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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Gynaecologist

Countries With the Highest Salary for Gynaecologist

The global health and wellness industry is growing at a rapid pace with an estimated growth rate of 16% per year for the next five years. This means that women’s healthcare services will continue to be one of the fastest-growing sectors over this period.

It has been predicted by research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) that the market size would reach US$200 billion by 2020. And it all starts from the womb! Women spend more than $10,000 on their lifetime reproductive care costs which include pregnancy, birth control pills or IUDs, breast cancer treatment, etc., according to a report published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

Therefore, if you’re planning to pursue your career as a female specialist then starting off right can help you immensely. Here we have compiled a list of top ten countries with highest payouts for Gynaecologists.

1. Switzerland

Gynaecologists working in Swiss hospitals generally get paid higher salaries compared to other medical professionals. According to PayScale data, the average annual income of a general practitioner in Switzerland who works full time comes up to $88,077 whereas a Gynae gets around $120,000 annually.

Also, they work a minimum of 40 hours/week and 52 weeks/year. In 2016, there were 1,867 registered Gynaecologists in the country. On an average they earn approximately 8.45 million Swiss Francs per annum.

2. Canada

Female specialists in Canada enjoy high salaries because of the significant demand for them. As mentioned earlier, women spend close to $10,000 on their lifetime reproductive care expenses, so it makes sense why most Canadian cities rank among the best places to live in.

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A Gynaecologist earns about $117,700 yearly on an average, but the maximum amount earned goes up to $152K. They need to complete four years post graduate education before being able to practice independently. There were 648 physicians practicing as Gynaecologists in 2015 across Canada.

3. Germany

German women doctors tend to choose careers in Obstetrics & Gynecology due to its popularity and excellent remuneration packages. German Gynaecologists usually receive a decent monthly salary package along with benefits like pension plan and life insurance coverage.

An OBGYN physician spends approximately 5 months each year traveling outside her native region. So, she needs to take a vacation once every three years to relax and recharge herself. If you want to know how much does a Gynaecologist make in Germany then please read below:

According to Glassdoor reports, the national median base salary of a Gynaecologist working in Germany is €95,000 ($115,000). However, some of them also get additional perks such as bonus payments, free parking spaces, child daycare vouchers, etc. Currently, there are 2,273 certified Gynaecologists across Germany.

4. Australia

In Australia, the total number of Gynaecologists increased from 498 in 2010 to 719 in 2018. These doctors mostly provide obstetric consultations to expectant mothers and perform surgeries related to pelvic organs. Most Australian Gynaecologists work 50 hours weekly with a week dedicated to training.

Their earnings range between AU$87,500-$122,550 per annum depending upon location and experience level. There was only one woman Gynaecologist working in Australia till 2014. Nowadays, nearly 70% of these specialists are females.

5. France

French Gynaecologists mainly deal with surgical procedures related to reproduction system. They often specialize in minimally invasive surgery techniques since many patients prefer having smaller scars after treatment. Moreover, there are no strict restrictions regarding working hours and vacations. To find out what a French Gynaecologist earns, check here.

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6. Japan

Japanese Gynaecologists are considered to be very patient conscious and highly skilled when it comes to handling delicate cases involving women’s reproductive systems. As per the Japanese government statistics, there were 1,092 certified Gynaecologists in 2017. Female specialists in Japan get paid $119,800 – $145,300 annually, while male ones get between $92,100 – $110,600 annually.

7. United States

On an average American Gynaecologist receives $150,800 per annum, however, the payout differs based on geographic locations. For instance, those living in Los Angeles County get the highest paycheck followed by San Francisco City and Honolulu County respectively.

According to Payscale, an experienced Gynaecologist earning $220,000 annually should not look forward to getting any substantial raises for the next two decades. Furthermore, they need to go through six years’ worth of training before becoming eligible to apply for certification. Currently, there are 3,062 licensed Gynaecologists in the country.

8. New Zealand

As per recent studies conducted by Bloomberg Business, the average wage of a Gynaecologist in New Zealand varies greatly from place to place. Some regions such as Auckland boast of paying better wages than others. For example, Gynaecologists in Wellington Region get paid NZD$131,250 annually, while those in Christchurch Region come up to $111,200. The average age of a Gynaecologist working in New Zealand is 41 years old.

9. United Kingdom

UK is known to offer good opportunities for both men and women doctors. British Gynaecologists get paid £106,400 annually, which is quite less than the UK medics overall. But the reason behind this disparity lies in the fact that surgeons who operate on internal genitalia require higher qualifications. Since the population in UK consists of older people, they don’t visit clinics too frequently. Hence, Gynaecologists who work in primary care centers get the lion’s share of money.

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It’s always important to remember that our body requires proper maintenance to function properly. We may feel lucky if we didn’t suffer from any serious ailment until now, but things change as we grow older and our bodies start malfunctioning. That’s where preventive measures play a crucial role. By pursuing a career in medicine, you’ll be helping countless numbers of women live healthy lives.

All said and done, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking forward to become a surgeon, internist, cardiologist, dermatologist, orthopaedic surgeon, dentist, urologist, ophthalmologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, pulmonologist, psychiatrist, or even a psychologist.

What matters is that you follow your passion and do something meaningful with your life. Remember, “Life isn’t measured by how many breaths we take, but rather by the moments that inspire us.”

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