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How much do Gopuff Drivers make and how often?

Gopuff Drivers salary

Let’s be honest, every once in a while, we all get lazy and just prefer ordering in. It might be a sudden need for toiletries, or medicines, or anything from foods to fruits. And that is where Gopuff comes in.

Gopuff offers safe and convenient delivery services at the ease of your fingertips. Besides that, Gopuff has a wide range of products. In fact, it has anything and everything that you will find at your locality’s convenience store.

You can avail of its services through a membership fee that would cost you around $5.99 a month. Also, when it comes to its delivery charges, per delivery, Gopuff charges $1.99.

How does Gopuff make money?

Unlike other food delivery services, Gopuff does not go and buy the customer’s ordered items from the store. Instead, it stocks thousands upon thousands of goods in its warehouses. These warehouses are present within the radius of each delivery zone. It is through the delivery of these goods, and whatever profit remains, that the firm is able to mint money.

Is it worth driving for Gopuff?

Gopuff Drivers earnings per hour

Just as it is with anything else, Gopuff also has its own share of pros and cons.


  • The best aspect about Gopuff is that it has warehouses laid out in and around prime and central locations. Unlike the other delivery platforms, Gopuff delivery persons only take orders in the local area. These areas are most of the time near the warehouses. It is a big perk for the drivers as they do not have to drive to a far-off location. Also, this means that Gopuff drivers will be able to save money on gas. Plus, in this way, it puts lesser strain on the driver’s car.
  • Gopuff drivers can choose their own working hours. Since Gopuff allows its drivers to manage their timings, it sure is an attractive feature. Also, Gopuff sets these timings at least a week prior so as to avoid any confusion. Gopuff usually runs its delivery orders until 4:30 in the morning. But that is not standard timing for every location. It is because some of the locations offer a 24/7 delivery service. Thus, Gopuff works around its driver’s ease.
  • Another exciting feature about Gopuff is that it offers to its drivers a guaranteed minimum hourly wage. When we talk about the minimum guaranteed pay that Gopuff offers, it is not bad at all. It is because the car’s mileage will be anyway lower than if you were to pay with rideshare. That is due to the location of its warehouses being near the radius of orders. Also, Gopuff does not touch the tips that the drivers get.
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  • Drivers may not like the feature of receiving money for the orders in cash. For Gopuff drivers, it might become inconvenient to deal with cash every time they take care of orders. It is because carrying lots of cash while working is not really an easy task. At the same time, it is not something that they can avoid since that is how Gopuff functions. But, it is not the same at every one of Gopuff’s locations. So, if a driver wants to avoid it, they must ensure to choose one of the cashless locations.
  • Dealing with minors is never an easy thing, regardless of what kind of job you are handling. It just adds more work when delivering orders to a minor. That is because it is mandatory that the drivers get the order signed off by an adult. Another inconvenience for drivers may result when they need to deliver alcohol or tobacco items. The reason is that it requires the drivers to check for IDs, and it adds more time to the delivery. That is because it delays the next delivery, which affects the drivers’ pay.

How much do Gopuff Delivery Drivers make and How Often?

Gopuff Drivers income

According to Gopuff, its delivery drivers are able to make as much as $15 on an hourly basis. On top of that, Gopuff pays its drivers over the top commissions on each order that they receive. Besides, the drivers keep 100% of the tips they get from the customers. But there is a twist. The commissions that the drivers receive and their guaranteed wage per house depend on the market.

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For instance, imagine you are a Gopuff delivery person. Now, say Gopuff is giving you a minimum hourly pay of $12. Also, it is providing a commission of $4 on every order that you take. Thus, if you are able to deliver four orders in one hour, you are going to get a pay of $16. In the same way, say you are only able to take two orders in an hour. You will receive only the minimum hourly pay, which is $12.

Thus, the amount of money Gopuff drivers make depends on how many hours they work. Apart from that, it also depends on the market forces. At times, people make a lot of orders. The other times, there are only a few orders. Thus, efficiently working seems to be what the drivers should really focus on. Gopuff also provides its delivery persons with bonuses from time to time.

Also, the pay varies according to the working slots the delivery driver chooses. Thus, in order to earn more money, drivers must choose time slots carefully. For example, evening timings are great. It is because that is when people feel lazy to run to the store and grab groceries or snacks. Also, weekends are busy delivery days for the drivers. So, Gopuff drivers should take advantage and make full use of the weekends.

How much does Gopuff pay Warehouse Workers?

When it comes to the hourly pay for Gopuff warehouse workers, it is quite low. It is not something to rely on if a person has to feed a family, basically. It stands at a meager hourly pay of $13.15. Thus, the pay will be around 8% lower than the national average.

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