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Top 10 Countries With The Highest Athletic Trainer Salaries

Countries With The Highest Athletic Trainer Salaries

The average annual wage for a athletic trainer is $183,980 or approximately $68.82 per hour in the US. While this figure may be true, it does not take into account other factors that can influence your career growth and income potential.

For instance, what if you have to travel long distances every day? How much time will you spend commuting on public transportation? If you work from home how many hours do you need to devote each week to completing assignments? These questions all affect the amount of money that you make.

Let us examine some countries where these variables play less significant roles than they do in most parts of the world. Here we list top ten countries with highest salaries offered to qualified Athletic Trainers.

1. United States

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, the mean hourly earnings for Athletic Trainers was approximately $61.90 in 2022. This is lower compared to other professions like Physical Therapists ($72.70), Occupational Therapy Assistants ($75.50), and Speech-Language Pathologists ($77.30). However, when comparing their respective demand relative to population size, Athletic Trained earn more than any other profession within the country. According to BLS, there were 24,770 positions available for them in 2008.

They also reported that the number has been growing at an estimated rate of 21 percent since 2006. In contrast, the number of psychiatrists grew by just 3% between 2004 and 2005. Therefore, even though it may appear otherwise, higher pay for Athletic Trainers comes from a larger demand relative to supply. It should however be noted that while these figures seem relatively high, they represent only about 1/40th of one percent of the total working force in the USA. Still, it gives you a good idea regarding compensation levels for those who choose to pursue careers in this field.

2. Australia

In terms of yearly wages, Athletyc Trainers in Australia earned around A$73,000 in 2022 according to PayScale. Compared to other occupations which include Personal Appearance Specialists ($46,000), Retail Salespersons ($37,500), Cashiers ($36,000) and Waitresses & Bartenders ($35,400), Athletic Trainers enjoy among the best earning prospects. Furthermore, because of its small population, there are very few job opportunities for this occupation. As a result, competition for employment is intense, thus making demands quite competitive.

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3. Canada

As indicated above, the median annual wage for Canadian Athletic Trainers was CA$66,000 based on information provided by Although this seems low compared to many other jobs across North America, it represents a considerable increase over previous years’ rates. Since 2001, this profession’s real wages increased by 63%.

On a year-over-year basis, the average weekly wage went up by almost 13%, and during 2007, there was a 17% jump in the number of employed persons. Over the past decade, the demand for professionals in this area has grown considerably faster than the national average. Demand for health care workers in general has remained stable, but the number of new graduates choosing to become Athletic Trainers has steadily increased. All things considered, this demonstrates why employers continue to offer better packages to attract skilled candidates.

4. New Zealand

There are no official statistics describing the average daily wage for Athletic Trainers in NZ, but the minimum wage for someone holding an equivalent position ranges from $13.92 to $16.15 per hour. Based on experience level, this translates into an approximate base salary between $17,000 and $21,000 per month.

What makes this occupation particularly attractive is the fact that it offers both excellent training and great flexibility to allow employees to balance family life and personal interests. When considering the cost of living expenses in different regions, Auckland offers the lowest monthly costs to live comfortably, followed closely by Wellington. Other cities with greater appeal include Christchurch, Hamilton, and Dunedin.

5. UK

Based on the latest information posted online by the Office for National Statistics, the median gross annual salary paid to Physiotherapist assistants in England and Wales was £23,780. In comparison, Athletic Trainers earned slightly more – £27,380 annually – yet still fell short of the mark set by physiotherapist assistants. According to the same source, Medical Laboratory Technicians had the greatest median annual income, coming in at £33,580.

Considering that the latter group includes laboratory technicians specializing in sports medicine testing, it is obvious that the difference stems largely from differences in occupation type rather than location. Even so, the overall picture remains clear cut.

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6. Ireland

While the median annual wage for Irish Orthodontists was around €42,350 in 2022, Athletic Trainers enjoyed substantially higher incomes despite having similar qualifications. At €49,750, they commanded the second highest median annual wage among allied healthcare professionals.

