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Top Richest YouTubers In The World

An American social media and online video sharing platform, YouTube is one of the most used and most popular apps globally. With people watching nearly 5 billion videos every day and a total of about 1,300,000,000 constant users. This app was started on 14th February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. After downloading the YouTube app, you can also open your own free account where you can instantly share videos.



The content creators of YouTube are popularly called YouTubers, and they are entertainers that create videos for the YouTube platform, sharing them with a large audience.

YouTubers are now an essential source of entertainment and information, creating various video content like:

  • Gaming
  • Singing
  • Vlogging
  • Role-play and many other different types of content

Some of them are even sponsored by companies, paying them for advertising their products or using them in their videos, this type of YouTubers are also called influencers.

These YouTubers are also called micro-celebrities because of their impact, and we should remember these high-paid YouTubers didn’t become successful easily, but they worked hard to reach their goals. So below, we will be discussing such top 10 richest YouTubers in 2021.

The Top Ten Richest YouTubers

1. Daniel Robert Middleton

Richest Youtuber - DanTDM - Dissidences
YouTube Channel:DanTDM
Salary per Month:$86.5 K
Annual Income:$16.5 million
Net Worth:$ 40 million
Subscribers:25.3 million

Who would’ve thought that gaming could even help you earn money! The richest man on YouTube, Daniel Robert Middleton, currently makes his massive fortune by playing video games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokemon and sharing the videos with his audiences. But YouTuber Daniel Middleton also had success from other sources besides YouTube.

Born in the United Kingdom in 1991, Daniel has featured in many shows like in YouTube Red Series and other TV shows like Netflix Skylanders Academy, an animated series. He also published many comic books. He has also been a guest speaker at many Insomnia Gaming festivals.

His primary sources of income come from views from his Minecraft gaming videos plus other gaming merchandise and sponsorships deals, gets him the majority of his earning. Besides that, there are YouTube ads, revenue from twitch (subscriptions, sponsorships, donations, and advertisements), the TV shows he did, and comic books he published.

2. Evan Fong

Richest Youtuber - Evan Fong - Dissidences
YouTube Channel:VanossGaming
Salary per Month:$ 121 K
Annual Income:$ 15.5 Million
Net Worth:$ 25 Million
Subscribers:25.5 million

Evan Fong’s YouTube channel falls under the gaming category. Still, he doesn’t stick to only one specific genre of games but dabbles in many like Garry’s Mod, Grand Theft Auto V, etc.; it doesn’t exactly cover that particular category. With a gap of 2 million, VanossGaming has more subscribers than the DanTDM channel, but Daniel still leads in the richest YouTubers list earning a million more than Evan.

With a gap of 2 million, VanossGaming, as seen, has more people subscribed to his channel than the channel of Daniel, DanTDM but Daniel still leads in the richest YouTubers list earning a million more than Evan.

Evan was born in Canada in 1992, and in September 2011, VanossGaming was created. His channel has gained views of about 9.3 billion over seven years.

Besides gaming, he also participated in creating video games like the Death Realm as the creative director in 2015, and he is also a DJ going by the name Rynx, and he makes music as well. Besides that, he also worked as a voice actor in the Paranormal Action Squad TV series that’s computer-animated. His unique style of editing videos, like doing a montage-style video, is also praised by many. He also has a different YouTube channel where he posts his music, but his gaming channel is more popular than this channel.

VanossGaming’s primary sources of income come from brand promotions and YouTube videos, and many other endeavors like making business deals, posting sponsored videos and selling merchandise.

3. Dude Perfect

Richest Youtuber - Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect
YouTube Channel:Dude Perfect
Salary per Month:$ 169 K
Annual Income:$ 20 Million
Net Worth:$ 50 Million
Subscribers:56.3 million

Dude Perfect comprises five members: Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. Coby and Cory, the cotton twins, are the prominent persons on the team, and their other members were also there since the start of this channel. The YouTube content they create mainly focuses on sports activities, uploading videos like stunts, trick shots, game contests, stereotypes, and many others. Apart from working on this channel, they also created their app, which runs on Android and IOS. They are also part of their TV show named the Dude Perfect Show with Nickelodeon.

They incorporate comedy in all their videos, which is one of their selling points that helped reach the fame level in their YouTube channel Dude Perfect. Also, not forgetting that celebrities and professional athletes like Tim McGraw, Tyreke Evans, or Johnny Manziel also come in their videos often pushed them to achieve so much.

Dude Perfect main sources of income are from YouTube advertising revenue, TV shows, merchandise sales, and brand partnership with many big brands.

4. Mark Edward Fischbach

Richest Youtuber - Markiplier
YouTube Channel:Markiplier
Salary per Month:$ 124 K
Annual Income:$ 19.5 Million
Net Worth:$ 28 Million
Subscribers:29.4 million

Mark Edward Fischbach is an American YouTuber born in 1989; he creates gaming videos, usually creating LetsPlay videos. Markiplier stands out for his extra exaggerated commentary style, which has since then changed after 2017.

His main source of income comes from his YouTube videos which have millions of views on them.

Mark is really into horror video games and is popularly known for that, and he also plays games like adventures, indie point, clicks, etc. That is why his YouTube channel Markiplier mainly consists of that types of video, covering games like Slender: The Eight Pages or Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Besides that, he also appears in many TV shows where he works as a voice actor.

5. Logan Alexander Paul

Richest Youtuber - Logan Paul
Logan Paul
YouTube Channel:Logan Paul
Salary per Month:$ 36.6 K
Annual Income:$ 12.5 Million
Net Worth:$ 19 Million
Subscribers:23.2 million

An American YouTuber, Logan has been a part of many controversies. Still, a 2017 incident brought him to the limelight, where his controversial behavior regarding the recent suicide incident of a Japanese in Aokigahara was criticized by many. However, he still didn’t lose many subscribers on his YouTube channel. After amassing over 3 billion views on his videos over three years since he opened his channel, Logan started getting more popular.

