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Summit1g Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Height, Wife

summit1g biography

Jaryd Russell Lazar rules the gaming world under the name Summit1g. He uses this online alias to run his official channel and holds a follower count of about 5.8 million. Summit1g has an estimated net worth around $6 million. With a view of 407.5 million, this American Twitch streamer has gained immense fame in the gaming world.

He is a retired competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has formerly played for professional esports teams like A51 and Mythic. Jaryd retired from competitive esports and shifted to making content on Twitch by streaming CS GO and WarZ.

Summit1g caters to his huge following by streaming several; video games, including Escape from Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto V, Sea of Thieves, Valorant, and DayZ. He can justifiably be called one of the biggest stars on Twitch.

Summit1g was the “most followed streamer” on the Twitch platform at one point. He crossed several obstacles to reach the peak. However, his stay was short-lived.

Summit1g Real Name, Age, Height, Wife

Real Name:Jaryd Lazar
Net Worth:$4 million
Age:33 years
Birthday:April 27, 1987
Height:5.6 feet / 168 cm
Occupation:Streamer, Pro Gamer

Summit1g Net Worth

Jaryd is known to fall in the list of the top 10 richest Twitch streamers. He ranks as the 9th most rich streamer on the platform. As of 2022, Summit1g has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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He is best known for his live streams, which are meant to entertain those in the gaming community. This impressive sum is based on the collective counting of his Twitch subscribers and several other factors.

It is also heard that his net worth might take a hike because of his new exclusivity deal with Twitch. His success in front of the webcam and immense support from his fans and following is the reason for such a high net worth.

Summit1g Biography

summit1g salary and earnings

He crossed Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell as Twitch’s popular individual streamer in December 2017. This feat was followed by him overtaking Riot Games as the “most followed channel” on Twitch.

Jaryd reached the peak in January 2018 but soon lost the title in 2018. He received a massive boost, based on the huge popularity of PUBG. This wave was soon changed by the entry of Fortnite, and Tyler’s Ninja’ Blevins replaced him at the top.

His retirement from competitive esports was justified, as he is more popular on his Twitch platform. His gaming play in DreamHack Open in Dallas in the year 2016 on behalf of Splyce is considered as the infamous Molotov fail.

summit1g personal info

This gameplay was ranked as the worst CS: GO play in 10 years by the fans. This being said, he reaches out to millions of followers on Twitch, and his gameplays are loved by several. With certain failures in his bag, he is still one of the most followed streamers.

The 33-year-old, ninth most followed streamer on the platform belongs to Orange County, California, US. He was known to be married to Desirae Lazar. The duo split in the mid-2010s, and Summit1g is now dating a fellow streamer “LilChiipmunk.”

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Both Desirae and Jaryd seem to have moved on from their divorce and maintain a cordial friendship. She also works as his manager.

He was later known to comment to his viewers as being disappointed by the backlash he received from his fans. Many of the followers threatened to unfollow him to criticize his decision.

In December 2019, his current girlfriend “LilChiipmunk,” complained on Twitter that streamers on Twitch were promoting racism. This inference was drawn from the fact that streamer Sweet Anita was seen to unintentionally blurt out the N-word.

The viral video was later corresponded by the news that Sweet Anita suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome. Having his girlfriend dragged into the mud of controversy, Jaryd was seen to apologize publicly to Sweet Anita.

In 2020, he was followed by another set of controversies, built on his comments surrounding the game Valorant. He called out the free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooting game developed by Riot Games.

Summit1g has a power-packed history, with esport background and a huge fan following in Twitch. He is swiftly building his career as a famous gamer and streamer and winning love even through the maze of controversies.

Read on to check out the answers to some commonly asked questions.

How Much Does Summit1g Earn From Twitch?

Summit1g has a net worth of millions of dollars which is corroborated by his earnings from the Twitch platform. His subscriber count currently stands at 36,000. The large subscribing community makes him $80,000 monthly for the subs alone.

The previous amount is further followed by ad revenue. Some of his income also comes from YouTube, where he is known to post stream highlights. The views reach up to 100,000 on every video uploaded on YouTube.

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Influencer Marketing Hub created the YouTube income tool that estimates his income from the channel to be approximately $200,000.

He is also in partnership with several big brands, like, Monster energy drinks and PC builder Cyberpower. Thus, the ad partnerships further fuel his earnings.

Summit1g has not always been lucky and has seen his fair share of failures. He has a greater success as a streamer than he had as a player in competitive esports. Regardless of his gameplay, he has a talent to entertain, thereby earning many loyal fans.


Know everything you want to know about your favorite Twitch streamer, Summit1g.

What car does Summit1g drive?

He currently drives a tuned classic Nissan Skyline GTR R32, which is black.

Why did Summit1g quit Valorant?

He gave a simple reason, stating that he wished to play a pirate-themed roleplay game more. He also mentioned that he lacked excitement in the massively popular newer title, Valorant, as it did not have a ranked system.

What does 1g mean in summit1g?

Jaryd used the 1g in his alias to refer to “1st Generation,” an old-school Counter-Strike club.

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