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Top 5 Countries With the Highest Salary for Lineman

Countries With the Highest Salary for Lineman

If you’re an Electrical Lineman looking to make a move, here’s your chance! We have compiled information on where the best places in the world are to work as an Lineman and what it pays to be one.

Linemans duties include installing and repairing power lines, transformers, substations, underground cable systems, and more. They also inspect existing wiring for faults or damage.

Linemans may need to install new outlets or light fixtures, too. Depending on location, they may also perform maintenance tasks like cleaning up debris from fallen wires, unclogging storm drains, cutting trees down that interfere with overhead cables, clearing brush away from utility poles, and removing snow drifts around street lights. In addition to working outdoors, Linemans must sometimes deal with dangerous situations such as downed lines, fires, explosions, and storms.

Read on to find out which countries offer the highest paying job as an Lineman.

1. Switzerland

Lineman Salary In Switzerland
  • Average Annual Income ($) – $73,200 per year
  • Highest Paying Job – Senior Project Manager at an engineering firm
  • Lowest Paying Jobs – Laborer/lab assistant and lab technician
  • Unemployment Rate (%) – 4.0%
  • Starting Monthly Salary (CAD$) – CAD$44,000
  • Most Common Industries – Engineering services; manufacturing; construction; mining; utilities; transportation; government; other service industries
  • Best Cities For Employment As An Lineman – Geneva, Zurich, Bern

The average annual income of an Lineman in this country is $72,800. The city with the lowest average annual income belongs to India while the city with the highest annual income goes to Canada.

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This means there can be quite large differences between cities within each nation when comparing median wages versus cost-of-living. It appears that the most expensive place to live in Switzerland is Geneva and the least expensive is Nagpur.

However, if we look only at the wage range across different cities, then Zurich has the largest gap between its low and high point whereas Geneva has the smallest range.

2. USA

Lineman Salary In USA
  • Average Annual Income ($) – $70,400 per year
  • Highest Paying Job – Data Analyst / Programmer
  • Lowest Paying Jobs – Dishwasher; kitchen aide
  • Unemployment Rate (%) – 3.7%
  • Starting Monthly Salary (USD) – USD28,500
  • Most Common Industries – Manufacturing; retail trade; finance, insurance, real estate, rental & leasing; professional, scientific & technical activities; public administration; education; transport & equipment operators; arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation & food services
  • Best Cities For Employment As A Technician – Los Angeles; New York City; Chicago; Seattle; Houston

In 2017, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average hourly earnings for all workers was $23.90. Of those earning less than their counterparts in 2015, 46 percent were over age 55. Meanwhile, those who earn higher incomes tend to fall into younger demographics.

These trends indicate why many choose to relocate to locations offering good employment opportunities. According to BLS data, the three states with the greatest number of employed people aged 25 years old through 29 years old are California, Texas and Florida.

Other states including Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and Minnesota rank among the ten states with the highest percentage of employed individuals under 30.

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3. Denmark

Lineman Salary In Denmark
  • Average Annual Income ($) – $63,700 per year
  • Highest Paying Job – Engineer
  • Lowest Paying Jobs – General clerk; salesperson
  • Unemployment Rate (%) – 5.6%
  • Starting Monthly Salary (DKK) – DKK36,300
  • Most Common Industries – Public Administration; business & commerce; education & research; environmental science & technology; health care & medical assistance; social affairs; human settlement planning & design; defense production; foreign trade
  • Best Cities For Employment As An Lineman – Copenhagen, Frederiksberg KG

While most Danish citizens enjoy relatively comfortable lives, unemployment rates remain above 6%. Even so, the rate varies according to industry.

While engineers lead the way, technicians follow closely behind. Since the economy relies heavily on oil and gas exports, energy companies dominate these areas.

But even for some small businesses, finding qualified employees can prove difficult. Due to rapid growth in recent times, however, Denmark offers plenty of vacancies for skilled personnel.

4. Luxembourg

Lineman Salary In Luxembourg
  • Average Annual Income ($) – $61,600 per year
  • Highest Paying Job – IT Consultant
  • Lowest Paying Jobs – Driver; cook; carpenter; gardener; painter; decorator
  • Unemployment Rate (%) – 2.7%
  • Starting Monthly Salary (EURO) – EUR24,900
  • Most Common Industries – Finance, banking and financial institutions; real estate; wholesale & retail trade; public administration; transport; postal services; communications; tourist facilities management; personal appearance; cultural and recreational activities; educational establishments; religious organizations
  • Best Cities For Employment As A Technician – Brussels; Strasbourg; Lille; Liège; Trier

As a rule, highly educated professionals prefer to stay close to home while unskilled labor gravitates toward big cities.

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That explains why Luxembourg ranks 11th overall but first out of European Union nations when considering both unemployment levels and salary ranges. Only two EU countries, Ireland and Malta, fare worse.

5. UK

Lineman Salary In UK
  • Average Annual Income ($) – £41,470 per year
  • Highest Paying Job – Operations Support Specialist
  • Lowest Paying Jobs – Cook; cleaner; dishwashers; security guard
  • Unemployment Rate (%) – 0.6%
  • Starting Monthly Salary (GBP) – GBP22,280

Most Common Industries – Education; healthcare and welfare; manufacturing; engineering and electronics; computer programming and applications; architecture and related engineering occupations; legal profession; general office support

Best Cities For Employment As An Lineman – London; Manchester; Birmingham; Bristol

With a population exceeding 50 million, the U.K.’s gross domestic product exceeds $2 trillion annually. Despite being part of Europe, English isn’t spoken anywhere else in the union. Many British natives speak English as a second language due to immigration patterns. As far back as 2004, nearly 1 million immigrant laborers moved to England.

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