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Kirk Cameron Net Worth (2021) | Age, Height, Wife, Faqs

Kirk Cameron Net Worth and FAQs

Kirk Cameron Net Worth – $20 Million

Most familiar from his role as Mike Seaver in ABC’s 1985-1982 sitcom Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron has been acting since he was as young as nine years old. The Golden-Globe nominated actor has worked in several films and series. His most recent film appearance in the 2018 movie Connect

Cameron has also appeared in documentaries, commercials, and TV shows, making him a very familiar face on American television. The actor and TV personality has made quite a fortune over the span of his career, making fans wonder just how much his current net worth is. So, let’s find out. 

Full NameKirk Thomas Cameron
Net Worth$20 Million
Age50 years
Date of Birth12October, 1970
Height178cm / 5’8’’ feet
Weight79 kgs/ 174 lbs (approx.)
ProfessionActor, TV Show Host, Evangelist
Place of BirthPanorama City, Los Angeles, California, United States
Date/ WifeChelsea Noble (m. 1991-present)

Kirk Cameron Biography

Kirk Cameron Biography - Dissidences

Cameron was born in 1970 to Robert and Barbara Cameron in Panorama City, California. His first appearance on TV was for a breakfast cereal commercial when he was only 9. 

Cameron then went to star in several TV series on the small screen throughout his teens, growing up in the limelight. He hadn’t even finished high school when Growing Pains was being shot.

It was on the set of Growing Pains that Kirk met his wife-to-be Chelsea Noble, who he married in 1991. The couple has had six children together and has been together since their marriage.

After Growing Pains, Cameron made an exit from mainstream TV and began working on documentaries and independent Christian-themed films. Since then, he has been an active Evangelist, hosting various Christian shows and promoting Christian media and projects.


Kirk Cameron finished high school while he was filming on the set of Growing Pains. He had to take classes on the set and during breaks, finally graduating with honors from Chatsworth High School in 1988. 

How did Kirk Cameron start his career?

Kirk Cameron Career - Dissidences

Kirk Cameron had his start very early on with his role in a cereal commercial when he was just nine years old. The young actor then got his first starring role in ABC’s weekly series Two Marriages when he was 13. It set the stage for Cameron’s next major role as Mike Seavers in Growing Pains

Cameron’s performance in Growing Pains went on to win him a Young Artist Award in 1986. It also go him Golden Globe nominations in 1987 and1989, and a Kid’s Choice Award in 1990. The sitcom was his last major appearance on mainstream TV.

Cameron then went on to star in numerous other Christian-themed movies with his newfound faith following his conversion when he was 17. His most well-known work following this transformation includes A Little Piece of Heaven (1991), Fireproof (2008), and Unstoppable (2013).

Kirk Cameron Net Worth

Kirk Cameron has been estimated to have a current net worth of $20 Million as of May 2021. As a prolific and talented actor with a passion for his craft, Cameron, though leaving mainstream entertainment, continued to use his gifts in the alternative media. It allowed him to acquire a substantial fortune, bringing his net worth to its current figures.  

What’s admirable about the personality is that he uses his earnings to support the causes he believes are important to him and his faith.

FAQs about Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron had been an atheist during his teens. During the filming of ABC’s sitcom Growing Pains in 1987, Cameron converted to Christianity and devoted the rest of his life to the faith.

Cameron continued his TV appearances but just not on mainstream media. He went on to star in numerous Christian-themed movies and host several Christian television programs over the years as an active Evangelist.

Who is Kirk Cameron’s wife

Kirk Cameron is married to former Growing Pains co-star Chelsea Nobel. They both met on the set of the TV series and got married in 1991. They have been married since then with six kids. Four of them were adopted and two biologically conceived.

Their kids are Isabella Cameron, Jack Cameron, Anna Cameron, Olivia Rose Cameron, Luke Cameron, and James Thomas Cameron. The oldest child is Jack, who is now 24 years and the youngest, James, who is 18. 

Which Christian television shows is Kirk Cameron associated with?

Kirk Cameron is known for his association with the Christian TV show The Way of The Master. He and Ray Comfort, a fellow evangelist, founded the ministry of the same name together. The show also has a radio format known as The Way of The Master Radio.

What are the controversial topics Kirk Cameron has debated on?

Kirk Cameron participated in a debate with the Rational Response Squad on evolution and atheism at Calvary Baptist Church, Manhattan, in 2007. Cameron also appeared on CNN’s talk show Piers Morgan Tonight sharing his view on homosexuality and the Christian faith.

What non-profit work is Kirk Cameron involved in?

Kirk Cameron and his wife Chelsea Noble founded The Firefly Foundation. They set up the non-profit foundation for giving terminally ill children and their families a week’s vacation free of cost. The vacation ran under the theme Camp Firefly- a summer camp.

How Much Kirk Cameron Make Per Year?

Kirk Cameron earns approximately $3 Million in a year. A good amount of his earnings come from his TV appearances in films, series, documentaries, and shows. 

Cameron also appeared as Chauncey in the 1994 video game The Horde, which still brings in the actor considerable revenue. His 2008 movie Fireproof earned a whopping $6.8 Million despite its low-budget production. The movie made waves as one of the most successful Christian movies in a while. 

How Much is Kirk Cameron’s worth?

As of May 2021, Kirk Cameron’s net worth is approximately around $20 Million, with Cameron earning an average of $3 Million annually. The actor, TV host, and evangelist makes his money from the films, series, documentaries, and TV shows he’s been a part of.