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How Much Money Does Patreon Make?

The Fact About Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform that provides creators with a reliable income. It’s designed for people who make things and need financial support. And it allows fans to become members of their favorite creators’ work, and give them the financial support they need in order to continue creating. Patreon offers membership levels so you can offer as much or as little as you like-from $1 all the way up to $5000 per project!

Patreon was created because when artists create something, they want to get paid for what they do – but not everyone can afford it. When someone has talent, there should be some kind of easy way for them to make money off of their hard work while remaining independent (i.e., without having investors). That way, the creator doesn’t have to worry about their work being swallowed up by outside forces.

How Patreon Is Changing The Creative Industry


With Patreon‘s dedication to independent artists, the creative industry has been changed. Patreon recognizes that there are a lot of talented individuals in the industry but those talents could be going sparse.

One idea Patreon has been trying out is their “patron-driven” crowdfunding, which acknowledges that fans will play a huge part in supporting any creator they believe in.

In order for this crowdfunding to work, creators provide tiers of support, as well as rewards for each tier. The more financially stable someone becomes with their project patreon page, the more ambitious and crazy stuff they can do with it.

How Much Money Does Patreon Make?

With fees ranging from 5 to 12 percent, Patreon has processed over $500 million in payments throughout the year 2021. With a fee range anywhere from $30 to $65 million, this would put yearly revenue at around $30 million to $65 million.

How Patreon Works?

Patreon provides a way for artists and other content creators to get paid on a monthly basis.

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How does it work? There’s no fee or commission when you connect your account or when you charge someone for the first time.

Where Does My Money Go?

Patreon service takes 5% plus $0.25 per pledge of the amount that you receive from your patrons (we also pay credit card and bank fees). You can change this percentage to be higher or lower; we’ve had some patrons who prefer this set at 10% and others at 50%.

Who Gets The Money?

Patreon is a payment platform, so we do not keep any of this: it all goes to you! We only take our 5% and $0.25 per pledge fees, just like Stripe. So anything that your patrons give will go directly into your pocket (or the artist’s).

Which Patreon Makes The Most Money?

Our top Patrons generally use Patreon as a way to give a one-time tip for a post, a chapter of a story, or sometimes they do it monthly. Here is an example of an account that charges $1 (USD) per new chapter released on their blog. They make about $3500/month on Patreon.

Can I Trust Patreon?

Patreon is run by creators, for creators. Patrons can cancel their subscription at any time with no obligations. We are serious about making sure that every patron pays the correct amount of money for each creator’s campaign before creating a charge, so our fees are designed to pay the creator’s instead of us.

Why You Should Support Your Favorite Creators On Patreon

The best way to support your favorite creators on Patreon is with a recurring pledge. When you pledge $1, $5, $10, or $25 per month to someone’s work, you’ll show them the kind of fan they’ve always dreamed of having. You’ll also get exclusive rewards and member-only content every month!

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Alternatively, you can set up a one-time donation whenever you feel like it. This is great for people who want to help out once in awhile with an artist’s projects.

What To Consider When Supporting A Creator On Patreon

You may have heard the term “patron of the arts” and wondered what that really means. It’s more than just a throwaway phrase. A patron is someone who has the power to give and provide funding for an artist’s work and can be seen as a sponsor, advocate, and supporter. The expression “artistic patronage” is used to describe the social institution of art patronage or art sponsorship.

There Are Many Benefits To Supporting An Artist On Patreon:

  1. -You get to fund talented content creators who might not be able to create their work without you.
  2. -It helps artists create the best, most complete works that they can. -Creators who are on Patreon want to provide stellar content for you! They love what they do and it will show in every post.
  3. -Patreon is a great way to build a community where creators and fans can talk, share their experiences, and get to know each other.
  4. -You’re subscribing to artists just like you would subscribe to your favorite TV show through Netflix or Hulu. You might miss an episode here or there, but it’s always available when you want it!
  5. -Patreon is a great way to support the arts and culture.
  6. -You’ll personally feel good knowing you helped an artist achieve their dreams.
  7. To start supporting creators on Patreon, all you need to do is choose how much money per month you want to give and then enter your payment information. You can cancel or change your pledge at any time. For more information, check out our FAQs page.
  8. What to avoid when supporting a creator on patreon
  9. -Don’t become a Patron if you only want the content for free.
  10. -Don’t sign up if you can’t afford to pay.
  11. -Don’t become a Patron (and drive away other Patrons) if you’re constantly changing your pledge amount or cancelling pledges all together. This won’t help the creator earn more money and it will hurt them personally – they’re creating this content for you!
  12. -Don’t be afraid to take an honest look at your budget and consider if the creator’s work is really something you want to support or not. If you can’t afford it, don’t become a Patron; otherwise, they’ll resent having to reach out asking for money.
  13. -Don’t stalk Patreon pages. It’s only necessary if you want to back out of being a Patron or delete your pledge.
  14. -Don’t use Patreon as a creepy way to message your favorite creator. It’ll probably come off as unwelcome and they’ll probably just ignore it!
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Who Are The Highest Earning Patreons?

Here are some of Patreon’s top earners listing their earnings here..

  1. Jessica Mauboy  $72,910 (Jessica is an Australian singer and songwriter
  2. Morgan Black  $52,878 (Morgan has worked on video games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4)
  3. H.G Wells  $43,449 (H.G. Wells was a prolific author who wrote The Time Machine, among other things)
  4. Roman Atwood  $41,795 (Roman is an American YouTube personality and prankster)
  5. Steve Topletz  $35,905 (Steve is an American YouTuber and film director)
  6. Yuya  $33,965 (Yuya is a Japanese pop singer and actor)
  7. Matt Rubinoff $32,402 (Matt is a comedian and YouTuber)
  8. Brodie Smith  $31,574 (Brodie is an Australian sports commentator for Ultimate Frisbee)
  9. Derek Fridolfs  $31,366 (Derek is an American comic artist who has worked on Batman, Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes)
  10. Mark Fischbach  $30,825.

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