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Shroud Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Bio

Michael Grzesiek, commonly referred to as “Shroud” (formerly mEclipse), is a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. He is currently a Canadian streamer and a YouTuber who is famous worldwide. As of 2022, Shroud has an estimated net worth around $16 million. He is now the third-most followed individual worldwide on the platform called Twitch.

He is acclaimed for dabbling in first-person shooter and battle royale games. These include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, and Valorant, to name a few. Shroud is also commonly known as one of the best “aimers” during his games.

In December 2020, his Twitch channel surpassed over 8.7 million followers, making him a global icon among the youth. Not only that, his YouTube channel has more than 6.66 million subscribers. These are numbers that speak for his greatness and eminence among his fields of interest. He is currently aged 26, and things are only looking forward in the positive direction for him!

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Net Worth:$16 million
Birthday:June 2, 1994
Height:5.6 feet
Occupation:Pro Gamer, Streamer, Youtuber
Dating/Girlfriend: Hannah Kennedy

(Michael Grzesiek) Shroud Biography

shroud with His girlfriend

Shroud has always believed in diversity and variety, thus performing a range of tasks across multiple platforms. Talking about his journey, he started off as a CS: GO, player. Post this, he shifted full-time to the streaming platform Twitch. He has streamed for around 8000 hours on this platform. However, in October 2019, he declared his official shift from Twitch to Mixer, another such platform.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Mixer had to be shut down. Therefore, Shroud announced that he would be switching back to Twitch. The day of this announcement rendered him a staggering 500000 viewers on the site.

He continues to maintain active Twitter and Instagram accounts, through which he seldom interacts with his fans. Shroud also posts several important updates and personal thoughts through these platforms. His Instagram account has a following of 1.6 million too!

Unfortunately, he is off the market when it comes to romantic relationships. As of August 2020, sources state that he is dating Hannah Kennedy, who her fans know as Bnans. Hannah, too, is an immensely talented gamer and has a holistic knowledge about all things business. They sure do make a wonderful pair!

Shroud began his career playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with several E-Sports Entertainment Association League teams, such as Exertus eSports. Post this, he was signed by Cloud9, an American professional eSports association, in 2014. He was also a major contributor in helping Cloud9 finish first at the ESL Pro League Season 4.

He has won several accolades, such as The Game Award Content Creator of the Year and The Game Award for Trending Gamer. Here are the topmost frequently asked questions about this Canadian icon that will speak volumes about his charm and superiority!

What Is Shroud’s Net Worth?

shroud income

As of 2021, Shroud’s Net Worth is said to be around $16 million. Impressive, right? His most proud and unforgettable defeat was in the ESL Pro League Season 4, where Shroud nets him and his teammates $200000.

When talking about the sources of his net worth, there are numerous ones at present. However, some of these have a greater contribution than the others in making him what he currently is.

For instance, most of his net worth comes from his streaming platforms: Twitch and Mixer. The fact that he has accumulated a massive fan following over the years really helps him increase and sustain his views. Shroud’s fans are some of the most loyal ones you will ever find, always in awe of all of his decisions and moves.

Not only this, but he has other revenue sources too. These include viewers, subscribers, donation ads, and sponsored streams. Furthermore, his revenue generated from YouTube also has a pretty good contribution towards his net worth. His YouTube channel, with over half a billion total views, surely aids this cause.

Additionally, Shroud is sponsored by several well-known and reputed brands, which turn out to be important in adding to his net worth. This includes the famous fashion and clothing brand J!inx, alongside whom he has also created an exclusive and special brand of merchandise. Another prominent brand is also Logitech.

His merchandise includes a massive number of diverse items. These comprise knitted and woven joggers, exclusive sunglasses, lock-up trucker hats, etc. Furthermore, Shroud also keeps regularly advising his fans about the best computers and gaming equipment to buy. This ensures that the communication between them is always a two-way process and keeps his accounts active.

How Much Does Shroud Earn?

shroud michael grzesiek earnings

Shroud makes around $80000 monthly. This is owing to his Twitch and Mixer platforms. These contribute to a majority of his viewers. Not only this, but his YouTube subscribers too have resulted in endless streams. However, this income could potentially be higher depending upon the deal that he maintains with his company.

In case one includes advertisements and donations into this figure, it rises up to almost $82000 a month. It is important to point out that his fan-following on Mixer is far less than it used to be in Twitch. With Twitch, he almost had a huge community of fans. However, this didn’t deter his growth. He still continues to earn an amount that is commendable and is revered for his skills.

Furthermore, his YouTube channel, too, must be accounted for. With the love and support he gets through his followers there, he earns around $400000 through his YouTube screams and subscribers alone. These figures themselves speak for the amplitude and number of his fans. What is surprising is that he isn’t just viewed in Canada but followed all across the world too.

Researchers and fans suggest that it is his diversity that makes achieving these numbers possible. Shroud is renowned for playing a vast number of games. What is noteworthy is that he has made a name for himself in all of them. This is due to his sheer skill and practice day in and day out.

In today’s world, you must make relatable content if you intend to climb up the ladder, especially in the fields of gaming and YouTube.