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LolTyler1 Net Worth – Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Tyler Steinkamp is commonly referred to by his online alias Tyler1 or t1 for short. As of 2022, LolTyler1 has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He is an American internet sensation and a streamer on the platform Twitch. Twitch is an American video streaming platform where users can stream gaming videos live and build a following.

Tyler is one of the most popular members of League of Legends. This is a multiplayer online battle arena video game, playing which he rose to fame. His first stream on League of Legends bought him an online fan following of almost 368000 streamers. This went down in history as the highest number of streamers for a non-tournament game.

In October 2020, he was signed by the South Korean esports company T1 to join them as a content creator. T1 is a team that is operated by T1 Entertainment and Sports and participates in League of Legends World Championship Tournaments.

LolTyler1 Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend


Real Name:Tyler Steinkamp
Net Worth:$2.5 million
Age:26 years old
Birthday:March 7, 1995
Height:5 feet 6 / 168cm
Occupation:Pro Gamer, Streamer, Vlogger

How Much Money Does LolTyler Make Money From Twitch and Youtube?

How Much Money Does LolTyler Make Money From Twitch and Youtube

In 2017, Tyler hosted an online League of Legends championship whose prize money was funded from his own pocket. Next year too, this tournament made a return, this time with a prize pool of $50000 funded by him independently.

The fact that Tyler can host and fund these championships without any sponsors speaks volumes about his earnings. Tyler has seldom stated that he hopes to give players a platform to further hone and increase their talents.

Tyler’s videos on Twitch and YouTube generally gather almost 300000 each. This means that regardless of what he’s doing, he has a steady supply of followers. YouTube and Twitch are famous for their ads.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that Tyler earns a massive amount from advertisements on these two platforms alone. Most of his fans are ones that have stuck around from day one and are very unlikely to leave.

While the details of the contract between Tyler and T1 aren’t out in the open, some things are clear. They depend on Tyler to further promote and enhance their brand image; thus, he earns through that too.

While Tyler has mostly always believed in hosting tournaments, he has also seldom been a part of them. This prize money, while not much, racked up to almost $22000 dollars. As of 2021, LolTyler1 has an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million.

When all of this is put together, one gets an amount that is almost close to $1 million. However, one important fact that is seldom missed out on is that he has consistently been a top streamer. This isn’t just on Twitch but also on YouTube. His loyal fan base is largely responsible for this.

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LolTyler1 Career & Biography

loltyler salary and income

Tyler is aged 26 and is based off in Missouri, United States. He studied Computer Science before leaving that to focus on his streaming career and also played for his university’s football team. Not only that, but he is rather popular on YouTube too. His YouTube videos stretch out to any and every genre. However, his main focus is League of Legends.

Tyler has a rather controversial history when it comes to gaming. In 2014, he was at the peak of the League of Legends ladder. However, he was known within his League of Legends community for all the wrong reasons. These include being called the player with the most toxic behavior.

He used to participate in activities that involved personally attacking the player against him. Not only that, he has a history of losing games intentionally so that he can throw other team players off the track. However, eventually, this toxic behavior led to a permanent ban on 22 of his accounts.

In 2016, Tyler announced that he is back. Owing to this news, his followers saw a jump of 90000. While he promised to keep his behavior in check, this notion was only short-lived. Soon he was back to doing the things he was famous for in the past. Surprisingly, this got so much media attention that famous players and personalities commented about the same.

Those that condemned his behavior believed that he was tarnishing the name of the entire industry. Thus, they wanted the creator of League of Legends, Riot Games, to take stricter action against Tyler1 this time.

tyler1 personal info

In 2016, history repeated itself again. One of the employees of Riot Games called ‘Riot Socrates’ made an important announcement. He stated that after a rather long history of verbal abuse and harassment towards players, Tyler would be forbidden from owning a League of Legends account. Even throughout all these years, this type of ban has taken place very rarely in the game.

After this ban, Tyler knew he had to do something different. Therefore, he diversified all his games and also started putting out videos. He also made a parody video of himself on April Fool’s Day, which became unbelievably famous. Post getting banned, he started streaming games like PUBG.

In late 2018, Tyler announced that he received an email from Riot Games stating he had been unbanned. Post this, he was signed as a content creator. However, Tyler still maintains a huge following on Twitch with 3.8 million followers. His fame continues to rise, regardless of some of the actions he was famous for.

What Is Tyler’s Salary?

While Tyler isn’t as famous as other YouTubers and Twitch streamers, he has made quite a name for himself. What started out as toxic behaviors and assault soon led him to be famous on a number of sites.

His net worth today comes to around $2.5 million. This stems from a number of different sources. It includes his income from Twitch streamers, his YouTube subscribers, and his contract with T1.

Tyler has a subscriber headcount anywhere between 10,000 and 20000. This concludes that he could earn somewhere between $300000 and $600000 per year. You will be shocked to know that this is just from subscribers alone.

Tyler also has a massive audience, which means promotion becomes easy. Therefore, he is frequently seen promoting products and services of his employer’s Brand T1, which is also a major contributor to his net worth.