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Sidemen Net Worth and Earnings From Youtube

The ‘Sidemen’ is a British group of YouTuber’s who have earned fame and wealth from YouTube. All of them are millionaires having their luxury cars at a young age. As of 2021, the sidemen channel is estimated to be worth $11.5 million. They also have their merchandise website and a lot of sponsorship deals.

There are seven members, each having their channels and earnings. All these members are from the UK. They joined together to form the Sidemen channel, and the profits are split among the members. Each members’ net worth is mentioned below as of 2021:

Name                                    Age                Nickname                Net Worth

Josh Bradley                         28 Years        Zerkaa                       $5 Million

Simon Minter                      28 years        Miniminter               $7 Million

Tobi Brown                          28 years        TBJZL                          $4.5 Million

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji           27 years        KSI                              $15 Million

Ethan Payne                        25 Years        Behzinga                   $1.5 Million

Vik Barn                                25 Years        Vikkstar                     $9 Million

Harry Lewis                          24 Years        W2S                           $6.5 Million

Sidemen Net Worth – $11.5 million

Members NameJosh, Harry, Tobi, Ethan, Simon, Vik, KSI/ Olajide
Gender:All Males
Profession:Gamers and Youtubers
Net Worth:$11.5 million
CountryUnited Kingdom

What are Sidemen?

Sidemen Net Worth - NuorderTech

Sidemen is a group of friends who have joined together to form YouTube channels and websites. Basically, they are all gamers and professional YouTubers with a massive following of subscribers. All of them are millionaires, and their primary income is from YouTube. There are seven members in the group, from the oldest being 28 years of age to the youngest being 24 years. The members are Tobi Brown, Simon Minter, Josh Bradly, Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji, Ethan Payne, Vik Barn, and Harry Lewis.

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Sidemen Biography
Sidemen Members

Most of the members knew each other long before forming the Sidemen. Except for Harry Lewis, the other members were a part of a Rockstar Games Social Club group started on 19th October 2013. It was called ‘The Ultimate Sidemen.’ Bradley and Brown were School mates. Both of them studied at the Bexley Grammar School located in London. Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji and Simon Minter were also schoolmates at the Berkhamsted School located in Hertfordshire.

To collaborate and work together, Simon Minter, Josh Bradly, Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji, and Vik Barn moved together near London in 2014. The house they lived in was referred to as “The Sidemen House.”

Josh Bradley met Harry Lewis in New York at a gaming FIFA event in 2014 January. It is where Harry Lewis was invited to join the group. Harry Lewis joined the group at the young age of 17 becoming the youngest member of the group. The group was complete, with Harry Lewis joining in as the seventh member of the group.


The Sidemen’s YouTube Channel uploads loads of vlogs, Reactions, commentary Videos, fun challenges, and various videos with celebrities that attract a considerable following of subscribers. They have created four channels, Sidemen, SidemenShorts, SidemenReacts, and MoreSidemen. The Sidemen Channel, as of 2021, has over 11 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views which is their highest among the four channels. The SidemenShorts has the lowest among the four channels, with over 1 million subscribers and almost 692,034 views. SidemenReacts has nearly 2 million subscribers and over 700,000 views, and MoreSidemen has Subscribers over 4.4 million and views of over 1.2 billion.

A web television series was released on 18th June 2018 titled ‘The Sidemen Show. This 30-minute series was released only for YouTube Premium. The exclusive show was about the Sidemen’s filming with different celebrity guests from around the world.

The groups’ YouTube channel reach the feat of achieving 10 million subscribers on 1st December 2020. YouTube awarded each group member with their Diamond Play Button on reaching this landmark.

Projects other than YouTube

With the Coronavirus hitting the world over, the Sidemen took up the social cause to raise awareness for people of the UK. The Sidemen filmed a twenty-minute video on YouTube titled #StayHome in March 2020. The YouTube video had many other YouTubers and celebrities campaigning to create awareness to stay home and contain the Coronavirus in the UK. The money that was generated during the campaign was all donated to the National Health Service.

The Sidemen also has a website where they deal in merchandise. It is basically an official clothing line of the Sidemen. The group has been selling and distributing its merchandise since 2014.

The Sidemen also has a book to its name. Coronet Books published the book titled ‘Sidemen: The Book’ on 18th October 2016, and it was the number one bestseller in the UK. The group had a UK-wide promotional tour, and on the first three days, 26,436 copies were sold.

The group also has been involved in various charitable events. They organized three football events donating all the revenue for philanthropic purposes. The first event raised about £.100,000 at the St. Mary’s Stadium, located in  Southampton, and the proceeds were donated to Saints Foundation. The second match raised £.200,000 at The Valley Stadium, London and the proceeds were for The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust. The third match raised £65,747 at The Valley Stadium, London and the proceeds were for the Young Minds Trust and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust.


In the 2017 British Book Awards, The Book on Sidemen titled “Sidemen: The Book” was nominated for ‘Non-Fiction: Lifestyle Book of the Year.’

In the 2019 Shorty Awards, The Sidemen were nominated for the ‘Best YouTube Ensemble.’


Who is the most popular Sidemen?

KSI with his huge following is the most popular Sidemen. He is also said to have a larger share in the Sidemen Channel

Who is the oldest Sidemen?

Josh Bradley is the oldest among the members of the Sidemen. He also is said to be the leader of the group.

Who is the richest Sidemen?

According to estimates, KSI is the richest Sidemen, although he points to Vikkstar as having more money.

How much do the Sidemen earn in a year?

It is estimated that the sidemen earn over $3.5 million in a year.