Interestingly enough, their counterparts in other European Union countries made significantly more than them, including French physical therapists, German chiropractors, and Spanish physiotherapists. Amongst others, factors contributing to this discrepancy included the high cost of housing in Dublin and Cork city centers, limited educational resources, and stricter licensing requirements imposed by government agencies.

7. Qatar

With a current market value of $11 billion USD, Doha ranks amongst the wealthiest places in the Middle East. Despite being a major hub for international business events, the Qatari capital continues to strive towards becoming one of the region’s leading tourist destinations.

To achieve this goal, the authorities have invested heavily in infrastructure development projects aimed at improving accessibility, comfort, and efficiency of traveling tourists. As a direct outcome of this investment, the country’s hospitality industry now enjoys an enviable reputation for providing quality service.

Due to the fast pace of modern society, people often find themselves needing to stay fit and healthy, whether for recreation or for maintaining peak productivity levels throughout the course of the day. As a result, the popularity of fitness clubs and gyms has continued to grow steadily. Within this context, the role of Athletic Trainers has expanded tremendously. Their duties range from assisting athletes with injury rehabilitation, to helping club members improve performance through personalized exercise programs.

8. Germany

Germans tend to place great emphasis on the importance of education and hardwork. Consequently, their standard of living tends to reflect this mindset, especially pertaining to education. After obtaining academic degrees, students typically seek out prestigious internships before deciding upon specialized areas of study. Following graduation, experienced individuals usually move straight into managerial positions. Like many other developed nations, Germany boasts several highly reputable universities offering extensive preparation courses in Sports Medicine.

As a consequence, demand for qualified athletic trainers has consistently risen over recent decades. Data released by the Federal Employment Agency reveals that over the period 2002-2022, the number of newly hired athletic trainer rose nearly 22%. During the following four-year span, the sector added another 20% of new staff.

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In addition to enjoying favorable financial rewards and benefits, athletic trainers also possess the opportunity to develop professionally due to the nature of their work. That said, it must be emphasized that finding success in this line of work requires dedication, perseverance, and exceptional communication skills.

9. France

Although the median hourly wage for Physiatrists (the term used in France for doctors practicing under the umbrella of Rehabilitation Medicine) was roughly $67.10 in 2012, Athletic Trainers earned significantly more thanks to their superior credentials. Indeed, their median annual salary came in at $81,470, representing a 31% improvement over the preceding five year period.

In addition to possessing a Master’s degree in Sports Science, the majority of athletic trainers in France hold Bachelor Degrees in Kinesiology. Of note, the ratio of men to women in this discipline is almost 50/50. By way of explanation, female practitioners tended to outperform male colleagues in terms of age distribution, length of experience, and geographic location. Given the large pool of educated applicants seeking employment, competition is fierce.

Accordingly, it becomes necessary for job seekers to obtain specialised training prior to entering the workforce. Fortunately, a variety of organisations exist which provide certification programmes designed specifically for aspiring athletic trainers. Several institutions require completion of formal internship and residency programmes before receiving full licensure. One notable example is Association Internationale des Echographies Artificielles (AIEA).

10. Spain

Since 2003, Athletic Trainers in Spain earned roughly EUR39,000 per year. In comparison, Physical Therapists received EUR44,100 annually, whereas Chiropractors got EUR43,900. Looking further back, the situation appears somewhat different. Between 1998 and 2000, the former two groups enjoyed lower salaries than Athletic Trainers did, coming in at EUR20,200 and EUR22,300 respectively.

This trend reversed itself after 2000. Clearly, the disparity between Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists first appeared in 1997. Yet, unlike other professions, the gap widened gradually until eventually closing completely in 2003. Once again, the reason lies in occupational characteristics.

Whereas Physical Therapists primarily practice clinical disciplines like massage therapy and acupuncture, Athletic Trainers focus on treating injuries suffered by athletes. Hence, the demand for them generally increases along with participation rates in athletic activities. Moreover, their salaries remain fairly constant regardless of geographical location.

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