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Top 7 Countries With the Highest Salary for Opticians

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Countries With the Highest Salary for Opticians

Optical shops and stores have always been a part of our daily lives whether we realize it or not. When you buy something from Amazon or Flipkart you will get to see all kinds of eye-catching products with price tags that make your eyes pop out before making the purchase. And then there is also the whole process where they ask you questions about yourself so as to customize your glasses according to your needs.

If you are wondering what exactly do these people who look after your vision actually do? Well, here’s everything you need to know about them!

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the salaries offered by different countries across the world in order to help you decide if you should relocate to one of those places or take up an alternative career path instead. Read on…

1. United States

Opticians Salary in United States

The average annual income for an optician in America stands at around $72K per year. This can be considered quite high compared to other countries within the same continent. The average hourly wage for a person working in this field is approximately $44.50/hr which is more than enough time off for some rest and relaxation once every week.

On an overall note, American opticians tend to enjoy good retirement benefits along with various health insurance options. They are also entitled to paid vacations, bonuses, etc., just like any regular employee would receive.

According to Glasses Knowhow, most Americans prefer Ray Ban sunglasses over others because of their distinctive style and design.

These frames are known to provide excellent protection against sunlight and heat while keeping the wearer comfortable throughout the day. In fact, the brand has become synonymous with quality fashion accessories among many individuals from all walks of life. As such, when looking for employment opportunities in the US, opticians must possess exceptional expertise in terms of fitting lenses into eyewear correctly.

2. Australia

Opticians Salary in Australia

As far as optician salaries go, Australians earn significantly higher amounts of money. According to PayScale, the average yearly income for an Australian optician is estimated to be around $76K. But the figure increases substantially depending upon the area where he or she works. For instance, someone employed in Sydney earns roughly four times more than his counterpart who is based in Perth. Meanwhile, Melbourne offers the best compensation package for an optician.

A typical job seeker in Australia spends almost 8 hours each day sitting behind a desk or counter. Most of this amount of time is spent dealing with customers and providing them proper guidance regarding their new pair of spectacles.

It is important for employees in this line of work to understand how to properly fit prescription glasses to accommodate patients’ specific facial features. Apart from ensuring customer satisfaction, professionals ought to keep track of things like color blindness, astigmatism, presbyopia, nearsightedness, longsightedness, and much more.

3. Canada

Opticians Salary in Canada

On an average, Canadian opticians are said to earn close to $85K annually. However, this number differs considerably between provinces. An individual earning six figures in Ontario, for example, might only bring home half of that sum in Quebec. In addition to this, certain fields offer better financial packages than others. For instance, an optometrist may earn slightly less than $75K per annum whereas dispensing opticians could pull down nearly $90K annually.

Employees in the healthcare industry usually spend the majority of their days either doing paperwork or attending meetings. Moreover, they often need to deal with clients who come from different parts of the country or even overseas. Many Canadians choose to move abroad due to its relatively lower cost of living coupled with the availability of numerous jobs.

A lot of employers prefer hiring experienced practitioners rather than newcomers since they believe that former ones are capable of handling complex tasks efficiently.

4. Belgium

Opticians Salary in Belgium

Belgium is another European country that provides extremely lucrative opportunities for opticians. According to Glasses Knowhow, the average optician salary in this particular nation comes in at $92K per year. Even though the above mentioned figure is comparatively low when put alongside other nations from Europe, it still surpasses several Asian countries including Japan, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and more.

5. New Zealand

Opticians Salary in New Zealand

If you’re interested in relocating to a place that doesn’t really feature anywhere else on earth, then New Zealand probably holds great appeal for you. Its weather conditions are comparable to those found in Hawaii.

What’s more, the native population of this island nation tends to be very friendly towards foreigners. That being said, an optician in New Zealand can expect to draw in roughly $77K annually.

This figure is quite similar to that of Australia but varies considerably from one region to another. For example, Auckland pays the highest salary amongst all cities located in the North Island. At present, the city accounts for more than 50% of total optician positions available.

Most locals residing in New Zealand wear Ray Bans primarily because they find the product stylish and trendy. People from different ethnic backgrounds also use these types of sunglasses. Additionally, the brand has gained immense popularity amongst youngsters thanks to its unique designs and colors. Therefore, anyone seeking employment in NZ must first acquire formal training in ophthalmic optics followed by practical experience in retail sales.

6. France

Opticians Salary in France

France is known for offering fantastic education programs along with competitive wages. According to Glasses KnowHow, the French optician makes approximately $84K per year. This figure includes overtime payments.

Like most Europeans, French people typically favor wearing designer brands during business trips or social gatherings. So, you can look forward to getting promoted if you manage to impress your employer through consistent efforts and hard work.

It’s worth noting that unlike other major cities in the world, Paris does not feature too many openings for opticians. This is largely attributed to the presence of large companies operating in the sector.

Nonetheless, smaller businesses are encouraged to set up shop in the metropolis. The vast market is expected to create plenty of job prospects both short term and long term. You can begin working in France immediately after receiving your degree or diploma.

Thereafter, you can undergo further training courses and professional development until you eventually secure a position in the company.

7. Germany

Opticians Salary in Germany

Germany is yet again a highly developed economy that continues to attract thousands of foreign nationals every single month. Consequently, German citizens are now turning their attention away from traditional careers and opting for modern alternatives.

One of such popular professions is optometry. According to Glasses Know How, this branch of healthcare is a great option for those who want a stable job that offers a good salary and job security.

In fact, opticians make more money than most other professionals such as lawyers and nurses! The salary offered by most employers is around €30,000 per annum which is higher than what most Germans make.

However, becoming an optometrist is not quite as easy as it sounds because you need to get an education first. Optometry schools are usually affiliated with universities and offer a two-year program that covers all aspects of the profession such as anatomy, physiology, physics, etc. You also need to pass a series of exams before you can become certified, which is why you need to pursue your studies from a nationally recognized institute or university.

Some optometry schools even offer four-year programs that focus on areas such as ocular disease and treatment techniques or the use of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Those who wish to specialize in other fields can take additional courses or pursue an extra degree from a different college or university.

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