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Ted Danson Net Worth in 2021: Age, Height, Wife, Bio

Ted Danson Net Worth Info - Dissidences

Ted Danson Net Worth – $80 million

Ted Danson was born on 29 December 1997, in San Diego, California, United States. He is a very well renowned and successful actor and producer. He has earned two Primetime Emmy Awards for the comedy series called Cheers, which helped him become widely popular. His other movies were also top-rated, namely shows such as A Good Place and films such as Damages, Becker, and many more. Among his notable shows were CSI: Cyber and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation related to crime and thriller.

Does it interest you to know more about Ted Danson? Here is a compiled data on all you need to know about this incredible actor and his net worth as of 2021, his wife, age, kids, and all there is to date. So, gear up to get to more about Ted Danson.

Net Worth  $80 million  
Age  73 years old  
Date of Birth  29 December 1947  
Height  188 cm/ 6′ 1″ feet  
Weight  78 kg/ 172 lbs  
Profession  Actor, Producer  
Nationality  American  
Place of Birth  San Diego, California, United States  
Marital Status  Married  
Girlfriend/Dating  Marry Steenburgen

Ted Danson Biography

Ted Danson Career

The actual name of Ted Danson is Edward Bridge Danson III. His birthplace is in San Diego, California and his parents are Edward Bridge Danson Jr. and Jess Danson. His family lived in the region called Flagstaff City in Arizona and worked in a museum as an archaeologist.

Ted Danson was an award-winning film and television actor, a solid environmental activist, and a graduate from drama school. He was once ranked in number two among the television stars’ top 25 on the TV Guide’s list. His career was boosted when he portrayed Sam Malone in Cheers, a TV sitcom in which he received two Golden Globe Awards.

Throughout his career of about 30 years or more, he has won two Primetime Emmys while receiving 15 nominations, winning three Golden Globe Awards in which he was nominated ten times. The actor also received the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some of his famous films are “Three Men and a Little Lady,” “Body Heat,” “Three Men and a Baby,” and “Made in America.” His television films include “Something About Amelia,” winning a Golden Globe Award.

Ted Danson has portrayed many versatile characters, which many of the actors can only imagine achieving. Whether it is a flirty bartender, a corrupt, or a misanthropic doctor, Ted Danson has played a range of many iconic roles over the years.


Ted Danson attended the Kent School, where he completed his high school education. He loved playing basketball during this time and even participated as a member of the school team. He later attended Stanford University for his graduation but decided to go to Carnegie Mellon University to pursue his degree in Fine Arts.

How did Ted Denson start his Career?

Ted Danson Biography - Dissidences

After completing his education, Ted started to pursue a career in acting. He began taking part in auditions which led him to grab the opportunity to gain some guest appearances and minor roles in movies, ad commercials, and also TV shows. He could finally make his mark in the entertainment industry with his first movie, the Onion Field, in 1979. The film was thriller and crime genre providing him with the chance to act with actors such as John Savage, James Wood, and so on. With this, he was able to gain a little bit of popularity, and in 1982, his fame rose even higher as he was a part of the cast in the comedy series Cheers.

The series won on till 1993 due to its enormous popularity among the viewers. He later started producing comedy series such as Ink, where he worked as a member of the cast. His other starring movies are Bored To Death, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Becker. CSI: Cyber, Damages, and many more consisting of various genres that are crime drama to comedy. Among many top-rated shows on Netflix, Ted also appears in comedy series such as The Good Place, Curb your Enthusiasm, etc. He also starred in the movie Heart Beats Loud, which is a musical genre.

Ted Danson Net Worth and Salary

The appreciation that he receives in his popular TV series Cheers earned him $450 thousand an episode. Starring in many Blockbuster movies, such as Saving Private Ryan, made $480 million. With Ted Danson’s immense dedication and talent, his net worth as of 2021 is $80 million.

Some interesting facts about Ted Danson

  1. We all have seen just how good Ted Danson is on Screen, but how many do you know about his off-screen life? Here are some interesting facts that you may not be aware of yet, so buckle up as you read what we’ve prepared for you.
  2. While most people may know Ted Danson from his crime and thriller series Crime Scene Investigation, The Good Place, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, his first recognition was in the comedy series Cheers. Ted plays the role of Sam Malone in the sitcom, where it was among the popular shows during this time.
  3. His other reason for his rise to fame was his second divorce from his wife of more than ten years. It was reported to have cost Ted around $30 million or more.
  4. While growing up, Ted was more into Basketball even though he was a retired basketball player in the series Cheers. He was once the star player of a prep school he was attending in Connecticut, and this was when he was 14 years old.

Who is Ted Danson Dating / Wife?

Ted Danson got married in 1970 to Randy Danson but got a divorce after five years. He later married Casey Coates in 1977, but due to Danson’s infidelity, the pair had to end their marriage in 1993. The couple had a daughter Kate Danson and an adopted daughter Alexis Danson. Following all these, he married again in 1995 to Marry Steenburgen, an Oscar-Winning actress. He then became a stepfather of her children through their marriage

How much does Ted Danson Make?

Ted Danson’s massive popularity and achievements such as being nominated for Golden Globe Awards ten times and winning three of them, his nomination for Primetime Awards, and many more, Ted’s salary is $10.3 million a year, and per month he earns about $858,333.