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Ross Cameron Net Worth (2022) & Biography

Ross Cameron net worth, bio, income

Born in Vermont, USA, Ross Cameron bagged his Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Vermont. While studying, he worked on the development and architecture of the AutoCAD engineering certification. In the 2000s, he stayed and worked in a design and engineering office in the city of Manhattan until returning to Vermont after realizing that he is capable of doing more. 

Personal Info

Known as:Ross Cameron
Birth Place:Vermont, USA
Alma MaterCollege of Vermont
Profession:Day Trader, CEO of Warrior Trader Company
Net Worth in 2021:$4 Million
Last Updated:April 2021

Keep reading if you want to know about Ross Cameron’s net worth in 2021 and how he became the owner of one of the most popular trading company.

Ross Cameron Biography

Ross Cameron personal info

Cameron worked as a pottery teacher’s assistant, cleaned pools, and mowed lawns when he was still in school. He knew that these jobs wouldn’t get him to where he wanted to be, as it wasn’t paying him well. The ability to earn even in a day in the stock market seemed appealing to Ross, and he soon signed up for it.

Ross Cameron took his first trades in 2001 in his Ameritrade account. He was a skiing enthusiast at that time and wanted to invest in a company called American Ski. However, he was told by the office that they would take $50 as a commission for placing his buy order and an additional $50 for placing the sell order. It didn’t sound too good to Cameron, so he made up his mind to open another account for $1000.

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Cameron bought some shares in companies such as Exxon Mobile, American Ski, Cannondale, American Electric Power, Caterpillar, and Pfizer. He was not yet day trading actively then but trying his hand at investments. At that time, Cameron wasn’t even aware that some stocks moved enough in a day to earn money in the day trading business.

Despite much effort and dedication as a day trader, Cameron didn’t see any drastic change in the values of the stocks even until the end of the year. Thus, he assumed that one could make money through trading only if they made huge investments and a large account from the start. He stopped trading and didn’t look back much until he fell into a financial crisis in the year 2008.

Ross Cameron’s dad passed away and left him an inheritance of around $100K in 2007. He invested the money with a large company’s financial adviser. However, the returns were not satisfactory under the adviser’s management. Cameron was facing difficulties finding work and was in Vermont at the time. He began thinking that he would be able to generate profit every year if he worked full-time as a day trader and if he managed his resources himself. 

When one of Ross’ friends traded penny stock and made around $16,000, he thought he could do it too. And since Ross’ account was larger, he thought it wasn’t impossible to make $200 a day or 50% in a year through penny stocks trade.

It was the start of a new journey for Ross when he tried penny stocks, large caps, small caps, buy/sell indicators, and so on but didn’t find them consistent. He gained a wide range of knowledge about trading, but it wasn’t as successful as he wanted it to be.

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After trying for years, Ross finally applied his tried and true strategy into his new account that had only $583.15 in 2017 and multiplied it into more than $100,000 in forty-four days. This built up his confidence, and he aimed to turn that amount into one million. So Ross spent two years accomplishing that and crossed the one million mark in May 2019.

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Ross Cameron Net Worth

Ross Cameron income

Ross Cameron has a net worth of $4 million as of April 2021, and it is expected to increase as he is excelling as a day trader and his Warrior Trader Company is also one of the best in the market. 

As of 2020, Ross Cameron has already accumulated a gross profit of $5 million and a net profit of $4.5 Million. He has trading profits of about $7 Million now and aims to grow it to $10 Million. However, according to Ross, he currently isn’t focusing on keeping a specific goal for the year.

Ross Cameron states that goals are important and can actually help in reaching the desired amount. However, the market can limit the options sometimes, and he can take only as much as it gives. So his main source of profit is volatility, and if he sees that the market is very volatile, he can take advantage of it. But if the situation is cool down, his profits decrease too.

About Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is a business group that runs online and offers business courses that are mostly beginners-oriented. Ross Cameron set it up as a blog in 2012, and Warrior Trading became a highly popular internet Live-Tag chat room among day traders since its launch.

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It is a platform where beginners can learn, take courses on trading fundamentals and improve their skills. Whether we decide to give credits to his excellent marketing skills or his ability to deliver stock education as no one can, we sure know that Ross Cameron is successful in this business. 

There are lots of scammers on the internet who offer these types of courses and do not produce any brokerage or income verification. Hence, it makes people suspicious of anything that seems too good to be true. However, Cameron was very optimistic when he stated that he aimed to give rise to 50,000 traders who worked full-time by 2020. A study found out that eighty-two per cent of a random 100 people who completed the trading course from Warrior Pro were successful day traders. 

Ross Cameron also wrote a book called “How to Day Trade,” and it was one of the best-selling books. In it, he mentioned the skills needed in day trading and also some tips to become a successful trader.

Like other successful traders, Ross Cameron proves that we do not see benefits overnight and instantly from his experience. It takes strategy, perseverance, hard work, and overcoming a lot of disappointments and obstacles to excel at day trading. Paying attention to his tips, those who are just trying their hand at trading can develop their own strategies and minimize losses. 

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