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Top 10 Countries With The Highest Sonographers Salaries

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Countries With The Highest Sonographers Salaries

Medical Sonography is a career that can be rewarding and lucrative if you’re passionate about it and willing to put in long hours and hard work. But how much do medical sonographers earn?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes countries with higher salaries for sonographers, as well as some of the best places to live based on their average income levels.

So let’s get started! Here are the top 10 countries with the highest average annual salary for a sonographer:

1. Switzerland

Sonographers Salary In Switzerland

Average Annual Salary: $117,000

The most expensive country to live in according to Money Crashers’ 2022 list of the world’s most expensive cities was Zurich. It is also known as one of the safest and happiest places to live in. This is due to its favorable tax rates, high quality public education system, and free healthcare.

Also, the strong economy of Switzerland has made the country a hub for international banking. In fact, The World Bank ranks Geneva as the second-best city in the world to do business. All these factors make it an ideal place to invest or even just spend your holidays.

However, the cost of living in Switzerland is still relatively high compared to other European countries like France, Italy, Spain, etc., but there are many things you can do to save money here such as staying in hostels instead of hotels, eating only vegetarian food, and shopping at discount stores like Lidl.

If you want to explore more options, check out our breakdown of the best cities in Europe to live in.

2. United States

Sonographers Salary In USA

Average Annual Salary: $107,000

Next up, we have the US. According to PayScale, the average annual pay for a radiologist ranges between $106k – $130k depending on where they practice (i.e. urban vs rural).

Radiologists examine patients using ultrasound technology to diagnose ailments in various parts of the body. They use X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, etc., to see inside the human body. As part of their job responsibilities, radiology technicians also perform certain procedures such as taking blood samples, inserting IVs, placing catheters, etc.

According to Payscale, the average annual pay of a sonographer in the US is around $97k. However, if you plan to specialize in neuroradiology, then your salary will increase by 30% ($135k – $103k) annually.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of living in the US is quite high. However, it does offer great educational opportunities which can help you advance your career later.

3. Germany

Average Annual Salary: $92,000

Next, we come to Germany, home to some of the largest hospitals and universities in the world.

German hospital workers enjoy good working conditions, benefits, and wages. On average, German doctors earn around $89k per year. Some German hospitals employ hundreds of people, so it’s not uncommon to find highly skilled professionals earning a six figure salary.

Most German hospitals rely heavily on foreign staff and students to keep their services running smoothly. If you decide to study medicine in Germany, you’ll receive state funding and won’t need to worry about paying tuition fees.

You may choose to stay in student accommodation during your studies, but you can also rent an apartment once you graduate. And when you land a job, you can easily relocate across the border into neighboring countries thanks to the Schengen Agreement.

4. Luxembourg

Sonographers Salary In Luxembourg

Average Annual Salary: $86,000

Luxembourg is a small European nation located in Western Europe. Its capital city is Luxembourg City, which is also nicknamed “the Capital of Banking.”

With a population of roughly 450,000 residents, Luxembourg is home to numerous financial institutions, including Banque Centrale Nationale de Paris (BCNP), Dexia Bank SA, etc.

Sonographers in Luxembourg start off making around $79k annually. However, if you go on to become a consultant, then your yearly earnings could jump up to $116k.

On the whole, Luxembourg offers lower costs than other European nations. For example, while a cup of coffee in London costs £3.50, in Luxembourg, it costs only €0.90.

5. Canada

Average Annual Salary: $83,000

Canada is another wealthy North American country.

Like the US, Canadian hospitals also rely heavily on foreign graduates and experts to maintain operational efficiency. In 2020, the number of foreign physicians practicing in Canada reached nearly 13,700 individuals.

There are three fields within the field of medical sonography:

  1. Interventional Radiology
  2. Sonoangiography
  3. Neuroradiology

All of them require similar training, certification, and experience requirements. So regardless of your specialization, you should aim to complete four years of undergraduate courses followed by two additional years of specialized training.

Although medical sonographers in Canada don’t command the same type of salaries as those in the US, they still manage to bring in an average annual salary of $80k – $100k.

6. Sweden

Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Sweden is considered to be the happiest place to live in the entire world. Not only because of its low crime rate, safe environment, and excellent healthcare facilities, but also due to its generous social welfare programs.

Sonographers in Sweden tend to earn slightly less than their counterparts in other Scandinavian countries.

They start off making approximately $78k per year before increasing up to $88k if they opt to join a specialty program in neuroradiology.

7. Norway

Average Annual Salary: $77,000

Norway is a Nordic country situated above the Arctic Circle. It’s famous for its natural beauty, stunning fjords, beautiful landscapes, and rich biodiversity.

But beyond all that, Norway is also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Although it doesn’t rank among the highest economies in terms of size, it remains one of the biggest producers of oil, fish, petroleum products, lumber, iron ore, and minerals.

This wealth translates into better health care and education systems. Norwegian healthcare providers are equipped with modern equipment and technological advancements that allow them to provide affordable treatment to both local Norwegians and tourists.

Sonographers in Norway start off with an average annual salary of $76k. Their maximum potential salary increases to $87k if they opt to pursue a specialist degree in neuroradiology.

8. Denmark

Sonographers Salary In Denmark

Average Annual Salary: $70,000

Denmark is known as the happiest country in the world. People in Denmark enjoy good access to health care, leisure activities, housing, and transportation.

Interestingly enough, Danes are also known for having one of the lowest alcohol consumption rates in the world. Most importantly, they enjoy high standards of living and a comfortable standard of living.

For instance, Danish men typically drink 3.5 times more beer than Americans who consume twice as much. Also, half of all Danish children attend pre-school from 7am until 6pm, while 65 percent of adults walk to work every day.

Sonographers in Denmark start off with an average annual income of $68k. If you plan to specialize in neuroradiology, then expect to make an extra $72k annually.

9. Japan

Average Annual Salary: $66,000

Japan is known for being a technologically advanced society. It’s also famous for its culture and unique lifestyle.

Japanese citizens are known for having an extremely healthy diet and lifestyle, despite consuming 40 percent of calories from fat. This is largely attributed to the Japanese government’s strict regulations regarding fast foods and junk foods.

Sonographers in Japan start off making $65k per annum before receiving an additional $71k if they specialize in neuroradiology.

10. Australia

Average Annual Salary: $62,000

Australia is the southernmost continent in Oceania. It lies directly south of New Zealand and occupies over 20 million acres of land area.

It’s mostly comprised of desert lands and dry, arid regions. Despite that, Australia boasts some of the richest soil and fertile farmlands in the world.

Australian sonographers earn around $61k annually. However, if you decide to specialize in neuroradiology, then your salary will double to $122k annually.

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