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Tim Kaine Net Worth | Age, Height, Wife, Bio

Tim Kaine Net Worth 2021 Age, Height, Wife, Salary, Bio

Kaine is an American lawyer, politician, and is most recognized for being a junior United States Senator from Virginia. As of 2022, Tim Kaine has an estimated net worth at $13 million, He was nominated to the Senate during the year 2012 and is the candidate of his party meant for Vice President of the United States in 2016 election.

Tim Kaine Age, Height, Wife, Bio


Net Worth:$13 million
Full Name:Timothy Michael Kaine
Age:February 26, 1958
Birthday:63 years old
Height:1.78 m / 5.8 feet
Wife:Anne Holton
Children:Woody Kaine, Nat Kaine, Annella Kaine
Occupaiton:Politician and Lawyer

How Much Money Did Tim Kaine’s Make?

How Much Money Did Tim Kaine's Make
How Much Money Did Tim Kaine’s Make

Kaine has worked for the government for over 20 years. His first job was as a city council member in Richmond, VA. He then became mayor of Richmond. Kaine also was elected lieutenant governor of Virginia next and then governor after that. Finally, he became a senator in 2012 when he ran for office.

The vice presidential nominee and his wife reported income of $178,343 (2006), $181,707 (2007), $194,231 (2008), $175,955 (2009), $320,022 (2010), $263,910 (2011), and $314,398 in their 2006 through 2014 tax returns.

The minimal figures, when compared to what typical Americans take home, are certainly good; but they pale in comparison to the $10.74 million Bill and Hillary Clinton took home in 2015, and they’re a rounding error on the $28.3 million they made in 2014.

Kaine does not provide an exact net worth, and he almost certainly has a number of pension and retirement accounts, having spent so much of his life as an elected official.

As of 2021 Kaine has an estimated net worth at $13 million, noting that number made him “slightly wealthier than the average member of Congress and ninth among all members from Virginia.”

Tim Kaine Biography and Personal Info

Tim Kaine What You Need To Know About Him

Mr. Kaine has helped people in his work, Early Commitment to Public Service

In Kansas City, Missouri, Tim Kaine worked in his father’s ironworking business. His parents instilled in him the importance of hard effort and demonstrated how little businesses and technical abilities contribute to the United States on a daily basis.

Tim Kaine began his public service career by running a technical school founded by Jesuit missionaries in Honduras after completing his studies at the University of Missouri. Tim Kaine trained young people in carpentry and welding, giving them tools to lift themselves and their communities up.

His experience in Honduras, according to Tim Kaine, was a “north star” that inspired his commitment to increase employment opportunities for everyone. His time there reaffirmed three fundamental principles that remain important parts of his life today: “Fè, familia, y trabajo” – “Faith, family, and work.”

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Family Life

Anne Holton and Tim Kaine met at Harvard Law School and married in 1984. They attend the same church in Richmond, where they were wed. Anne, a former legal aid lawyer and juvenile court judge who served as Virginia Secretary of Education from 2014 until 2016, is one of their three children.

Anne previously ran a program called Great Expectations, which provides tutoring, career coaching, and other services to help young people who have aged out of foster care and are enrolled in Virginia community colleges transition to adult success.

Tim says that Anne is the finest public official he knows after having served as George Mason University’s interim President in 2019-2020. After that, she became an education policy expert at George Mason University.

Linwood Holton, Anne’s father and a former Republican governor of Virginia, was instrumental in integrating the state’s public schools and laying the foundation for future progress.

Early Career

Tim Kaine worked as a civil rights lawyer in Richmond, Virginia, for 17 years after graduating from law school. He specialized in representing people who had been refused housing due to their race, disability, or family status.

Tim Kaine assisted in the successful defense of one of the largest civil rights jury verdicts ever in a case involving insurance company discrimination against minority communities In 1998. From 1987, he has been teaching law part-time at the University of Richmond.

Elected Office

Tim Kaine has served as a city council member and Mayor of Richmond. He was first elected to public office in 1994, when he became a city councilman.

He also emphasized his credentials as a law enforcement officer and a community activist, stressing that he had worked with local cops and residents to solve violent crime issues in Richmond when he was first elected to City Council there.

Tim Kaine was the 70th Governor of Virginia, serving as Lieutenant Governor from 2002 to 2006 and being inaugurated in 2006. While governor, Tim improved education and health care systems and by the end of his term, leading publications ranked Virginia the best state for raising a child and the greatest state for business.

Senator Kaine visited every school and municipality in the Commonwealth to assist Virginia survive the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Kaine has also focused on strengthening Virginia’s background check system and pushing his legislature to do more to make communities safer in the wake of the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech.

