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Lazarbeam Net Worth | Real Name, Age, Height

LazarBeam is a famous Youtuber, and his real name is Lannan Eacott. As of 2022, his net worth, including his official hoodie merchandise, is estimated to be over $12 million and is projected to increase in the coming years. Lannan Eacott is from Australia, and he became famous for his memes and the video commentaries on YouTube. He is also a Pro Gamer, and he is known for playing Super Mario, Ark Survival, Madden, Bear Simulator, The Sim 4, WWE 2K, etc. He is known to upload YouTube videos every day on his channel.

Lazarbeam Real Name, Age, Height


Real Name:Lannan Eacott
Birthday:December 14, 1994
Age:27 years
Net Worth:$12 million
Height:5’ 9” / 175cm
Profession:Gamer, Youtuber
Lazarbeam Net Worth

LazarBeam, with over 20 million subscribers and over 6 billion views, has amassed wealth and fame through YouTube. He is one of the famous personalities and a YouTube star in Australia. According to estimates, His daily income comes to around $42,000 and his average monthly income around $300,000, making his annual income a whopping $4 million.

In 2014, he started his career on YouTube, but all his recording equipment was stolen. So he started over again in 2015, and by 2018 his net worth was estimated to be almost $10 million.

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Lazarbeam Biography

Lannan Eacott was born in New South Wales, Australia, on 14th December 1994. He has two Brothers Jarrad and Callan, and a sister, Tannar. Jarrad is a professional Baseball player, and his sister is a photographer and a famous name on YouTube.

Lannan Eacott could not complete his education for dropping out of High School at the age of 15 in the tenth grade. Initially, he tried working in other fields, including the family construction business. He is known to have trained to be a pilot but could not receive a Licence. His sister Tannar had in her vlog mentioned of LazarBeam attending TAFE NSW for graduation, but it is said he dropped out of that program too.

The 5 feet 9 inches tall hunk is currently dating Ilsa Watkins, who is also popular on YouTube, and LazerBeam has videos with her on his YouTube channel. They have been dating since early 2019 and still going strong.

Lannan Eacott is currently residing in Sydney, Australia, after moving out of his parents’ house.


Lannan Eacott started his career on YouTube in 2014, where he used to post slow-motion videos of demolitions under the name of ‘CrushSlash.’ After some time, he changed his attention on Gaming. He started posting video commentaries of Madden NFL video game series on his new channel, “LazarBeam,” the name is taken from one of his characters in RuneScape. Lannan started the channel “LazarBeam” on 4th January 2015, and from here on, there was no looking back.

The first video uploaded in February 2015 attracted almost 300,000 subscribers and over 2 million views within a year. After that, he started streaming various other video games, including Fallout and NBA 2K16 and connected with many well-known YouTubers filming with them. By June 2017, his channel hit the 1 million subscriber’s mark.

In 2018 LazarBeam started playing Fortnite Battle Royale, and this took his channel to a greater height which saw 10 million subscribers by April 2019. He became the second YouTube content creator from Australia to reach this feat, and by July 2019, his channel on YouTube was the third most subscribed Fortnite streamer with over 10.7 million subscribers.

Currently, LazarBeam boasts over 20 million subscribers and over 6 billion views, making his channel the second most subscribed channel and the third most viewed in Australia. In January 2020, YouTube signed a deal with Lannan Eacott and his fellow YouTuber ‘Muselk’ Watkins to stream on their platform exclusively. Earlier, they had streamed on twitch as well.

LazarBeam started his channel with gaming videos and commentaries, but he uploads vlogs, funny videos, and various other videos. He not only has a massive following on YouTube but also has over 1 million followers on Instagram.


LazarBeam has not won any rewards till now, but he has achieved much more than bargained and what people can dream about. He had 1 million subscribers in the second year, on the fourth year, it was 10 million, and on the fifth year, he reached the 20 million milestone. All these are an achievement in themselves.

During Fortnite’s season-ending live event known as “The Device,” held in June 2020, LazarBeam’s stream reached about 900,000 viewers. By December 2020, YouTube announced that LazarBeam was the sixth most popular game content creator of the year and one of the year’s most popular live broadcasters.

In March 2021, as part of the Fortnite Icon Series, LazarBeam received his Fortnite Skin. LazerBeam, along with “Muselk” Watkins, after signing with YouTube, an exclusive deal, celebrated with a 12-hour live stream and raised A$100,000 for the Australian bushfire relief.

Lannan Eacott, Watkins, and Click members had earlier that month done a 36-hour charity live stream and raised A$300,000 for the bushfire relief efforts. 

In the 2020 Shorty Awards, LazarBeam was nominated for the ‘Best in Gaming’ category.


What does LazarBeam do for a Living?

LazarBeam is a full time YouTuber. All his earnings are from YouTube.

Has LazarBeam deleted Fortnite?

Although LazarBeam said that he decided to remove Fortnite and delete the game, You cannot be sure if he was serious as LazarBeam makes jokes like that a lot, so it is hard to say. According to sources he uninstalled the game but reinstalled.

Does LazarBeam have a wife?

LazarBeam is not married but is in a serious relationship with fellow YouTuber Ilsa Watkins. There is a high probability of them tying the knot.

Was LazarBeam featured in Free guy?

Yes. LazarBeam and few other YouTubers have a cameo appearance in the film.

How much does Lazarbeam make per stream?

Lazarbeam’s channel has approximately 7 million views daily which estimates his daily earning to over $16,000 per day. As of today, Lazarbeam has an estimated net worth over $12 million.