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Lucas and Marcus Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Bio

lucas and marcus net worth, bio, income

Lucas and Marcus began their career on social media by setting up a Vine account and uploading gymnastics and dance videos. They soon became popular as TwinBotz or The Dobre Twins and gained more than 1.8 million fans/followers on the app. 

Currently, Lucas and Marcus run a YouTube channel by the same name and have a whopping 25 million subscribers. They make their YouTube videos, often collaborating with family, friends, and girlfriends. Most of them are about challenges, skits, pranks, funny videos, and dance.

They have two brothers Darius Dobre and Cyrus Dobre, with who they run the channel collaboratively. Lucas and Marcus are also Jake Paul’s Team 10’ members.

There are millions of Lucas and Marcus fans worldwide, and if you are one of them, you might be eager to know about them in detail. We will talk about their age, height, weight, girlfriends, biography, and net worth in 2021. Learn more about these former Vine stars and their net worth in 2021 as you continue reading!

Biography and Family

lucas and marcus earnings and salary

Marcus and Lucas’s mother is Aurelia Dobre, World Champion Gymnast, and their father is Boz Mofid, who is an Olympic gymnast. Boz Mofid owns the Dobre Gymnastics Academy and runs a gym in their hometown, Maryland. Their mother works as a choreographer and a dance teacher at the gym.

The twins have a sister and two brothers, with whom they run a YouTube channel called “Dobre Brothers.” Their popular music video upload named “Dobre Brothers– You Know You Lit” became a hit and surpassed the 70M views mark.

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When it comes to relationships, Lucas has a model and Instagram icon girlfriend named Ivanita Lomeli, while Marcus is single. However, we cannot be sure as not everyone likes the idea of sharing all personal details on the camera!

Lucas and Ivanita confirmed and made their relationship known to their fans in March of 2018, where Lucas uploaded a picture of them kissing. They look adorable together and are sure enjoying their life together. Ivanita is supposedly Lucas’ first girlfriend and has never had anyone in this life before her. The twins often make videos with Ivanita in them.

Known as:Lucas DobreMarcus Dobre
Real Name:Lucas DobreMarcus Dobre
Age:22 years22 years
Birth Place:Gaithersburg, Maryland, USAGaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Birth Date:January 28, 1999January 28, 1999
Weight:52 kg52 kg
Height:5.7 feet5.8 feet
Sexual Orientation:StraightStraight
Marital Status:UnmarriedUnmarried
Girlfriend/Boyfriend:N/AIvanita Lomeli
Net Worth in 2021:$5 Million$5 Million
Last Updated:April 2021April 2021

Age, Height, and Weight

Born on January 28, 1999, Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre are 22 years old as of April 2021. They weigh about the same (52 kg) and are 5.7 feet and 5.8 feet tall, respectively.


lucas and marcus personal info

Besides their highly successful YouTube career, Lucas and Marcus are famous on Instagram and Facebook, too, with 3 million followers and 100K followers on the two platforms, respectively. Lucas, with his twin Marcus, started being a YouTuber only a few years ago. They were Vine stars with more than 3 million followers until 2014 when Vine completely closed down.

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Following the end of their Vine career, the duo turned to YouTube and launched “Lucas and Marcus,” their first channel. Presently Lucas and Marcus have over 11 million subscribers on YouTube. They launched “Dobre Brothers,” their second channel, in the summer of 2017 with their two brothers. The channel had 4 million subscribers by September 2018.

If you are a Lucas and Marcus fan, you would already know what type of video content they post on YouTube. It is usually about lifestyle vlogs and dance, which they excel at. The twin brothers are great dancers, skilled, perform cool stunts, and deliver versatile acts to their audience. 

In March 2018, the duo signed with CAA (Creative Artists Agency), one of Hollywood’s biggest agencies, for talent hunt. It would take what they do to the top and make their career excel even more. Lucas and Marcus do not have any official awards in their name yet. However, at such a young age of 22, it is evident that they are doing great in life and their careers too.

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Net Worth & Salary of Lucas and Marcus

As we already mentioned, Lucas and Marcus have 25 million subscribers on the YouTube platform. The duo is gaining as many as 5000 new subscribers every day and has more than 6.8 billion views to date. The average number of views they get per day from various sources is 2.7 million. The ads on their videos should generate a daily revenue of $21,000 and yearly revenue of $7.6 million. 

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They earn a good amount of money as YouTubers, for which they work very hard. As for April 2021, the estimated net worth of Lucas and Marcus is $5 million, although they haven’t confirmed officially. The duo also makes money through collaborative works with other social media sensations and brand endorsements. Therefore, their net worth might be even more than the estimated number.

YouTubers based in the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada typically get paid $2-$12 for every 1000 monetized views. The monetized views are usually forty to eighty per cent of the total views content creators get on their videos.

It depends on several aspects like time; the device used to watch the videos, location, number of ads in one video, ad type, content type, number of ads skipped, and so on.

Lucas and Marcus seem to have secured their hooks on the YouTube platform and are earning sufficiently. They make extra money from making sponsored videos and selling merchandise on their website.

The pair has promoted products such as Best Fiends on their channel. Besides “Lucas and Marcus,” they are also active in their collaborative channel “Dobre Brothers”, which they run with Darius Dobre and Cyrus Dobre.

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