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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Salary for Marine Biology

Countries With the Highest Salary for Marine Biology

If you have decided to study Marine Biology and want to earn high pay in your career then here is list of top 10 best countries with highest salary for marine biology students.

Marine Biologists play an important role in maintaining our ocean ecosystem by studying different aspects of it such as pollution, biodiversity etc. They also contribute significantly towards protecting our oceans from global warming through their research work.

According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, The median annual wage for a marine biologist was $64,430 in May 2020. This figure has been calculated based on previous year’s data. It means that there will be an increase of around 5% in 2022 compared to 2021. However, this does not guarantee higher salaries after obtaining a degree or certification at any time. You should always strive hard for more knowledge & skills while choosing a field.

So let’s get started… Let’s have look at top 10 countries with highest salary for marine biology graduates in 2022.

1. Switzerland

The average starting salary for a Marine Biologist in Switzerland is nearly $87K per year. In addition to great benefits and other perks, they enjoy a generous paid vacation policy. Also, they can expect about 3 weeks off during summer holidays.

Switzerland is a country where people value education and training. Hence, they offer competitive packages along with good job prospects. There are many colleges offering various courses like Bachelor Degree in Marine Science, Post Graduation in Marine Science, Graduate Courses in Marine science, Marine Bioinformatics, Marine Policy Management etc.

2. United States

This is another one of the most lucrative fields in terms of earning potential. A bachelor’s degree in marine science can fetch a whopping $120K per year. Besides, it offers higher chances to pursue further studies in related areas.

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In some states of US, there are special provisions for post-baccalaureate degrees. And if you pass both comprehensive exams, you may even qualify for a Phd program. All these programs require graduation from accredited universities/colleges.

There are many institutes providing professional courses and training in marine science in Florida, Hawaii, California, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maine, and several others.

3. Canada

Canada is a land full of opportunities. If you are looking forward to do your part in preserving our seas, you must consider pursuing a career in marine sciences.

After completing your course and specialization, you could easily secure a position as a scientist, researcher, aquatic resource manager, conservationist, environmental consultant, business analyst, administrator, engineer, technician, or teacher.

You could start working immediately upon graduating from college. Apart from decent package, you would also receive health insurance coverage, pension plan, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, holiday allowance, emergency leave, personal days, and other benefits.

4. New Zealand

New zealand has become a hotspot for those who wish to gain experience in marine sciences. For example, if you choose to specialize in Marine Ecology, you can apply for jobs in environmental management, fishing industry, wildlife conservation, coastal protection, marine design engineering, shipbuilding, tourism, aquaculture, or fisheries administration.

All these positions come with a handsome salary ranging between $85K-$110K per year.

5. Australia

Australia is known as a nation of marine scientists due to its vast coastline. So, if you are interested in discovering new species, exploring underwater world, conducting surveys, monitoring pollution levels, fighting against climate change, conserving biodiversity, or managing local economies, then you need to make Australia your first choice destination.

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After getting your degree, you can opt for a post graduate certificate, diploma, or master’s degree. If you decide to go for a PhD program, you will find many resources available online.

As Australia is surrounded by Coral reef, Great Barrier Reef, and other natural wonders, there are numerous possibilities waiting for you to explore. You can either take up a job as a technical assistant, surveyor, diver, collector, biologist, ecologist, technologist, geophysicist, hydrologist, computer specialist, or information systems analyst.

6. Norway

Norway is considered as one of the best places to live in the world. The government provides ample funding for the development of scientific and educational sectors. As a result, there are plenty of facilities available for teaching, research, and learning purposes.

Besides, the state supports international collaboration between researchers and institutions. To obtain a degree in marine science, you just need to complete your basic education followed by relevant courses.

Once you finish your degree, you can opt for a variety of careers such as marine biologist, conservationist, marine officer, marine planner, commercial fishery, environmental consultant, marine architect, marine engineer, environmental research technician, or technician.

7. Germany

Germany is well-known for its rich history and culture. Along with being a member of European Union (EU), it is also home to the largest economy in EU.

People who want to pursue a career in marine sciences will surely love living in Germany. The minimum required qualification for entering into this field is a bachelor’s degree.

However, you can still pursue further studies and get certified in certain subjects like Conservation and Environmental Studies, Aquatic Resource Management, Biodiversity, Coastal Zone Management, Fisheries and Oceans, Oceanography, Water Resources, and so on.

8. United Kingdom

The UK is a developed country with excellent infrastructure. People from all over the world prefer coming to this place because of its advanced medical care system, modern transportation network, and friendly lifestyle.

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It is also famous for having many universities and colleges which provide quality education. Upon finishing your bachelor’s degree, you can choose to join a company, government institution, or start your own consultancy firm.

To get employed as a marine biologist in UK, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree and certification from a reputed institute. These two elements will help you develop necessary skills and expertise to manage projects and carry out researches.

9. Japan

Japan is one of the topmost countries when we talk about earning high salary. It is a democratic country with strict social norms and ethics.

Most companies hire employees only after evaluating their academic records, interview performance, and references.

As a student, you can enroll yourself in school without worrying about paying fees. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about accommodation and food expenses. Your parents would shoulder the entire burden.

Even after graduation, you can expect a decent amount of salary. You just need to prepare yourself to face tough interviews and clear tests.

10. Singapore

Singapore is a small island located near Malaysia. It has gained popularity among foreign residents due to its easy access to public transport, clean environment, safe streets, and excellent healthcare facilities.

Apart from marine biology, it also offers courses in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and finance.

So, if you have completed your undergraduate degree and planning to enroll for masters’ degree in marine science, you should definitely visit Singapore.

These were some of the best countries with highest salary for marine biology graduates. Hope you found this article useful! If yes, please share this piece of writing with your friends via Social Media. Thank you for reading!.

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