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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Salary for BCBA

Countries With the Highest Salary for BCBA

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification is a highly valued credential that positions you as an expert in applied behavior analysis and communication disorders. The profession of teaching others how to help their clients improve their quality of life with various behavioral modifications has high demand throughout many different industries. This makes it crucial to know where your career can take you before applying for jobs or starting your own business.

Here’s our list of top countries offering highest salaries for board certified behavior analyst(BCBA) professionals.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks number one on this list because they offer some of the best healthcare services in the world. In fact, if you’re thinking about working abroad but still want to stay close to home, then consider moving to Switzerland.

You’ll find plenty of job opportunities available here at all levels from entry-level assistants up to management roles. If you decide to pursue a career in Switzerland, expect to be paid between $80K -$100K per year depending on experience level. And yes, don’t worry! Your Swiss francs will feel just like money when compared against other currencies.

  • Average Annual Salary: $81,000
  • Highest Paying Cities: Zurich ($97k), Geneva ($90k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Lugano ($72k), Bern ($73k)

2. United States

United States comes second on this list due to its large economy which provides lots of employment opportunities. A lot of people have chosen US as their permanent residence after attaining success overseas. There are several reasons why US pays well for BCBA including the following:

  • Higher education fees than most European countries
  • A lower cost of living than Europe
  • High taxes levied by local governments
  • Income tax rates ranging from 15% to 35%
  • Average Annual Salary: $78,000
  • Highest Paying Cities: San Francisco ($113k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: New York City ($70k)
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3. Netherlands

Next to USA, the Netherlands also offers great value for board certified professional employees. Compared to other European countries, Dutch pay higher wages for their employees. It costs less for residents to live there too.

High unemployment rate coupled with low inflation leads to very competitive salaries for BCBA professionals. As a result, almost every city located within the borders of Holland boasts good paying jobs for BCAAs. Some cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht etc. even rank among the wealthiest regions in terms of income.

  • Average Annual Salary: $68,000
  • Highest Paying Cities: Groningen ($106k), Delft ($103k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Friesland ($66k), Zwolle ($71k)

4. Canada

Like any North American country, Canada is another place where people go for work. Its main advantage over other nations is that it doesn’t impose huge taxes on its citizens. Residents enjoy much more freedom to choose what kind of lifestyle suits them best.

Since the majority of Canadians prefer seasonal vacations, many companies hire foreign workers during winter months only.

For example, ski resorts often recruit international staff to manage their operations. So, anyone interested in pursuing a career in Canada should check out seasonal hiring practices first.

  • Average Annual Salary: $62,500
  • Highest Paying Cities: Calgary ($87k), Vancouver ($85k), Montreal ($83k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Halifax ($58k), Edmonton ($60k)

5. Australia

Australia is known for having the strongest economies amongst developed countries. At present, its GDP stands above $1 trillion dollars making it a global leader in economic growth. According to experts, Australian economy grew 5 percent last year resulting in better earning potential for both employers and employees alike.

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People who wish to move to Australia for a long term need not apply. They already have qualified candidates ready for recruitment. But those who plan short-term relocations may get hired easily.

  • Average Annual Salary: $52,000
  • Highest Paying Cities: Sydney ($98k), Melbourne ($92k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Perth ($46k), Brisbane ($48k)

6. Germany

Germany is famous for being the land of immigrants. Many people come to Germany each year looking forward to getting settled down. Unlike other European countries, Germans do not charge foreigners hefty taxes upon arrival. Instead, they provide them with generous social benefits. However, German government does levy some charges on foreign nationals employed locally.

Most expenses associated with housing, utilities, food, etc., fall under these regulations. Other than these conditions, Germans also provide decent compensation packages for their employees.

  • Average Annual Salary: $49,200
  • Highest Paying Cities: Berlin ($96k), Hamburg ($93k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Stuttgart ($43k), Munich ($45k)

7. Norway

Norway is perhaps the least expensive country in the world to relocate. Norwegians also offer excellent health care facilities comparable to those found in western countries. Additionally, Norwegian labor market remains quite stable. This means that once you settle down in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim or any other major city, chances are high that you won’t lose your job anytime soon.

  • Average Annual Salary: $47,800
  • Highest Paying Cities: Oslo ($95k), Bergen ($94k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Tromso ($42k), Bodø ($44k)

8. UK

UK is a popular destination for Europeans seeking new careers. Britons earn significantly higher salaries than the average person residing in England. The reason behind this disparity lies in the fact that Britishers lead relatively simple lives. Their daily routine involves attending school, going to university and completing internships.

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After graduation, they typically enter into managerial roles without experiencing hard time finding appropriate employment. On the contrary, Americans face tougher competition while searching for jobs. Hence, they end up accepting lower monthly payments.

  • Average Annual Salary: £38,400
  • Highest Paying Cities: London (£69k), Manchester (£63k), Brighton (£61k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Cardiff (£27k), Leeds (£30k), Edinburgh (£31k)

9. Japan

Japan is another Asian nation whose population continues to grow rapidly. Due to its technological advancements, Japanese people consistently remain among the fastest growing groups in the world. Currently, the Japanese culture enjoys immense popularity around the globe. Consequently, people worldwide look towards the Far East for lucrative career options.

  • Average Annual Salary: ¥50 million/year
  • Highest Paying Cities: Tokyo ($102k), Osaka ($88k), Nagoya ($84k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Seoul ($34k), Taipei ($37k), Shanghai ($39k)

10. Belgium

Belgian government provides attractive salaries for its resident employees. Besides providing affordable housing, Belgian government gives ample amount of space to their employees to practice whatever religion they desire. Moreover, they allow them to bring family members along without worrying about immigration issues. Overall, it seems that Belgians would rather spend their time enjoying nature instead of working.

  • Average Annual Salary: €40,000
  • Highest Paying Cities: Brussels ($109k), Antwerp ($91k), Liège ($89k)
  • Lowest Paying Cities: Luxembourg ($26k), Wallonia ($29k)

If you’d like to see the lowest and highest paying locations according to annual salary, head over to Glassdoor and search for ‘board certified behavior analyst’ in your area. Then compare the results based on factors such as commute distance, amenities offered, crime rate, cost of living index, weather conditions, and so on.

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