Kaine was a key aid to former Virginia governor and Obama administration official Tim Kaine, who is running for vice president on the Democratic ticket. In his capacity as chair of the DNC from 2009 through 2011, he rallied Democrats across the country in support of passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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In the Senate

Tim was chosen to the Senate in 2012 as a can-do optimist with experience bringing individuals together across political, racial, and geographic lines.

In the Senate, Tim has spent his time focusing on improving Virginians’ lives. He has prioritized increasing job opportunities for all citizens.

Kaine serves as the co-chair of the bipartisan Career and Technical Education (CTE) Caucus, which focuses on increasing access to job-training programs so that students of all ages are prepared with the skills they need for today’s economy.

In The Senate, Tim Has Devoted His Time to Assisting Military Families and Veterans.

Tim has devoted his time to assisting military families and veterans

Tim Kaine, as a Senator from one of the states most closely connected to the military and the father of a Marine, is dedicated to producing sound national security policy while also reducing the danger of unwarranted conflict.

As President, he will work to ensure that the military has the resources it requires to keep America safe and that service members and veterans are given all of the benefits and care they deserve. He’s also been a stern critic of presidents who start war without congressional authorization.

Health care, in his view, is a right rather than something that is restricted to those who can afford it, and he has worked tirelessly for health care reform. This includes bills to expand Americans’ access to affordable health insurance and combat the opioid crisis.

Senator Tim Kaine is a member of the Senate Armed Services, Budget, Foreign Relations, and Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committees.

He serves on the Foreign Relations and Armed Services Readiness Subcommittees. He’s also a member of the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights, and Global Women’s Issues in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Why Isn’t Tim Kaine Being Discussed Anymore?

The Wall Street Journal published an interview with Tim Kaine about his plans for the vice-presidency—the sort of piece you might read the week after an election win—on the morning of the 2016 presidential election.

Kaine, the pleasant Virginian, sounded cocky for the first time. “For every major decision,” Kaine stated he’d be in the room where it happens “like Hamilton.”

Kaine’s transition from planning his career as the first Virginian to serve in national office to cauterizing his wounds was completed in a few hours.

Kaine endured a significant amount of abuse from the national media, according to Beyer. “He was pretty beat up,” says Northern Virginia congressman Don Beyer, a friend of Kaine’s.

“It was a devastating emotional blow,” says Senator Angus King, an Independent from Maine and perhaps Kaine’s closest friend in the Senate.

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Kaine fled to Richmond after the election. He then returned to work, focusing on issues such as health and defense, even while the hectic politics of the new administration thrust other things into the news at breakneck speed.

After his loss to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, who is running for vice president with Hillary Clinton, he said his presidential ambitions were on hold for the moment. He said he intended to continue serving in the Senate.

Kaine’s decision has meant he is now less visible, both nationally and locally, than a slew of previously obscure Democrats who didn’t obtain almost 66 million votes in the most recent national election.

While he hasn’t completely disappeared, Kaine has moved into the background: in 2018, he campaigned tirelessly to retain his seat in the Senate, and he continues to do a lot of media appearances.

In particular, Tim Kaine has focused on Virginia and has chosen not to utilize his running-mate exposure for greater media attention.

When he does seek the limelight—as, for example, during the shutdown domestic drama—Tim Kaine states that his purpose is primarily to benefit his state of Virginia, and if it interests a national audience, that’s all fine: “I don’t want to be a famous senator.”

That’s rather unusual. Most unsuccessful national candidates begin planning their comebacks shortly after losing. Kaine, on the other hand, is well-versed in both the political physics of the Democratic Party and his own personality.

Despite his profile and purple-state roots, there isn’t enough gravitational pull for Kaine to enter the 2020 presidential race; six other Senate Democrats have announced their candidacies, and they are typically more left-leaning and diverse than he is.

Although he is congenitally affable and bipartisan, Kaine may be a tougher sell in Trump-era Democratic presidential primaries since he is liked in the Senate but not as popular with Democrats. Furthermore, dissatisfied Democrats might not want to see her vice presidential nominee get involved in the active campaign to remove Trump.

Is Tim Kaine Rich?

When compared to other well-known politicians, Kaine has a modest net worth and most of it is likely to come from retirement benefits he accrued while in office, similar to Pence. But, as Clinton’s running mate, whether he wins or loses, he will be able to improve his net worth through speaking engagements and a book deal.

Of course, if he wins, those rewards might be years away — perhaps up to 16 years if he were to serve two terms as vice president and two terms as president. But ultimately being the running mate of the first woman nominated for president in a major political party should pay off for Kaine, He has an estimated net worth around $13 million, as of 2021.

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