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How Much Money Did Avatar Make in The Box Office

Avatar net profits

Once in a while, there comes a movie that catches the imagination and fantasy of the audience. Avatar was one such movie that even broke the record set by Titanic. It’s no brainer that when Titanic was released, the response was overwhelming, and it held many forms. 

By 2009, the release of the Avatar movie changed the history of every record-breaking film in the entertainment industry. The movie was indeed a masterpiece and held in high regard even today.

Avatar Movie Profits in The Box Office

The movie became an instant hit in 2009 and broke many records on the box office history. It held the top-grossing film title ceaselessly on the global platform.

 It earned the title for the quickest film to reach $1 billion to directly collecting $2.5 billion.

It succeeded in becoming the top-earning movie in IMAX and 3D configuration.

In Canada and the United States, it made the leading revenue movie records through the second and seventh Friday-Sunday matinee.

With time, it went on to become the quickest film to earn $500 million and level up to $750 million.

The film’s top-earning record title spread through more than 30 markets together with counties like:

  • The United Kingdom
  • South Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Romania
  • China, etc.

According to the ticket office critics, the success of the movie depended on many factors like:

  • The coupon charges for IMAX and 3D shows were exclusively available.
  • Helpful oral communication and frequent viewings maximized the film’s existing lead in the theatres.
  • No other movies were competing with Avatar during the time of its launch. 
  • The movie itself possessed the potential to captivate the attention of viewers globally.
  • The movie promotion team adopted a trading plan that highlighted the difference in the theatre experience. It influenced audiences to choose to see the movie in theatres instead of viewing it at home.  
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Revenue collected in Canada and the United States

avatar Global profit records

Avatar made history by breaking many records in its local market. It made a swift record for earning $500 million and above. Most of the records set by the movie were for the first time and not held by any other films before it.

The list is long of all the successes it achieved locally.

  • The movie set the record for the top-earning film within its national market by collecting $760 million. The movie Titanic held the former title at $600 million.
  • It held the label for the top-earning launch of 2009 with $749 million. There were no other competing movies at the time of Avatar’s movie release.
  • The movie made the quickest $500 million in 32 days beating The Dark Knight with 45 days.
  • It became the second leading earning for Friday-to-Friday matinee with $75.6 million. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King formerly held the record with $50.5 million.

How Much Money Did Avatar Make Worldwide?

Avatar earnings

Avatar made the all-time international record as the top-earning movie, exceeding the former record by more than 50%.

The former quickest earning movie did not even match Avatar’s less time-consuming revenue of $2 billion.

Its record for making the lead-earning movie in the IMAX configuration was three times faster than the former record.

Its history-making moment happened on 25th January 2010 when it became the top-earning movie within 14 days of launch. Again, after 20 days of release, it bagged the second top-earning movie internationally.

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The movie broke many records on the global platform like:

  • On becoming the top-earning movie, it profited over $2.789 billion beating the former title bearer Titanic with $1.84 billion.
  • The movie replaced Avengers: Endgame’s total of $2.797 billion by collecting $2.846 billion.
  • It topped the records for earning the highest for a movie without a sequel and collected $2.846 billion. Titanic formerly held the title with $1.84 billion.
  • Avatar bagged the label for a top-earning sci-fi movie with $2.846 billion. Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace formerly held the title with $924 million.
  • In 2009, it remained undisputed without any competing movie and earned $2.74 billion in the lead-grossing launch.
  • Its next title was also an undisputed win as the top 3D earner with $1.35 billion.
  • The Polar Express formerly held the title for lead IMAX collection with $71 million; however, Avatar beat it by $256 million. 
  • It became the quickest movie to profit $1 billion in 19 days. The record replaced Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest for its 63 days collection.
  • In 32 days, Avatar became the quickest film to profit $1.5 billion beating the former titleholder Titanic.
  • Avatar even made a new record by becoming the quickest film to profit $2 billion within 47 days. There are no other movies before Avatar that broke such records.
  • It made another similar record by earning $2.5 billion in 72 days.
  • Even without a franchise and no sequel, the movie still became the top weekend release by profiting $242 million. The label was formerly held by the movie ‘2012’ with $230 million.
  • The movie was the first to quickly sell IMAX coupons and earn $100 million in 32 days. There were no other movies before it to break the record.
  • It was the first movie to quickly sell IMAX coupons and earn $150 million in 47 days. There were no other movies before it that broke the record.
  • Avatar was the first movie to quickly sell IMAX coupons and earn $200 million in 68 days. There were no other movies before it to break the record.
  • The movie held the record for a massive IMAX launch across 261 cinemas.
  • It also placed fourth in holding the title for the top weekend IMAX collection of $12.2 million.
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Achievements in other territories

Apart from Antarctica, the movie Avatar earned billions in other territories. It successfully made profits in over 30 markets covering about six Continents.

All-time top-earning movie

  • It grossed the highest in Brazil with $58.2 million.
  • In China, the movie collected about $204 million, beating the film 2012’s collection of $67.5 million. 
  • The United Arab Emirates collected a total of $7.3 million from the movie.
  • In South Korea, Avatar made about $111 million, surpassing Tidal Wave’s $67.9 million.

The movie crossed other records and even set some new ones in other countries over time.

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