But we never know; this popularity might just have happened by accident. Logan’s fame may not last long as he doesn’t post many quality videos and gets into too many controversies, uploading shocking videos. This type of approach to his videos is what brought fame to him.

Logan earns from all his social platforms like Facebook, Instagram primarily for the content he sponsors and his two YouTube channels.

6. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Richest Youtuber - Pewdiepie
YouTube Channel:PewDiePie
Salary per Month:$ 4.85 Million
Annual Income:$ 58.2 Million
Net Worth:$ 52 Million
Subscribers:110 Million

Felix, popularly known as PewDiePie, has broken many Youtube records and is now a YouTuber with the highest subscribed channel. The Swedish gamer is one of the wealthiest YouTubers on the internet as he is calculated to have a net worth of around $ 50 million. Besides working on his gaming videos, Felix also worked on a web series called Scare PewDiePie on YouTube Red. He also published a book that sold over 11,200 copies.

PewDiePie has various sources of earnings like content and brand deals from popular names like mountain dew, arcade, NordVPN, and many other more brands. He also has an exclusive agreement with Google’s platform and also from his YouTube videos and advertisements.

PewDiePie is a great gaming commentator who knows how to attract his audience, but Felix’s yearly earnings level seems to be decreasing for the second-year streak again.

7. Jake Joseph Paul

Richest Youtuber - Jake Paul
Jake Paul
YouTube Channel:Jake Paul
Category:People and Blogs
Salary per Month:$ 19.9 K
Annual Income:$ 7.3 Million
Net Worth:$ 19 Million
Subscribers:20.4 million

Jake Paul is an internet personality, YouTube video creator, musician, and actor. The brother of Logan Paul is also a professional boxer like his eldest brother.

Before YouTube, he first started gaining recognition from Vine. Since 2013 he was on YouTube, and after many years, he gained 4 billion views on his YouTube channel videos. His sources of income come mainly from his YouTube channel and then other sources like brand deals and sponsorships.

Jake also was a part of many controversies, creating content that wasn’t agreed by many. When he released a song on 30th May 2017 called ‘It’s Everyday Bro,’ it gained over 70 million views in a month, but it soon landed on YouTube’s list of the most disliked video falling in 3rd place. His age is just 22, and he can still rise higher if he plays his cards well.

8. Ryan Kaji

Richest Youtuber - Ryan Kaji
Ryan Kaji
YouTube Channel:Ryan’s World (formerly known as Ryan Toys Review)
Salary per Month:$ 416 K
Annual Income:$ 29.5 Million
Net Worth:$ 80 Million
Subscribers:29.9 million

Born in 2011, at the age of 9, Ryan Kaji already has many YouTube subscribers. The first child superstar of YouTube, his channel is a children’s channel, where it’s a mix of unboxing toys videos and personal vlogs. One good thing is that his channel is available to many audiences, as it comes in other different languages like Japanese and Spanish. Over three years, he gained 14 million subscribers. Ryan’s main source of income comes from YouTube, advertisements, and sponsors.

Ryan’s World YouTube channel has a significant effect on the toys industry, influencing sales increase. The channel is consistent with uploading new videos, and one of the most viewed, which gained over 2.0 billion views, is the ‘Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge.’

9. Smosh

Richest Youtuber - Smosh - Dissidences
YouTube Channel:Smosh
Salary per Month:$ 33.6 K
Annual Income:$ 11 Million
Net Worth:$ 15 Million
Subscribers:25.1 Million

Created by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, they first uploaded their videos in 2005 on the Smosh YouTube channel. After which, they soon became one of YouTube’s popular channels. Their main source of income comes from YouTube.

The Smosh has also won many awards on their ongoing series, which gained almost 7 billion views. Besides that, they also released a movie featuring Anthony and Ian called Smosh: The Movie. This is one of the oldest YouTube channel, and they have expanded their Smosh brand into different channels like Smosh Pit, Smosh Games, and EISmosh. In June 2017, Anthony first left Smosh and created his own YouTube channel.

10. Lily Singh

Richest Youtuber - Lily Singh
Lily Singh
YouTube Channel:IISuperwomanII
Salary per Month:$ 8.32 K
Annual Income:$ 10.5 million
Net Worth:$ 16 million
Subscribers:14.9 million

The Canadian talk show host, actress, comedian, and YouTuber Lily Singh is the popular YouTuber behind IISuperwomanII. She is of Indian origin and has been creating YouTube content since 2010, with over 2 billion views in her videos. She was also listed in Forbes’s 40 most powerful people in comedy; not only is Lily a YouTube star, but she has also appeared in movies like Fahrenheit 451, Dr. Cabbie, Bad Moms, and many others, receiving many awards.

Lily has earnings surpassing $ 10 million in 2021. Her significant revenues come mainly from sources like YouTube and brand endorsements.


Flashback to the early years of YouTube, no one would’ve ever imagined that this video-sharing platform would be so popular one day or that you would even start earning from it!

Look where YouTube is now, helping fulfill so many people’s dream of becoming an influencer and giving them a whole new way to earn money. Just take a look at the top list of richest YouTubers; most of them are all under the age of 30! But becoming a top-tier YouTuber is not easy; you have to be funny, clever, entertaining, and competent to bring in more subscribers to your channel and not stay stagnant. If you want to end up on this list, you need to work hard or more like these YouTubers. Yes, you have to put in some hard work, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Besides, we never know we might see you on this list next year! Or other new rising YouTubers because anything is possible in this platform.