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Mizkif Net Worth | Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Matthew Rinaudo, better known as Mizkif, is a popular Twitch streamer and Youtuber from United States who has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million, as of 2021. He began his career as a cinematographer for another streamer named Iceposeidon.

Mizkif is a famous YouTuber who has over 2 million followers as of 2021 and has already accumulated over 90 million views. He can attract an average of 9500 viewers per stream, with his peak viewership reaching 190,000 people.

Streamers Rinaudo doesn’t like to openly discuss his earnings, but he did recently let his followers into his personal life and how much money is currently flowing through it.

Mizkif Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend


Real Name:Matthew Rinaudo
Net Worth:$3.5 million
Birthday:February 14, 1995
Age:26 years old
Height:179 cm / 5.9 feet
Weight:177 pounds / 80Kg
Born In:Chesapeake, Virginia, United States
Girlfriend:Maya Higa (2019 – 2021 sep)
Occupation:Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Gamer

How Much Money Does Mizkif Make From Youtube And Twitch?

How Much Money Does Mizkif Make From Youtube And Twitch
How Much Money Does Mizkif Make.

Mizkif make money through advertising, subscribers, contributions, and bits. Mizkif has an estimated 21,000 followers from whom he receives at least $2.5 per month. According to Twitch’s terms of service, partners and affiliates are entitled to 50 percent of the subscription revenue, so a streamer earning $2.50 for the $4.99 tier is considered “officially” paid.

Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo is a well-known Twitch streamer/YouTuber based in the United States who made his debut in 2016 and has since then amassed a large following.

Streamers earn money through the Cheering function, which is triggered when a fan uses bits in the chat. A Cheer is an animated chat emote with bits. When you type “Cheer1,” you’ll get a grey bouncing triangle for 1.4 cents. The cost of “cheer100” was $1.4.

You may cheer any amount you want (including irregular figures, and the associated emotes grow larger and more sophisticated, up to a “Cheer10000,” a $140 tip represented by a fractured red star. streamers will be paid 1 cent for each Bit pledged throughout the campaign, but Twitch will keep 0.4 cents.)

Fans may also give directly to their favorite streamers through PayPal and other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum. To activate additional features such as donations and notifications, streamers can connect their account to third-party services such as Splitr.

Gaming For Good, StreamTip, Muxy, Stream Elements, and StreamLabs are just a few of the popular streaming services. All of these services provide a dedicated donation page for your channel on their own server that you may direct people to in order to make a contribution.

Mizkif makes money on YouTube. The channel has over 800,000 followers and has already received over 270 million views. It receives around 450,000 views every day from a variety of sources. Advertisements that appear on the videos should generate an estimated income of $3,600 per day ($1.3 million a year).

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Who Is Mizkif? Small Info About The Streamer

Personal Info About The Streamer Mizkif
About The Streamer Mizkif.

Born in February 14, 1995, Mizkif a 26-year-old native of Montclair, New Jersey, is the current generation’s biggest streamer. Mizkif is primarily a “Just talking” streamer who plays a range of games including Super Mario 64, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Among Us.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world. Mizkif is not among the biggest entertainers on YouTube or anywhere else, but he’s in an exclusive class. As a result, it should come as no surprise that every month, Matt makes a significant amount of money.

Mizkif has two YouTube channels: “Mizkif” and “MizkifToo.” The streamer has 410,000 subscribers on his main YouTube account and 1.4 million followers on Twitch. Mizkif is also a founding member of the gaming organization “One True King.”

During a live broadcast, Mizkif said he had been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and was advised by a physician to cease using Adderall to treat the condition after being diagnosed with viral myocarditis, an uncommon heart illness.

As of 2021, Mizkif has an estimated net worth at $3.5 million.

Mizkif House and Car

Twitch Streamer Mizkif House and Car
Twitch Streamer Mizkif House and Car.

“We arrived at the home after 24 hours of driving in only two days. The house is considerably nicer than I expected.” Mizkif Says.

After an unintentional restart, Mizkif Loses Jump King Progress as a Twitch Streamer

Finally Mizkif beat the latest Jump King Series, Babe of Ascension.

Twitch streamers helped Nexile’s platformer Jump King: There Is a Smoking Hot Babe at the Top get off to a flying start on PC in 2019. Twitch streams have led to many games becoming viral hits, and like many such titles, Jump King became a hit on Twitch.

On August 8, a player-created expansion for Jump King called Babe of Ascension was released, marking the first time in over a year that new material has been provided to fans. Nexile promoted the release of Babe of Ascension on Twitter, which includes a level featuring pictures of some of the Twitch streamers who helped make Jump King successful.

