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Faze Rain Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height

Norden Shat, also commonly known as Faze Rain, is a professional gamer and a famous YouTuber. As per 2022 reports, FaZe Rain’s total net worth of approximately 3 million dollars. Rain makes about 10,000 dollars every month through his YouTube channel. He also makes a lot of money through sponsorships and gaming tournaments.

Thus, Rain’s total net worth includes his YouTube earnings, earnings from online games, sponsorships, paid promotions, and earnings from other social media accounts.

He has about four million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Faze Rain is renowned for his expertise in Call on Duty, which is an online video game. He is also one of the famous member of the FaZe Clan besides Faze Rug and Faze Banks, which is extremely popular and has a strong fan base.

In this article, you’ll get to learn all about Faze Rain: from his current net worth to his early life, career, age, height, weight, and many more. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Faze Rain Real Name, Age, Height, Birthday

Real Name:Norden shat
Net Worth:$3  million
Birthday:29 May 1996
Age:25 years old
Height:191 cm/ 6 feet 3 inches
Career:Gamer, video blogger and YouTuber

Who is Faze Rain?

Richest Faze Member - FaZe Rain

Norden Shat is also popularly known as Faze Rain on YouTube. He was born on 29 May 1996 in Toronto, Canada. Faze Rain is 25 years of age, is about 6 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs 72 kg. Rain has made a career by playing online games and using social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He is also quite popular as a member of the Faze Clan.

How Much Does Faze Rain Make from YouTube?

Faze Rain’s primary source of income is YouTube. He has two YouTube channels, one with the Faze clan members, and the other channel is under his name Norden Shat. The Faze Clan YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers and gets an average of one million views every day. In his channel, he mostly does vlogging videos, and it also has millions of subscribers.

The primary source of income for YouTubers like Faze Rain is by getting their videos monetized. A monetized video allows the interruption of ads while watching a video. In this way, YouTube pays the channel owner according to the number of ads played on its video.

Also, viewers have to pay a monthly subscription fee if they want to watch the content in premium mode. Hence, this subscription fee enables YouTube to pay the content owner and the YouTubers to make money. Besides, more viewers mean more money. Thus, Faze Rain must earn around 270 dollars per day from YouTube since he has millions of subscribers.

Early life

Norden Shat was brought up in a broken family. As a child, he would often witness his parents fight and argue over petty things. He had a sad upbringing. Moreover, his overwhelming sadness turned into depression when his Dad left his family. 

However, things began to brighten up when he decided to attend a therapy session. His therapist suggested him to take up a hobby, something which he loves and enjoys.

Rain loves video games and was always into gaming. He also enjoys watching videos on YouTube, and he began indulging more to forget his sadness. Besides, he decided to start his own YouTube channel since he finds solace in watching YouTube videos. Thus, as a young teenage boy, he started his online career in the year 2010.


Faze Rain’s career began when he started his own YouTube channel in 2010. However, it quickly escalated when he joined the Faze Clan and became one of the famous YouTuber. Besides, his gaming skills and vlogs made him extremely popular among the youngsters.

Now, Faze Rain worked full-time as a professional gamer and a famous YouTuber with a net worth of about 3 million dollars.

Education and Family

Faze Rain was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada, and he did his schooling from there. However, there is no much information regarding his education since he doesn’t talk about it. But it is clear that Rain was a bright student. As a child, he was a playful kid and would get into trouble for his mischiefs. Despite his mischievous behavior, he was an A-list student and maintained good grades.

Faze Rain’s mother remarried her supervisor after things ended between her and Rain’s father. So, he now has a biological sister, Sally, and two step-siblings. In one of his videos, he mentioned that he was not close with his step-sister; however, he respects and adores Josh, his step-brother.

Dating and Girlfriend

Faze Rain is single at present. However, he has dated women in the past. As a teenager, he was in a three-year relationship that led to a traumatic breakup. His depressions worsen post-breakup to the point that he almost took his own life by overdosing on Advil.

In November 2014, he began dating again. He dated Taylor, who made an appearance in one of his videos titled “Meet My Girlfriend.” However, things did not work out between them because they were in a long-distance relationship. Therefore, they ended their two years of relationship in the year 2016.

Awards and Achievement

It is a huge achievement to have a net worth of 3 million dollars at the young age of 25. Moreover, Rain has over four million subscribers, and his videos get millions of views every day.


·        Who is Faze Rain, and what does he do?

Faze Rain’s real name is Norden Shat. He is a professional gamer and a famous YouTuber.

·        How old is Faze Rain?

Faze Rain was born on 29 May 1996. So, currently, he is 25 years old.

·        Why was Faze Rain in Wheelchair for seven months?

Faze Rain opened up about his struggle with depression and his drug issues. However, the exact reason for his wheelchair is not known.

·        How many Siblings does Faze Rain have?

Faze Rain has one biological sister and two step-siblings.

·        Does Faze Rain have a girlfriend?

Faze Rain is currently single.