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Top 15 Countries With the Highest Salary for Lawyers in 2022

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Lawyers

The legal field is one of the most lucrative careers in the world today. It’s a wide-ranging career that offers many opportunities and also comes with its own set of challenges. If you’re interested to know more about this interesting field then read on! We’ll be discussing lawyers’ salaries across different countries around the globe.

Countries like India have very little or no exposure to the legal industry whatsoever. Therefore, it may not be possible for an Indian citizen to find out how much a lawyer earns here. On the other hand, if you live in Europe or North America, chances are high that you’ve heard of some famous law firms such as Reed Smith or Sheppard Mullin etc. These well-known names can help us make comparisons easier.

So let’s get started…

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Lawyers Salaries

Hong Kong, According to research made by PayScale, the average lawyer salary in Hong Kong stands at $1 million per year, which makes it the highest among all cities worldwide. A partner in one of the top 10 global law firm will earn roughly $500k annually.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland Lawyers Salaries

Switzerland has been known to be a safe haven for investment, and so naturally, there are lots of people who work within the financial sector. This is why Swiss citizens have become quite familiar with banking laws and regulations. As a result, they often end up becoming bankers themselves after their studies.

In terms of legal professions, there aren’t too many options available to them, but those who do choose to go into this field usually enjoy decent paychecks. According to Glassdoor, the average annual income for a bank analyst is approximately $450k, while partners from top international law firms can expect upwards of $400k.

3. Japan

Japan Lawyers Salaries

Japan, As far as Asian countries go, the Japanese Legal Professionals’ Association reported that the average lawyer salary was estimated to hover between $300k-$350k per annum. There are two ways to become a lawyer in Japan — either through university education or apprenticeship training. Those who want to specialize in specific fields should consider specializations such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Construction Law, Labour Laws, etc.

On the contrary, we found out that Korean Lawyers enjoy higher salaries compared to their counterparts in other regions. They receive an average yearly paycheck worth $370k, according to the Korea Bar Association.

4. Luxembourg

Luxembourg Lawyers Salaries

Luxembourg is a tiny European country located along the banks of River Rhine. Despite being small in size, the country boasts of having one of the best economies in the world. For example, the unemployment rate is only 3% whereas the GDP per capita is over 80 percent above the US’s level. Needless to say, Luxembourg is home to plenty of legal professionals.

According to LinkedIn data, the average lawyer salary in Luxembourg is estimated to be somewhere close to $329k. However, due to the fact that Luxembourg doesn’t feature anywhere near any big companies compared to its neighboring nations, these figures might be slightly misleading. Most attorneys tend to practice privately rather than working in large law firms.

5. USA

The United States ranks second when it comes to earning potential for legal professionals. Compared to other developed countries, American lawyers are paid better because they generally deal with more complicated cases. Apart from this, there are several factors responsible for making this region attractive to legal workers. One major factor includes the cost of living.

For instance, if you plan to settle down in New York City, your monthly expenses could increase dramatically. However, if you opt to move to Boston instead, your costs would drop considerably. Another reason why Americans love practicing law is due to the fact that there are numerous job openings available.

6. Ireland

Ireland Lawyers Salaries

Ireland is a place where many multinational corporations chose to establish their headquarters. Consequently, there are plenty of skilled employees looking forward to joining a reputable company. Among them are legal professionals who want to take advantage of great perks offered by employers.

Most Irish lawyers can easily get employed with leading law firms throughout Dublin. Although they don’t enjoy huge salaries, the hourly rates are pretty good considering the location itself. According to the National Union of Students in Ireland, the average attorney receives about €230k every month.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands, If you want to start off your career as a lawyer, Holland is probably the first destination that pops to mind. You won’t regret moving to Amsterdam since there are tons of opportunities waiting for you once you graduate. Dutch barristers, on the other hand, earn an average wage of $310k each year.

However, the situation changes significantly depending upon whether you prefer government agencies or private businesses.

8. Germany

Germany Lawyers Salaries

Germany isn’t exactly considered to be the richest nation in the world. But what really matters is that German lawyers are typically compensated fairly highly. According to Statista, the average lawyer gets paid $280k/year, with men receiving higher wages than women.

This figure seems to be relatively lower than the ones mentioned earlier. Nonetheless, German barristers still manage to bring home about $250k per annum.

9. Norway

Norway is another Scandinavian country that happens to be filled with many talented lawyers. Norwegian lawyers can easily secure positions with renowned law firms thanks to their impressive academic records. Besides that, they can even open their own offices later on.

Although the average lawyer salary in Norway is comparatively low ($225k) compared to other Nordic countries, it’s definitely enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

10. Canada

Canada Lawyers Salaries

Canada, Being a Canadian lawyer is certainly worthwhile. Not only does this allow you access to excellent healthcare facilities, but you’re also likely to receive generous compensation. According to, the average lawyer salary in Canada hovers around $290k per year.

These numbers seem to be somewhat less than the ones listed above. Nevertheless, Canadians can look forward to getting handsome benefits and bonuses during tax season.

11. Australia

Australia is a beautiful country filled with friendly locals. Many people flock to this part of the world to pursue various legal occupations. Australian lawyers mostly handle corporate disputes and commercial litigation.

They also provide advice regarding property ownership and intellectual property rights. Additionally, they assist clients involved in family court proceedings. Hence, it’s obvious that these individuals can easily command hefty incomes.

According to SmartAsset, an experienced lawyer in Australia can pull in a whopping $460k per year. Furthermore, new graduates can expect to receive a starting salary of $220k.

12. France

France Lawyers Salaries

France is yet another wealthy English speaking country. French lawyers primarily focus on providing services related to employment, labor, and social welfare. Their responsibilities include representing both public institutions and private organizations.

A qualified lawyer can easily land a position at a prestigious law firm based in Paris. According to Payscale, the average lawyer salary in France is about $265k per annum.

13. UK

England is the largest island in Great Britain. Since London is dubbed as the capital city of England, thousands of lawyers reside here and offer their expertise to local governments. On the whole, British lawyers receive an average weekly earnings of £664.

It’s important to note that the hourly rate varies substantially amongst different geographical areas. Some parts of the UK witness significant variations in weather conditions, thus affecting demand levels.

14. Spain

Spain Lawyers Salaries

Spain is located in Southern Europe, sharing borders with Portugal and Andorra. Spanish lawyers mainly represent small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Moreover, they also serve as mediators and arbitrators for contractual agreements.

An experienced attorney can easily negotiate a six-figure salary package. According to the Global Workplace Analytics database, the average lawyer salary in Spain is about $240k per annum.

15. Italy

Italy is one of the oldest civilizations present in Europe. Its history dates back to 4th century B.C., making it one of the wealthiest countries in the EU. Italian attorneys are widely respected for handling criminal defense and civil lawsuits.

Italian lawyers can achieve a maximum annual income of about $320k by specializing in finance, insurance, real estate, and construction industries.

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