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Unspeakable Net Worth |Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Unspeakable, or Nathan Johnson Graham is a famous American YouTuber who does content on Minecraft gameplay and more. As of 2021, Nathan Graham Johnson, AKA Unspeakable, currently has a net worth of $30 million. He obtained this crazy sum from years of producing great YouTube content.

He wasn’t just posting regular gameplay videos, but his content was entertaining, interactive, and fun. Plus, his hilarious, witty commentary is what attracts most of his viewers, especially the kids. Plus, with so many secondary channels up his sleeve, you can expect him to make more by the end of this year.

Net Worth:$30 Million
Real Name:Nathan Johnson Graham
Date Of Birth:December 5th 1997
Height:6’0 or 182 Cm
Weight:61 Kgs or 136.5 Lbs
Profession:YouTuber & Gamer
Girlfriend:Kayla Conley
Place Of Birth:Houston, Texas, United States

Who is Unspeakable?


Unspeakable Net Worth

Unspeakable or Nathan Johnson Graham is a favorite amongst the YouTube gaming community. He rose to fame with his great gameplay on Minecraft videos. His videos are fun, entertaining, and he is quite interactive with his fans. He undoubtedly built a YouTube empire with his content over the years. It is no question that many gamers and YouTubers envy Nathan.

We have come to know that games like Minecraft are the real cash cow for thousands of famous content creators on YouTube. It started garnering extreme popularity in 2011. Nathan realized that his potential career was YouTube, especially when he earned his first pay cheque of $156 from YouTube. From that day on, he realized that this hobby would become his primary source.

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Unspeakable Biography and Personal Info

Unspeakable, or Nathan Johnson Graham, was born on 5th December 1997 in Houston, Texas, United States. Unspeakable is a famous American YouTuber who does content on Minecraft gameplay and more. Apart from his gaming, Nathan also does vlogging on a separate channel. His creative nature and excellent content help him cater to almost every audience out there, especially the kids.

Nathan has the right skill set for the games, but that’s not just it. His hilarious commentary appeals to the kids a lot, making him a profitable host. His popularity grew even more with establishing his clothing line, which the children love and adore. He is also a part of “The Squad,” a group on YouTube that consists of his best friends Andrew Smith and George (Moose).

Nathan and MooseCraft had a group called “Proper Productions.” They were the only two members, and their channels consisted of “ProperIdiots,” “Proper Life,” and “ProperDummies.” Some of his close associates on YouTube include MooseCraft, Preston, FavreMySabre, ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN, Shark, Logdotzip, and CyclonePlays. He has a game named “ChaseCraft” at present, which you can easily locate on the Google Play Store and the App Store.


Nathan has never disclosed anything about his personal life. It includes his high school, college, family, and more. However, he was born in Houston, Texas. So, we are pretty positive that he did his high school back in his hometown. But as far as college is concerned, no one knows anything about it but him and his family.

How Did Unspeakable Start His Career?

Unspeakable Career Income

Unspeakable joined YouTube on 9th October 2012. He began posting his 1st series called “Minecraft Survival Island” back on 17th November 2012. However, Unspeakable’s channel started garnering massive popularity during 2016 with his Minecraft gaming content. His videos started gaining millions of views in such a short period. Some of those popular videos were “SURVIVING WITH ASWDFZXC IN MINECRAFT,” “5 CRAZIEST MINECRAFT SEEDS,” “FINDING ASWDFZXC IN MINECRAFT… (SCARY NIGHT), and also “25 WAYS TO KILL ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN.”

After the growing success of his “UnspeakableGaming” channel, he began his 2nd channel on YouTube titled “Unspeakable” back in 1st May of 2016. This channel’s contents consisted of fun videos, insane challenges, pulling pranks, and his friends. On 25th June 2017, his Minecraft channel titled “UnspeakablePlays” was launched. 

In this channel, the contents were about Minecraft, pranks, maps, challenges, gaming, etc. You can also find many other related videos of Minecraft Pocket Edition. All of these videos were garnering a massive number of views. That is how his career took a start for the continued success.

Fun Facts About Unspeakable

Unspeakable’s highest viewed video is titled “BUILDING WORLD’S TALLEST LEGO TOWER (50FT+),” with over 46 million views. His first ever video on this channel is called “INSANE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH UNSPEAKABLE.” His zodiac sign is that of Sagittarius. He is associated with other content creators such as SGC Barbarian, MrBeast, TheBajanCanadian, Bionic, TheFearRaiser, ProperDummies, RageElixir, etc. and Roman Atwood.

Digging Deeper On Unspeakable

Surprisingly, Nathan is an extroverted guy, even though he is into gaming and other indoor activities. Apart from his parents, he also has a younger brother. At the age of six, Nathan joined the boy scouts. His parents recall Nathan asking for a new video game every single Christmas or birthday. Some of his other interests include books, photography, internet surfing, learning, and traveling.


Who is Unspeakable Dating Now?

Nathan was in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber named “Kayco.” The full name of Kayco is Kayla Conley. Kayla is another American YouTuber with a subscriber count of 850K, where her content is mostly about gaming. Nathan met Kayla when she was in her sophomore year back in high school. She met Nathan in a chemistry class, and she was around 15 at that time. But the pair broke up back in 2019. At present, Nathan’s relationship status is unknown to us.

Is Unspeakable a Millionaire?

It is without a question that Unspeakable is a well-rounded millionaire. All thanks to his fruitful YouTube career, Nathan has accumulated so much income over the years. Plus, with all the new content coming up, you can expect him to increase his net worth. In his channel, even the newest uploads are receiving over 3+ million views. So, you can imagine what his net worth will be soon.

How much money does unspeakable get a year?

In just a day, he receives over 2 million views on this channel from multiple videos. So, it brings revenue of $16,000 daily, which equals $6 million annually. Plus, he also has multiple secondary channels like “Unspeakable Gaming,” “UnspeakablePlays,” “Unspeakable 2.0,” “UnspeakableShop,” “ChaseCraft,” and “UNSHORTABLE.” Here, all these channels are bringing in more views, which elevates his net worth even more.

How much is Unspeakable Net Worth?

The gaming channel “Unspeakable” on YouTube is one of the most popular gameplay channels. With all the views and sponsorships that he’s been getting, Nathan is currently sitting on a handsome net worth of $30 million. Most of his videos consist of Minecraft, custom maps, challenges, and role-plays. As of 2021, his main channel “Unspeakable” has over 11.5 million subscribers with an overall view of 4.8 billion.