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Sue Aikens Net Worth & Salary Age, husband, Bio

Sue Aikens Net Worth, bio, salary

Popularly known for her role in “Life Below Zero,” Sue Aiken is a TV star hailing from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The 55-year-old TV personality is an adventurer, hunter and runs a B&B camp where goers can enjoy several activities like hunting and bird watching. She is mostly all by herself in the wild and freezing cold.

You might be familiar with Sue Aikens, but if you want to get to know her more, keep reading. We will discuss personal life, career, birthday, height, weight, and everything about Aikens in this article. In addition, we will also provide a short biography about her and her 2021 net worth. So without further ado, let’s start!

Known as:Sue Aikens
Age:57 years
Birth Date:July 1, 1963
Birth Place:Chicago, Illinois
Weight:77 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Husband:Michael G. Heinrich
Profession:TV personality
Net Worth in 2021:$600,000
Last Updated:April 2021

Age, Height, and Weight

As of April 2021, Sue is 57 years old. She weighs 77 kg, and her height is 1.75m.

Sue Aikens Biography


Sue Aikens personal info

Early Life

Born on July 1, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, Sue Aikens was unique since her childhood. While other girls and women eyed on fancy clothes, bags, and shoes, she went about collecting stones and bullets! Sue’s mother left her when she was only 12 years old. We could say she was and is a real survivor. 

She adopted in the harshest weather and has seen a notable amount of atrocities throughout her teen years and womanhood. As an abandoned young girl, Sue learned to live life the hard way in the Alaskan wilderness. However, she came out of it strong and undefeated by the wild. 

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Personal Life

Sue Aikens had three unsuccessful marriages. Her first two marriages had an unfortunate ending as both the husbands died. She had two children with her second husband; however, they decided to leave their nomadic life and normally live in the US. Sue and her children keep in touch through the phone and social media. As for the third husband, he left Sue for another woman who was younger. In short, Sue Aikens has experienced what one would consider the worst situations and circumstances in life.

When it comes to Sue’s personal life, she keeps it rather away from her professional life. Therefore, there isn’t enough information about what happens behind the scenes every day. However, her son’s marriage in 2016 came to light when she posted a picture of them together from his wedding day. She is quite active on social media, and her Facebook account has over 50,000 followers. Sue has two grandchildren as of now.

Sue Aikens strives best when left alone with nature. She even aspired to be a lighthouse keeper at one point of time! Her Kavik River Camp has been her home for over a decade, where she leads an undisturbed, peaceful and happy life.


Sue, as we all know by now, is a TV personality and a hunter in Alaska. Her life in the wilderness for years developed her physically and mentally to face the harshest environments. Although we recognize her mainly as a cast of “Life Below Zero,” Sue also had other TV appearances, the first one being in the show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

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She also takes part in a second show called “Flying Wild Alaska.” However, the show that gained her the most fame and recognition was “Life Below Zero.” The show portrayed the life of six survivors and the techniques they used to stay alive in the wild. More and more people started recognizing her through the show, and her net worth increased considerably too.

Kavik River Camp is the name of the camp that she operates. It is located near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and is 197 miles away from the Arctic Circle. It serves as a resting place for birders, adventurers, hunters, and scientific researchers who come to experience the region. The Kavik River Camp is wi-fi-supported, and Sue has been running it successfully for quite a long time and is her primary income source.

It can be tough to get a slot in the camp as it is quite popular, especially when it’s the season for hunting and bird-watching. 

Awards & Achievements

Sue Aikens earnings and income

Sue Aikens resides in a place where many wouldn’t dare to live. However, through her hard life, she learned how to survive in the numbing cold and dreadful conditions. Her many years of life in the wilderness made her tough enough to live through the worse conditions and make nature her home.

This is why Sue’s story is truly an inspiration for many people, men, and women out there. Her survival skills and going from an abandoned, homeless child to a TV star that owns a camp in the wild made her career and life flourish.

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Sue is the highest-paid cast in the show “Life Below Zero.” She is now a famous and celebrated personality. We can say that her courage to move on through all the difficulties and misfortunes of her life is her greatest achievement. And Sue has definitely come out from them in shining colors.

Net Worth & Salary of Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens’ net worth as of 2021 is $600,000. Her main income source is the Kavik River Camp which provides accommodation to nature-lovers and hunting enthusiasts. The amount she charges for one day at the camp is $350 and $4500 per week. Her yearly salary is $200,000, which she earns from working in “Life Below Zero” and running her camp.

Aikens is leading quite a happy life as a hunter and survivor in the wild. Through her work, she gets sufficient money to sustain and enjoy her life and even meet new nature enthusiasts like her. Her bravery and survival skills have made her into a famous personality both on and off-screen. Her dangerous job and life put her in danger sometimes, but overall, it is evident that she couldn’t have enjoyed life more!

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