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How much do Waitr drivers make per delivery?

Waitr Drivers income per hour, week, moth, year

Getting a job today can itself be a challenging part of the story. Still, many people manage to earn through different ways and go on with whatever job they get. The job industry is very challenging, and many people strive hard to get a perfect job. In this article, we shall take a look at various aspects of Waitr drivers, how much they earn? , what are the requirements? , how are they paid? And many more things that strike our minds. 

All about Waitr

  1. Waitr allows us to do as much possible work as we can. There is no force or workload. But the more you work, the more you will earn because they don’t pay you hourly now but as per the number of deliveries.
  2. They can also pay you hourly, on a daily basis, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or so on, according to your agreement. But most of the people working with them like to get paid daily since it is convenient for them also.
  3. Through Waitr we can surf through various dishes, order them according to our satisfaction. They have got different platforms for our convenience so that it’s easy for us to order our favorite meals. They have a partnership with several local restaurants from where they pick up and drop their deliveries and orders. So you can get whatever you wish to eat from your favorite restaurant within no time.
  4. A driver working with Waitr has a huge number of benefits because along with salaries, they get extra tips from their customers as well.  
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Hourly earnings of Waitr driver

These drivers either work on an hourly basis, or they work on the number of deliveries they complete. If they work on a lateral basis, they get paid per delivery, and if they work on an hourly basis, they earn $16.62 per hour on average, which is a good amount for a part-time job.

These drivers, along with their salaries from Waitr, enjoy tips from their customers, which makes this work more exciting.

Daily-earnings of Waitr driver

On a daily basis, they get paid according to the number of deliveries they complete. If they work for the whole day, they get paid accordingly. The average earning of a Driver for a day is $150 or more. This is a full-time job too few and a part-time job too many.

Daily payment is what most of the drivers opt for while working with Waitr.

Weekly earnings of Waitr drivers

If these drivers are working on a weekly basis, then Thursday is their salary day. They get paid for their completed deliveries on Thursday. But if their work is on a bi-weekly basis, then Friday is their salary day, and they get paid for their completed deliveries on Friday. 

Calculating the weekly or bi-weekly salary of a Waitr driver is a bit hectic because it depends on the worker, whether he works on a full-time basis or part-time basis. Despite all this, very few people think that they are paid well at Waitr since the salary ratings are below average.

Monthly earnings of Waitr drivers

Talking about the monthly salaries, they earn approximately $1776 or more per month. They can earn more or less due to various reasons like their working hours, the tips they get from their customers, etc. Most of them don’t work on a monthly basis but on an hourly and daily basis. These workers feel that it is more convenient for them to do so, and monthly waiting can be problematic.

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Yearly earnings of Waitr drivers

If we look at the yearly earning of a delivery driver, they earn a sum of $21,318 per year. This is the predicted figure of an average working driver at Waitr. The exact amount cannot be predicted, so this is more or less the same because sometimes they get a decent amount of tips from customers while they get nothing at all. So this is an average figure.

Requirements to work with them

To work with them as a driver, you should have an age of 18 or more. Along with this, you should have a genuine driving license, and your record of driving should be clear. You should have a smartphone and rest they will inform you at the time of joining.

All you have to do is fill their form, submit that, and then they will call you for an interview. After a few logical questions, they will take a look at your driving record, and you are done. After this, they will contact you.

It is a stress-free job as you work according to your free time, which makes it more demanded. And it is considered an opportunity by the students who are studying and others because they get a helping hand in managing their budget.


Waitr Drivers salary in 2021

Q. Nowadays, doing a Waitr job is worth it?

Yes, absolutely, payment is great, you can work at your own flexible time, and the whole day you can drive and listen to your favorite songs. The only thing that can think to not do this job was cash tips, and sometimes the customer was unhappy then they don’t pay you. Otherwise, it is a very good job you can enjoy and make money.

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Q. Waitr is paying for mileage?

No Waitr doesn’t pay the mileage charges because their earning is fixed according to an hour and additionally if the customer gives him a tip.

Q. Does Waitr take cash or using online payment?

No cash is allowed, only digital payment. Now everyone is using the online payment method, so there is no cash allowed, but if the customers want to give some tips then they can give to the Waitr.

Q. In how much time can you hire the Waitr?

Approximately it takes 5 hours after filling the form and taking the 4 hours meeting. They will show you a presentation of the job and tell you about the working criteria.

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