. Miami continued. “I understand what it’s like to have those emotions and overcome them through plastic surgery.” Dr. Miami claims that he understands how it feels to have low self-esteem and confidence.

Dr. Miami’s daughter advised utilizing Snapchat, according to Forbes

Dr. Miami Daughter Aleah Salzhauer
Dr. Miami Daughter Aleah Salzhauer

Dr. Miami credits his daughter for the idea of streaming his plastic operations, which propelled him to stardom. “My 15-year-old daughter suggested I try Snapchat,” the plastic surgeon told Forbes in 2015. So I had nothing to lose, and that’s what we did.”

Dr. Miami then decided to post a stomach tuck, which far exceeded the number of views they had anticipated. “I went home and showed my daughter, who said, ‘That’s a lot for Snapchat; most people get 20 or 30 views,’ ” he added.

Dr. Miami, of course, eventually branched out to other social media sites, such as Instagram, which was fortunate for his business. However, the doctor does not  publish every one of his patients on social media.

“I don’t just throw anybody on Snapchat,” Dr. Miami said, “You must sign a very serious consent form before we do Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or anything else. Some individuals come here because they wish to be on Snapchat.”

“They want me to shout out to their friends and play a certain song,” says Dr. Miami. “Others may not mind if their photographs are posted as long as they aren’t identifiable. Others simply don’t want anything to do with social media.” It is entirely up to them whether or not they participate.

Dr. Miami isn’t scared of conflict and controversy.

Dr. Miami stands out from other plastic surgeons by being more lighthearted and less professional. During operations, the surgeon is seen wearing Gucci sunglasses and listening to rap music.

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“I really enjoy trap music,” Dr. Miami stated to Vanity Fair in May 2016, “and I’ve developed a particular fondness for it.” “Before the snap, we always had something playing in the O.R., whether it was trap music or not,” he added.

Dr. Miami is not concerned if you believe he’s going too far by posting his operations to social media since the fans are loving it. “People have never seen these operations before,” Dr. Miami says. I remember the first time I saw one, I was enthralled [sic]. They tell me they get a buzz from it.

“It’s exciting to watch people being manipulated. Some individuals like the sensation of being disgusted and relinquishing control,” Dr. Miami added.

Dr. Miami reassured The Breakfast Club that patients’ privacy is not an issue as long as they give consent and don’t include any identifying features. It appears Dr. Miami is going to continue doing what he wants regardless of outside criticism!

Dr. Miami has treated several reality TV celebrities.

Dr. Miami may have been a reality TV celebrity for a time, but he has also done plastic surgery on other celebrities. The doctor told Inquistr that it began with only South Beach actresses and models before expanding to WAGS, the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, when it came to famous patients.

Then came the reality show stars, Teen Mom cast members, and others like them. They enjoy the celebrity life after filming a reality TV series, so they’re okay with publicizing their surgical enhancements. “

Dr. Miami went on to talk about some of the teen moms he treated, revealing more details regarding his treatment of them. “I performed a rhinoplasty and chin implant on Farrah Abraham, as well as a Mommy Makeover, Brazilian Buttlift, and Tummy Tuck combination on Kailyn Lowry.”

Dr. Miami also treated reality television star Briana DeJesus, who wrote (via the Sun), “The plastic surgery I had done shouldn’t matter since I still take care of my kids.”

Dr. Miami has no comment on other celebrities, noting that he has worked with many over the years. “I’ve seen a trend where the larger the celebrity is, the less they want people to know about their procedures,” he explains.

Miami has had a number of Twitter squabbles, including one with Nicki Minaj.

The conflict supposedly began in 2015, when the plastic surgeon allegedly Snapchatted a signed photo of Minaj at Bal Harbor Plastic Surgery Associates. This prompted Minaj to tweet, “Did you post a picture of me on your Snapchat Monday? Someone took a screenshot. What were you implying? I’m unfamiliar with what you do.”

The plastic surgeon, on the other hand, responded with a compliment and tweeted, “Your bvtt inspires me.” However, Dr. Miami retaliated against the celebrity when an unflattering photo of her was trending online by tweeting, “Too bad I’m booked till 2019,” (according to Hollywood Life).

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Dr. Miami Career Info

After earning his degree, Michael Salzhauer (Dr. Miami) began working immediately. He is one of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, and his excellent reputation and affordable pricing have earned him a lot of media attention.

Dr. Miami has appeared on several high-profile media outlets, including FOX News, CNN, and the CBC. According to reports, Dr. Miami is an expert in plastic surgery procedures like as Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lifts(bbl), and Mommy Makeovers.

Dr. Miami is the author of “My Beautiful Mommy,” a book about cosmetic surgery.

The purpose of the book is to educate young girls about what occurs during different phases of plastic surgery.

Doctor Miami Snapchat.

Michael’s Snapchat account is used to document the progress of his various cosmetic surgery operations in real time.

The patient and Dr. Miami usually agree to this. Patients who have booked appointments may see prior and following operations, which are common in the field of body augmentation.

Dr. Miami has over 1.2 million daily views on Snapchat, according to Newswire Science. Miami also shares before-and-after Instagram and Twitter accounts on his social media pages.


Who is Dr. Miami married to?

Michael Salzhauer is married to Eva Zafira Zion, who is also his wife. Michael went to Brooklyn College while studying there, and he met Eva while they were both in school.

How did Dr. Miami get rich?

Salzhauer obtained a medical doctorate from Washington University Medical School in St. Louis in 1996.

A media storm erupted in 2016 after Dr. Miami’s children’s book My Beautiful Mommy, which was meant to educate youngsters why their mother’s looks altered throughout plastic surgery. The narrative follows a young girl named Mimi and her mom who has both an abdominoplasty and rhinoplasty.

Dr. Miami has practiced as a Chief Surgeon in Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery since 2003, which he owns. With all of those beaches and bikini time, it’s no surprise that business is good in Miami, Florida.

In March 2017, WE TV premiered Dr. Miami, which is based on the popular podcast of the same name. So far, several episodes have been aired in this new show. Michael Salzhauer’s popularity and net worth have increased dramatically thanks to all of this screen time.

Salzhauer’s net worth was only $1.8 million in 2017, however he is now worth more than $28 million as a result of his Dr. Miami program.

What is Dr. Miami Salary?

Dr. Miami is a wealthy American doctor with a net worth of $25 million. Dr. Miami was born in New York City, New York, in April 1972 and goes by the name Michael Salzhauer. Dr Miami is the creator of a cosmetic surgery practice in Bal Harbour, Florida, where he works as a surgeon.

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