How much do IT technicians make a Year? (2021)

IT Technicians salary

Technology has become part and parcel of one’s life. We need tech support millions of time a day. But even the tech needs support, and technology needs a technician who could maintain the system and assure smooth processing. 

Significance of IT and IT technicians 

IT technician is the one who has mastered all the technicalities in the field of technology. Whether big or small, every company has an IT department in their office or has contact with a superior IT service provider department. IT has improved the quality of work and has helped man-kind in gaining and accessing. The IT sector has encouraged employees to a greater extent. The particular industry ranks top in earnings from foreign countries. IT sector has a huge tie-up with the service sector for a longer time. Both sectors have grown together. 

IT sector is the fastest-growing sector in India. 

FAQs about IT technicians 

IT Technicians income per hour

● What study does an IT technician have to do?

 Along with pursuing Masters in Technology, one needs to pursue various kind of certified crash courses.

  1. Artificial Learning
  2. Data analysis 
  3. Data visualisation 
  4. C++ course 
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● Is an IT technician’s salary enough to run a middle-class family home?

The field of IT is never dying field. And the business world is always in demand of IT techs. Therefore, you get a good amount of revenue. Yes, an IT can run middle-class family expenses smoothly. 

● Is an IT technician a high profiled job?

There are very few kinds of job which are never dying in nature. IT is one of the – People need technology and technology needs IT technicians. Yes, IT technician is a worthy job.

What work does an IT technician do?

How much IT Technicians make

1. System analyst 

IT department has to troubleshoot any technical issues that arrive. Administrate, create and maintain a glitch-free environment at the workplace.

2. Software developer 

The world is moving faster, so the system also has to be upgraded and feasible. IT department analyses and comes up with an updated idea that is user friendly and comparatively less time-consuming. They create and develop softwares. Each piece of it is designed differently and then brought together.

3. IT security specialist 

Nowadays every company prefers storing all the data in computers. To make sure that all the company detail, client detail are safe and secured. A company needs IT security to prevent data from getting hacked. Banks, CA firms and many such workplaces store all the data in computers, and they need to have stronger IT support.

4. Network administrators

There are network glitches often diluting office hours. So, it is the IT department who suggest remedies. And administrated the network. We have multiple computers and laptops working at the same time. IT department has to connect, coordinate and guarantee smooth working.

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 What skills are required to be an IT technician 

  1. To learn and develop new idea every day.
  2. To give prompt and appropriate solution.
  3. Persons needs to be calculative and adaptive.
  4. Able to operate the system smoothly.
  5. Teamwork quality.
  6. Communication skills
  7. Soft public speaking
  8. Creativity
  9. Able to apply correct logic

How much does an IT technician make all over the world 

There are some countries across the globe that are the most technologically advanced countries, namely United States, Germany, France, South Korea are some of those. An IT technician earns upto $26.57 per hour. And then your salary varies according to geographical region, experience, intelligence and job profile.

1. United States 

 The United States ranks on the top, and the technicians who studied IT there are known to go provide the best services. On average, they earn up to $73,891 per year. 

Top IT companies in United States and their yearly pays

• U S Department of Housing and Urban Development: $129,089

• US Department of labor: $ 127,730

• Department of labor: $ 126,223

• Microsoft: $ 148,068

• Google: $ 161,245

2. Japan

Japan is an industrial nation. There is a huge need for technicians. Japan offers around the lowest sum of 268,000 JPY to the highest sum of 842,000 JPY.

Top IT companies in Japan and their yearly pays – (in $)

• Namura Research Institute Ltd.: $114,856 

• NINTENDO.CO: $ 95,833 

• Sony Japan: $ 93,505

3. India 

IT industry has got no limit. They have to grow each day. In India, an IT technician’s average earnings are about ₹7 lakh per year.

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Can IT technician do Freelancing in 2021?

People are tired of giving 9 to 5 services and are opting for Freelancing as an alternative. You can Freelance your services and become your own boss. The trend of Freelancing has now taken a step ahead in IT too! One can create a team of Freelancers and then provide services. This will help you earn the maximum amount. 

There are some skills which are best for freelancers

  1. Web designing
  2. Application development 
  3. Internet Research 
  4. Social media management 
  5. Consultancy
  6. Private coaching 

The different field where IT technician is in major demand in 2021

Technology plays a major role in every field because it lowers manual efforts. And that’s why technicians are in major demand everywhere. Below is the list where IT technicians are majorly demanded.

  1. Computer System Engineer
  2. Computer Support Specialist 
  3. IT project manager 
  4. Data warehouse analyst 
  5. Data scientist 
  6. Application developer 
  7. Java developer  May it be Japan, India or the USA or any other country.

Every country needs technology, and technology needs an IT technician. On average, IT technicians earn a very appealing amount all over the world. You can either work for a company, or you can Freelance your services. All you need to be is stay upgraded and not lose your creativity.

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