A content producer named Mizkif is one of the first Twitch streamers to broadcast Jump King since its release. When Mizkif spent nearly seven hours playing Jump King, he accidentally lost all of his progress when the game unexpectedly restarted a few days ago.

The video game player tried to restart the game by hitting the keyboard key, but nothing happened. The streamer was confused for a few seconds before turning to the chat for answers on what had just occurred. On PC, by default, the game’s keyboard command for “Restart” is set to Q.

“That’s not fair,” exclaimed Mizkif. The streamer then tried to rebind the keys on his controller and look for a save of his progress, but he couldn’t discover one.

“Yes, I’m furious… Is it my fault? That was seven hours of hard work gone. But I’ll be back up there in no time. This game is one of my favorites. He played for another seven hours.”

Similar to Getting Over It, the game featuring a guy in a pot that became extremely popular several years ago, Jump King is a test of gamers’ patience and perseverance.

The goal of the game is to reach the top of a tower, which may be difficult due to its high heights and sharp angles. To make matters worse, the player must scale an obstacle course as they progress up the tower in order to avoid falling. Mizkif had been playing for almost seven hours and had just climbed 35 percent of the tower.

Nexile is a Swedish startup that has just launched its first game, Jump King. The game has an overall Positive rating on Steam and 90 percent of the user reviews are positive.

The sequel, Jump King Quest, is currently in development and will be published by Sanity Studios. It will have similar platforming gameplay to its precursor but will also include more narrative and RPG elements.

After Break Up with Maya Higa, Mizkif has gone on a lengthy long twitch break.

Maya Higa and Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, two popular Twitch streamers, have called it quits after approximately two years together. As a result of their breakup, both Maya and Mizkif will be taking a long absence from Twitch to process the divorce and look for themselves.

In 2019, Maya and Mizkif met after Mizkif posted a comment on one of Maya’s PC build videos on YouTube. In June 2019, Maya traveled to Austin, Texas to see Mizkif, and the two Twitch streamers began living together shortly thereafter.

When Maya began streaming from Mizkif’s home, the two were forced to conceal their relationship. It wasn’t long after revealing their relationship that Mizkif and Maya began co-streaming. The pair would exchange anecdotes, make jokes, and embarrass each other in front of their fan base during these streams.

On September 14, Mizkif confirmed the split with Maya in a Twitlonger published on the same day. The Twitlonger stated that the break up was not triggered by cheating, conflict, or any other particular occurrence.

Both Maya and Mizkif have confirmed that they will be taking a break from streaming, with both of them later telling a fan that they’ll be gone for an extended period.

Mizkif is a well-known Twitch streamer who seldom leaves the site, with the most recent being in early 2020. He has taken numerous breaks from Twitch in recent years, including a ten-day vacation in February 2018 and a seven-day break back in August 2018.

Although Maya hasn’t streamed as frequently as Mizkif, she has not stopped streaming on the site since April 2021.

The postponement of the duo’s return has been a long time coming, with no word from either Mizkif or Maya on when they will resume streaming. According to recent Twitlonger statements, their return is expected to take place on September 27.

Both Maya and Mizkif have committed to split up, yet the lengthy vacation appears to be the result of their strong affection for one another as well as the feelings that resulted from the breakup.

Because there are many Mizkif followers who also like Maya, a portion of the Twitch community may be divided by the split between the two Twitch stars.

Both Maya and Mizkif have expressed their affection for each other and their support for each other during the difficult transition to being single. The two acknowledged their fans for standing by them throughout one of the greatest years of their lives.

FAQs About Mizkif

Why does Mizkif have so much money?

“Mizkif” and “MizkifToo” are the names of two of Mizkif’s YouTube channels. The streamer has 410,000 subscribers on his primary YouTube account and 1.4 million followers on Twitch.

How much money did Mizkif make in April?

During a broadcast, one of the chatters asked Mizkif: “what is the most money you’ve made throughout an entire month?” His response was even more straightforward: In April I earned $500,000.

Who is Mizkif Girlfriend?

Maya Higa, a woman who is dating fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif, began dating Matthew Rinaudo, also known as Mizkif, in 2019. On September 14, 2021, Mizkif revealed on Twitter that he and Higa had divorced.

How did Mizkif get rich?

Mizkif’s total income comes mostly from Twitch, where he currently has more than 1.6 million followers. This makes him the 15th most followed channel on the site, and his monthly earnings should be around $35-50k. Mizkif has an estimated net worth around $3.5 million, As of 2021.

How much is Mizkif boxes worth?

What is the net worth of Mizkif? We believe that Mizkif’s net worth is around $3.5 million, and here’s why. While streamers are known for keeping their financial information private, in early 2020 Mizkif informed his followers how much he was worth.