Faze Tfue Net Worth, Earnings, And Bio (2021)

tfue net worth, earnings bio
Net Worth$4 million
Age23 years old
BirthdayJanuary 2, 1998
Height6.1 feet / 185cm
OccupationPro Gamer, Streamer, Youtuber

Faze Tfue Net Worth – $4 million

Turner Tenney is a popular American streamer and an esports player who is renowned worldwide. Commonly known by his online alias ‘Tfue,’ he is best known for being impeccable at Fortnite. Born on January 2nd, 1998, he is currently only 23 years old. This makes him one of the youngest and most talented in the field.

Before turning to Fortnite, Tfue had a long history of alternative gaming sites and platforms ahead of him. Some of these included popular names like Call of Duty, H1Z1, and Destiny. However, he soon decided to transition to Fortnite Battle Royale since it was largely taking the internet by storm.

Tfue also later joined FaZe Clan, which is a professional esports organization. FaZe Clan was founded in 2010 and had players on its platform from across the world, all participating in various games. These include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, to name a few.

However, Tenney has had a rough history with FaZe. Back in May 2019, Tenney filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan, the same company he had recently joined. His reasons were multitudinous and extremely shocking when they came out. Both his fans and the general public, too, were surprised to learn of the findings.

Faze Tfue Biography

faze tfue biography

Tenney claimed that people from the FaZe Clan pressured and forced him to indulge in things he didn’t coerce to. These included underage drinking and illegal gambling. Furthermore, he was also seldom put under a lot of pressure to perform stunts that could potentially be harmful and dangerous.

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Not only this, but there was a conflict about revenues and earnings too. He claimed that FaZe Clan only gave away 20% of his own earnings to him. These were earnings that he accumulated from streaming branded videos over YouTube and other touring and appearances. FaZe Clan denied all such claims, stating that they offered Tony a beneficial contract which he rejected.

Fans would also be shocked to know that this wasn’t the only controversy Tenney was a part of. Back in May 2018, Tenney used a racial slur on the gaming site Twitch, following which he was banned from it for 30 days. As if this wasn’t enough, he is also permanently banned from Epic Games. The reason for this was his illegal buying and selling of other Epic Games accounts, which is prohibited.

Growing up, Tenney believed that middle school was not the best place to be. He didn’t find it to be of his liking and was therefore home-schooled his entire life in Florida. In 2019, Tenney shifted to New Jersey with another gaming partner of his.

faze tfue earnings and salary

There was a time when the media described Tenney as “sitting in the middle of the entire world.” He was the most-watched gamer and entertainer on Twitch. He is one of the most talented individuals to ever play Fortnite, a game that draws almost ten million people per month.

While fans are attracted towards him for his extremely rare skill-set, there are also several other factors. He has been famous in the past for his brash attitude and personality, making him fall under media scrutiny frequently.

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However, Tenney’s success is unstoppable. His videos are watched a staggering 1.3 Billion times, which is a huge achievement.

What Is Tfue’s Net Worth?

faze tfue personal info

Tenney has a net worth of $4 million. Anybody working in the gaming or streaming sectors must understand how huge this is. What’s more is that Tenney has built all of this at the age of 23, which is a factor of great inspiration and hope for all of his fans.

Some of the sources for his network include several fans’ meet-and-greets and interactions. However, what majorly contributes to this are his streaming platforms and gaming. It is also important to consider his Twitch subscribers and donations, YouTube revenue, sponsors, and earnings from competitive Fortnite tournaments.

Although his net worth has been truly estimated to be a massive amount, it is still not enough. It is a known fact that other people in the gaming and streaming industry sometimes make even double this amount. However, his progress and growth must be considered in this journey.

Fans, after viewing and calculating his net worth, begin finding video gaming an extremely lucrative career path. The numerous labels that Tenney uses to describe himself also add significantly to his net worth. He could easily be called a professional all-rounder.

These labels include gamer, esports athlete, social media influencer, YouTuber, etc.

How Much Does Faze Tfue Earn?

Tfue is both a renowned streamer and Fortnite player – which is the esport with the largest prize pools. Therefore, Tfue earns a good amount of money from gaming.

Tfue is presently the most followed active streamer on Twitch with over 8.9 million followers. Only Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins – who Tfue apparently admitted has been trying to “ruin” his streaming career – has earned more followers.

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He has around 15,000 paying subscribers. This, when combined with the donations he receives during his streams, means only one thing. This is that he will be receiving a huge sum of money each year, one that will spill soon get to millions.

It is a well-known fact that he runs a YouTube channel. He uses this to update his fans about vlogs and highlights from his livestreams. This, too, generates a massive amount of income for him annually.

With 12 million subscribers and over a billion total video views, a little calculation would produce shocking results. Tfue’s YouTube earnings rest at $1 million a year.

As a professional Fortnite player, Tfue has also made a significant amount of money from tournament prize money. These tournaments are usually held on a grand scale, which means that people from all around the world participate.

Faze Tfue was also ranked 67th in the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, making him an internet sensation, which earned him $50000 more.

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