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xQcOW Net Worth Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

xQcOW Net Worth – $5 million

Félix Lengyel is prominently known for his online alias ‘xQc’ or ‘xQcOW.’ He is a famous Canadian internet personality as he was the highest-paid Twitch streamer in the year 2022! He is a Canadian Twitch streamer and a former Overwatch player.

xQcOW was born and raised in Quebec, Canada, in the year 1995. He developed an interest in skateboarding, snowboarding, trampolining, and video games at an early age. Therefore, he started playing League of Legends on Twitch and later switched to Overwatch.

His road to fame traces back to the year 2016 when xQcOW joined the team ‘Q?’ and won the Dreamhack Montreal Overwatch Tournament, where he played as the main tank player.

xQc Real Name, Bio, Early Life

Real Name: Félix Lengyel
Net worth:$5 million
Age:26 years old
Birthday:November 12, 1995
Height:6.2 feet
Occupation:Youtuber, Streamer, Pro Gamer

In the year 2017, he joined the team Dallas Fuel as their 9th player and participated in the Overwatch League. However, after playing a few matches, he was suspended for a few matches for making Homophobic remarks. He was also fined $2,000 for violating the Overwatch League Code of Conduct.

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When he returned, he was suspended and fined for the second time for using foul language and violating various social media norms. After this,xQcOW decided to take a break from playing and become a full-time streamer.

While he decided to take a break, he represented Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 at the international level.

When he decided to officially come back to professional play by joining Gladiators Legion and competing in Overwatch Contenders, the team decided that they wouldn’t participate in the tournament.

All of this led xQcOW to continue full-time streaming on Twitch. In October 2019, he became the most-watched streamer on Twitch and was the 29th most followed person on Twitch! He also streams for various events such as TwitchCon, BlizzCon, and Riot Games. Apart from streaming events and his main game – Overwatch, he also streams other games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Real Royale.

xqc twitch and youtube income

Even in Twitch, he was surrounded by certain controversies. He was banned thrice in the year 2020 for 3 days, 1 day, and 7 days respectively, for sharing explicit or pornographic content. He also received a ban of six-months from Twitch Rivals for stream sniping in an attempt to sabotage the game,

Apart from Twitch, he also has a YouTube channel that he made in the year 2015. His channel is filled with live streams, personal questions and answers, and compilations. All the videos on his YouTube channel are uploaded by his editors: Arthium and Daily Dose.

In order to tell you more about Félix AKA xQcOW, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about him.

How Much Does xQcOW Earn From Twitch and Youtube?

How Much Does xQcOW Earn From Twitch and Youtube

xQcOW is a very famous streamer on Twitch and streamers earn money through their number of subscribers, advertisements, and donations. xQcOW has around 35,000 subscribers, and a streamer earns a minimum of $2.5 from every subscriber. Through this logic, xQcOW would be earning at least $8,000 per month from Twitch alone!

Apart from his regular streaming, where he would earn $960,000 on a yearly basis, he earns through other means as well that includes streaming for events or guest-appearances.

Apart from paying for the number of subscribers, Twitch also provides a feature of ‘Cheer.’ In this, a viewer can buy any number of Cheers that cost at the rate of $1.4 per Cheer. After this, if the viewer types “Cheer1” in the chat, it would donate $1 to the streamer and $0.4 to Twitch.

Apart from the Cheer feature provided by Twitch, viewers or fans can also donate to the streamer directly. This can be done through various applications such as Paypal and Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

All of these features serve as an additional income to xQcOW, which results in his popularity and hence, high net worth.

What Is xQcOW’s Salary?

As of 2022, xQcOW net worth is estimated to be around $5 million! No wonder that he was the highest-paid streamer in Twitch for the year 2022.

The most prominent reason behind his high net worth is the huge number of subscribers that he has on Twitch and his YouTube channel. This is because he is known for having a great command over the game Overwatch. He had been playing that game for a long time and even represented his country (Canada) at the International level. So, it is kind of obvious that he knows his way around the game and its streaming.

Since he rarely says yes to any sponsorship deal or advertisement, his net worth is less as compared to other streamers who have tons of advertisements in their videos. If xQcOW starts advertising a bit, it might not affect his subscribers, but it definitely would increase his net worth by around $500,000 on an annual basis.

Apart from the less sponsorship and advertisements, it is important to consider that the six-month imposed on him by Twitch Rivals has also affected his net worth in a negative way.

As mentioned above, the scandalous behavior of xQcOW and him streaming his fights with Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevin) and his wife (Jessica Goch) keeps him surrounded by controversies. Despite all the controversies, he is popular among people, and his followers make sure to stay by his side.