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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Salary for EMT

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Countries With the Highest Salary for EMT

Are you looking to earn a higher salary as an Emergency Medical Technician? If so, then it is important that you know where your country ranks compared with other countries when it comes to receiving high-salaries of this nature. The following list contains all ten highest-paying countries for an EMT or Paramedic.

So without further ado, here is our top ten list for countries who pay their emergency medical technicians well!

1. United States

The average annual income for an EMT in America’s most populated state is $65,000 per year. This figure includes wages and bonuses. On average, these EMTs receive about $35k from base pay alone.

These workers also receive free healthcare coverage through their employer, along with paid vacation days, sick leave, holidays, life insurance benefits, retirement plans, etc. It is clear why California consistently ranks among the best states in which to work as an EMT.

Not only does the cost of living there be affordable but also its overall quality of life seems more favorable than any other place on Earth.

2. Canada

  • Average Annual Income – Can$61K/year (CA)
  • Highest Paying Country For An EMT – CA
  • Highest Minimum Wage Earner In A Year – CA$18K
  • Lowest Average Hourly Wages – CA$13.57/hour

Most Canadians can attest to the fact that they have a higher standard of living than Americans do. So if one were to look at how each nation treats its citizens, the Canadian government would win hands down over the American government. As such, many jobs within health care seem to offer better compensation packages in Canada than they do in the US.

One example is being an EMT. Another could include working as a nurse practitioner or physiotherapist. Both occupations tend to provide much higher hourly wage rates than what we see in the US.

3. Sweden

EMT Salary In Sweden

In comparison to the United States, the Swedish people enjoy some pretty good standards of living.

While the average yearly income for an EMT is just shy of $50K/year, minimum wage earners make slightly less money than what the lowest-earners in the US make annually ($19K). However, due to taxes and social programs, the Swedes get by quite nicely without having to rely too heavily upon their employers’ generosity.

4. Norway

EMT Salary In Norway

This Scandinavian country has been known throughout Europe for years now. And although it may not rank first on the world map, it certainly tops out when it comes to compensating those who wish to work in the field of medicine.

The average annual income of an EMT in Norway is approximately $58K/year. What makes this number even greater is that roughly 70% of Norwegians live below the poverty line.

Therefore, while Norwegian EMTs tend to bring home significantly higher incomes, their fellow countrymen still struggle financially because of the low cost of living.

5. Australia

EMT Salary In Australia

Although Australians are typically seen as wealthy individuals, the reality is that the majority of them barely scrape together enough resources to survive. Although the average yearly income of an EMT in Australia is around $49K/year, the lowest earner pulls in only $16K per year.

Due to this reason, many Australian EMTs choose to work in areas like nursing homes or hospitals rather than ambulances. Even though this might sound strange, the job requirements in these fields tend to be far easier than what we witness in the ambulance industry. Unfortunately, since Australia doesn’t allow foreign nationals into its borders, this means that if you want to become an EMT in Australia, you will need to relocate to another region.

6. New Zealand

If you’re wondering where exactly New Zealand is located, rest assured, it isn’t actually part of North America nor Asia. Instead, it’s a small island nation situated between South Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea.

Today, many young aspiring EMTs flock towards New Zealand simply because of its relatively lower costs of living. Once again, however, the average yearly income of an EMT in New Zealand is around $48K/year. But unlike the aforementioned places, the lowest earning worker earns just under $25K annually. This shows us that the amount of money earned really depends upon where the individual lives and works.

7. United Kingdom

EMT Salary In United Kingdom

British people tend to take pride in their culture, heritage, and history. Many believe that their society is superior to others worldwide. When comparing the UK to other nations, it becomes apparent that British people have received exceptional education and training.

In addition, they spend considerable amounts of time preparing themselves for careers in various industries. Whether they decide to pursue a career in law, politics, business, teaching, or medicine, they usually end up becoming highly skilled professionals.

Consequently, EMTs in the UK often find themselves competing against other professions for the same positions. Despite this competition, the average yearly income of an EMT in the UK tends to hover near $44K/year.

8. Singapore

Despite the fact that the city-state of Singapore is technically Asian, it was ranked #30 in terms of GDP last year. Furthermore, according to data collected via the International Monetary Fund, Singapore had the second smallest welfare budget in 2022.

As such, it follows no surprise that the average yearly income of an EMT in Singapore is only around $43K/year. Although this number sounds discouraging, it should come as no surprise considering that nearly 75 percent of Singaporeans live below the poverty line.

9. Denmark

Danish people tend to value honesty above everything else. Thus, it shouldn’t come as much of a shocker that the Danish government spends considerably more on public safety initiatives than anyone else on the planet.

To put things into perspective, the Danish government spent two times more on security services than Russia did in 2015. As a result, many organizations seek to employ specialists in the security sector. Of course, this trend applies to the medical profession as well. Hence, many doctors and nurses prefer to practice in Denmark instead of elsewhere. Overall, the average yearly income of an EMT in Denmark is $42K/year.

10. Japan

Japanese people tend to be very polite, kindhearted, and hardworking. Because of this, it should come as little surprise that Japanese companies tend to reward employees based on their performance and productivity.

As such, many EMTs in Japan earn upwards of $40K/year or more. Unlike other countries, Japanese EMTs don’t require certification before starting employment. They merely must pass several tests during an interview process.

In order to qualify for an EMT position, candidates must complete both basic and advanced courses. After passing said exams, applicants are hired onto probationary periods lasting anywhere from six months to three years.

During this period, managers evaluate whether or not the candidate possesses suitable qualities necessary to perform his duties properly. Only after completing the requisite training and proving himself worthy, can he officially begin collecting his paycheck.


Overall, the list presented above provides valuable information regarding the highest paying countries for an EMT. Hopefully, you found this article helpful in determining where you can obtain the highest salary possible. Now go forth and apply what you’ve learned! Good luck!

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